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COVID-19 is the most significant event since the advent of digital marketing. The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on many lives all over the globe. It’s also caused a shockwave in the global economy that will continue to reverberate for some time.

Businesses of all sizes and shapes need to adapt their digital marketing strategies to keep up with the broad changes in society. Customers are increasingly working remotely, and this has led to a significant drop in in-store sales. Modern technology has made it possible to do many of our daily tasks more efficiently, but companies that want to attract new customers can’t rely solely on the old ways.

You can help your business navigate these uncertain times with a shift in your outreach and lead nurturing approach. This will ensure that your business thrives and continues to grow. We will explore some areas that can deliver amazing results for your company.

Activate your blog and social media presence

There’s no better time than now to boost your social media presence and blog, with more people spending their time at home and on the go. Social media marketers Socialbakers reported that global social ad spending increased by 26.2% in Q2 2020.

You’ll need to be more careful with your messaging, as appearing to cash in on the crisis can be a negative look for your company. The latest research shows that approximately 50% of consumers approve of advertising that isn’t related to COVID-19.

This figure does not mean you should stop advertising, but it does highlight how thoughtfully your content creation must be. This means that you should always communicate compassion and understanding about the current world situation. If you are not being sincere, customers will quickly post negative feedback. So make sure to keep your social media presence up-to-date during campaigns.

You don’t have to advertise your products directly during this difficult time. However, your blog and social media pages can still be used to draw prospects. You can create content that offers helpful tips for dealing with crises. This strategy is especially popular with consumers 89% applauding brands who post practical coronavirus information.

Promoting important community initiatives has been a successful strategy for many companies. This is a great way to increase brand awareness, improve your reputation, and do good for the community. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the 42% increase in mission-based marketing campaigns has been remarkable.

Revamp Your Marketing Strategy

Your business should be focusing its marketing strategies on areas that are most appealing to consumers, in addition to your blog and social media accounts. It is simply not possible to host interesting seminars or networking events in many parts of the globe right now. However, this doesn’t mean that all is lost.

Creative adaptations to existing marketing strategies can help keep your target market interested. You might be able to benefit your company long-term by making use of video conferencing, live streaming, and instant messaging.

As you can see, webinars can be a great replacement for traditional in-person events. You can create a compelling format that encourages participants to interact online and build a community. You can also use webinars to keep your customers informed through email campaigns.

To keep customers thinking about their brand, creative companies create eBooks, educational courses, and in-depth guides. These content marketing methods are relatively inexpensive and encourage customers to learn about your company and increase name recognition.

Many consumers are still concerned about their futures. However, it has been a success to provide information on how to get into your industry. Your business will be transparent and welcoming by providing a glimpse behind the scenes into your industry.

SEO is the key to success

SEO has been a core principle of Miami’s digital marketing for years. Businesses looking to reach new customers have found that the power of SEO has increased with the introduction of COVID-19. Customers are increasingly turning to online shopping as brick-and-mortar shops around the world remain closed or suffer from reduced footfall.

Unlike the days when people ordered a few items online, consumers now actively use eCommerce to shop for everything they need. The data shows that almost 2/3 of consumers increased their online shopping during this pandemic.

This market change means that climbing the search engine result page is even more important. To stand out from the rest of your competitors online, you will need a coherent SEO plan that includes compelling content marketing, website performance, and detailed customer analytics.

Some simple changes can be made to improve your digital presence. To keep your customers informed, display the hours of work on your website and social media profiles if you have a regular business. Make sure to update your Google My Business page.

Consumers will have real concerns about the operation of your business during the pandemic. To alleviate common questions about shipping, stock levels, and other issues, create a comprehensive FAQ. Clarity will be appreciated by customers, and you won’t have to answer the same questions repeatedly.

A strong international SEO strategy will ensure that your business is reaching customers. Google also offers new ways for companies that keep customers updated through search results. These include special COVID-19 announcements as well as additional details about canceled events.

Your business will be able to benefit from a strong SEO strategy, as many employees will be working remotely in the future. You can reach high-quality prospects by hiring a top-notch team.

Paid Media Campaigns that Respond

Many businesses are cutting back on their investments in paid media due to the current uncertain economic climate. There are many ways to make sure your marketing is more effective if your business still generates revenue.

COVID-19 regulations can change depending on the location of your target market. You should make sure that your paid media is appropriate to your market. People from other countries could find themselves based in their own homes for several months as some countries reopen brick-and-mortar stores and offices. This is important to remember when you are launching a new campaign.

This is also a great time to review your strategy and determine if it makes sense for customers to receive it. Make sure you review your ad copy carefully to ensure it conveys the right message and tone. Poorly written advertisements can be disastrous for your reputation.

Also, you’ll want to check your analytics about how customers use their devices. Mobile searches have outperformed desktop searches for many years. If your customers don’t commute and take lunch breaks at work, can they still use their phones to shop and search for products? Analyze your data and determine if your strategies need to be changed. The best remote work tools will help you organize your company better. It can make it easier to communicate with the right prospects and improve your communication.

COVID-19 has been a concern for almost every business. However, digital marketing in Las Vegas strategy that addresses the current global landscape will ensure you continue to reach your customers. First Page Digital professionals can help you secure your company.

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