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Are you interested in Facebook video advertising? Are you tired of having to navigate seven websites to learn how to use Facebook video advertising efficiently? We did extensive research to create this guide for beginners to Facebook video advertising.

Facebook advertising video: Why?

Let the numbers speak for themselves if you aren’t convinced by Facebook advertising. Glamnetic is a magnetic eyelash retailer that saw an increase in brand awareness and ad recall, as well as a return of ad, spending from their Facebook video campaign.

The company saw an 11% increase in its purchase conversions. If you’re not convinced, you can see more Facebook advertising case studies. Let’s get started.

  • Formats to use for Facebook video ads
  • Placement for Facebook video ads
  • How to make your Facebook video ads visible
  • These are the best video advertising practices

This post might contain some incredible Facebook video ads. After reading this post, you can also visit the Facebook ads library.

3 formats for video advertising on Facebook

Facebook gives you many options regarding the type and location of your ad.

Let’s begin with a list of various types of Facebook video ads.

1. Post Boosted

A “Sponsored” tag is added to a boosted post. This makes it different from organic posts.

Organic status is shown even though it was shared by a friend. If you previously uploaded your video to Facebook, you can make it a boosted posting.

If you’re looking at the Facebook page of your business from your phone, you might see a button reading “Boost Post”.

To launch Facebook, click this button. Then you can set your budget and goals, and launch your video like a fancy advertisement.

2. Slideshow Ad

Slideshow ads on Facebook allow you to combine photos, videos, and audio clips to create a short promotional clip.

A Carousel advert lets you combine photos and videos to create interactive experiences that your audience will love.

Your Facebook fans can see your content and click on the Call to Action (CTA). This will make the video feel more personal and help you connect with your viewers.

5 placements on Facebook video advertising

There are many places you can place your Facebook video Campaign goals, video placements, and formats are all linked so it is possible to not use every video format on Facebook.

1. Check out your News Feed

Facebook’s timeline of content is what you see when you log in to Facebook. It’s called the Facebook News Feed. The Facebook video ad specifications specify how long your News Feed video may be. This means you can only upload a maximum of 24 hours.

This post will discuss optimal video length.

2. In your video feed

Facebook might suggest other videos you might like if you click on any video. If you pay close attention, you may also see video ads within that seemingly endless stream.

Video feed ads can be created in a matter of seconds to four hours. Please do not create videos that are longer than 30 seconds.

3. During a live video

An Instream ad Is a Facebook video advertisement that plays during another video. These ads may last from 5 to 10 minutes.

4. In Facebook Stories

Facebook’s Stories feature allows you to share content with your friends and disappears after 24 hours 

These ads look similar to others and let you know that they are an advertisement with a Sponsored Tag. These ads also include a call to action from the advertiser of choice.

5. Facebook Marketplace

If your search terms were searched on the Facebook Marketplace you may have found sponsored content.

Businesses can use video to draw people’s attention. Watch our video to learn more about Facebook Ads (including goals and targeting)

How to begin with Facebook video advertising

Don’t upload any video advertising and then spend money to make it work. Make a plan that will get you there.

1. Description of your concept, goals, and audience

Your video should grab attention from the beginning.

A short video can be a powerful storytelling tool. 

2. Choose the format and location that best tells your story.

A Slideshow might not be the best format to tell the story of a girl who adopted a puppy from your shelter. You can begin to plan once you have established your goals and your concept.

3. In Facebook Business Manager, create your Facebook video advertising campaign.

A Facebook business manager is required for any Facebook page. To start a new campaign, you need to click the “Create” button after you have opened Ads Manager.

Next, choose your campaign goal and fill out any other relevant information like your budget, timeline, and timeline.

You also have the option to choose the type of video you wish to use and to upload any multimedia elements.

After all, the information has been updated, you can launch your campaign 

4. Monitor the performance of your video advertisement.

If your budget is too low or your target audience isn’t right, your campaign might not be reaching its goals.

We will analyze your data and diagnose you. You can test it to see if your Facebook video ads are improving.

Cost of Facebook Video Ads

Online advertising lets you set your budget and adjust as needed. Facebook ads are priced based on your bidding model. 

  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM)

A CPC campaign costs an average of $1 per click. These numbers may not reflect the actual cost of your campaigns.

This is what you are reading? This is Facebook video advertising!

Kobe Digital’s team of experts is happy to help you grow your business with a custom Facebook advertising strategy.

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