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What’s a Splash Screen?

The splash screen is the first visual notification that you get when you open any app. This screen can also be used as the introductory screen for an app. This means that you will need to wait for a few seconds until you land on the actual screen. Splash screen is usually displayed in full screen, covering the entire screen. As a form of advertising, a splash screen is used to prompt users to log in before they can access the app/site. Each app needs a splash screen to give them an identity. Splash screen is, in essence, the first impression maker.

Modern digital marketing services in Miami requires extensive consumer research and constant monitoring of the latest search engine algorithm changes. There are many other considerations that can seem to fluctuate daily.

Modern marketing has one of the most important elements. It is about making memorable first impressions with potential customers and leads. The average consumer is able to make almost any purchase decision and will look elsewhere if you fail to impress them.

Splash screens can make a lasting impression by being memorable and valuable. A splash screen is what a user sees upon visiting a website which offers the option to continue to the main site. The splash page is usually used to promote the company or a product, or provide useful information that matches the search query that brought you to the splash page.   

Some splash screens will redirect users to the main site after a few seconds, while others require that they click links to take them to the relevant main pages.

Give Your Website a Solid Start

Many websites used splash screens in the early days of internet advertising to frustrate users. This eventually led to many people ignoring splash screen content. Users would either click through splash screen content without reading it or click back to other sites until they found the one they were looking for.

Avoid distracting animations and prize spinners. These tactics might have brought in a few leads but likely they turned away more leads than they converted.

The modern internet user has learned to tune out the “noise”. Illegitimate websites and scams are often accompanied by promises of prizes that you can’t deliver on or being known for creating obnoxious splash pages. These are all great ways to ruin your brand’s credibility.

Modern splash screens are more effective marketing tools than traditional gimmicks such as spinners that offered prizes but which often had no tangible value.

Correctly leveraged,

Splash screens are a great way to captivate attention, persuade users to engage with a brand and lead to conversions. Splash screens can also be used to speed up page loading times for some websites.

Do Something Different to Grab Users’ Attention

A splash screen can be thought of as a way to begin a conversation with potential customers. Engage with users by sharing more information about your brand and your services. While some splash screens provide brief introductions about the company, others display rotating splash screens that inform users of ongoing promotions.

Visual content can be extremely powerful.

Even if you are just creating a slideshow of professional photos that showcases your company, products or solutions, it can be a great way to get people interested in your business. Even simple logo animations can generate interest quickly. Some sites even have video content on their splash screens.


This route is the best. Avoid videos that play automatically when a user visits your site. It can frustrate users more than it engages them. Instead, give them the choice to either play your video via a clear “Play” button, or to go directly to your main site.

Simple logo animations can be more powerful than most people realize. You have already invested in a solid logo design. Why not add an animated version to your splash screen?

A simple animation that displays cursive text in your logo is a smart and simple way to grab the attention of users. Interlinking letters in interesting ways to make them appear as if they were written in bold sans-serif fonts is an option. There are many ways animation and video can be used with splash screens.

Creativity Allows for Better Mobile Experiences       

You can make your splash screen a memorable introduction to your brand. There are many websites that have used this technique to great effect. These include creating animated user interfaces that guide users to take the next step on the site, or simple splash screens that clearly display the logo of the company.

A splash screen that is mobile-friendly should be created. Smartphones are being used more than ever to browse the internet, make purchases, and interact with brands. Mobile users are more likely to experience slower page loading times than desktop users even when using Wi-Fi connections.

Splash screens have a hidden advantage

These can appear to load faster and give users something engaging and fun to look at, while the main site assets are loading behind them. Mobile users may experience longer loading times, even with strong wireless connections. This is particularly beneficial.

Splash screens can be used in a variety of ways. However, the goal is to create immediate visual interest, keep users engaged and ready to learn more about the brand.

The Buyer’s Journey


New York digital marketing agency efforts are based on first impressions. Your splash screen should not frustrate users, waste their time or act as a roadblock between them and the content they want to see. Your splash screens should be designed to provide tangible value right away. Even if it is a simple interaction or animation that the user remembers, it will be more memorable than waiting for the main page to load.

Digital marketers in Los Angeles need to identify their ideal customers and then decide the best ways to reach them. This is why you need a “buyer’s path” map, which shows the sequence of interactions that starts with the first contact with a brand and continues through conversion and repeat sales.

This aspect of splash screens can be extremely valuable. It provides buyers with an opportunity to have a memorable and valuable interaction which the brand uses to build interest and trust. A user who immediately perceived value in interacting with a brand is more likely to convert.

Be Creative with Multiple Splash Screens

You don’t have to stick with one splash screen design once you have created it. There are many options to create memorable splash screens that appeal to different users. It’s possible to have one splash screen that is visible to visitors via your social media profiles and another that is visible to users who find you via Google or other search engines. Consider rotating splash screens to change weekly or monthly, depending on your promotions or announcements about new products or services.


When you start to think of splash screens as entry points to users that encourage them to convert, you can begin to define the experiences you want these users to have with you brand. Splash screens can be more than placeholders or gimmicks. They are lead generators that you need to take advantage of in creative and engaging ways.

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