Every Mailchimp Attachment Feature You Can Benefit From


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Mailchimp allows you to manage and send email campaigns. This article will show you how to add Mailchimp attachments to your Mailchimp account.

What’s Mailchimp Add Attachment?

Mailchimp Add Attachment allows you to send marketing emails to your subscribers with an attached file.

Mailchimp’s add attachment feature allows you to insert links into your emails. This feature will allow you to create more value for your audience so that you get more sales and responses through Mailchimp.

Mailchimp’s latest feature revolves around your message content and allows you to create catch-ups or summaries. Mailchimp can read only the text you include.

Mailchimp: How to add an attachment

Mailchimp allows users to track and send emails.

One of their key features is the ability to add attachments to a file system.

For example, you can upload GIFs. But, the most important thing to think about when using this feature is how to move forward.

As a Mailchimp customer, and as a data cruncher, I have found two main strategies to be effective.

These two approaches provide deep insight into how to integrate your email marketing campaign in the most effective way for you.

Before you add attachments, validate your data.

What you need to know about Mailchimp Add Attachment

Here are seven tips to make your Attachment campaign a success.

1.) Set your goal – Be specific and measurable.

2.) Research competitor’s results – Find out what resonates with them and what they are doing.

3.) Do some testing before you launch – Get some help from your friends with A/B testing.

4.) Use visual content in emails – Show customers what you have to say.

5.) Unsubscription information – Let subscribers know that they can unsubscribe at any time.

6.) Keep your messages concise and straightforward – Keep them under one hundred words and no more than three sentences.

7.) Use images sparingly within the text of your messages –Use only when necessary, and keep them out of the center of your message.

How do you send MailChimp attachment PDF?

1. Mailchimp Attach an attachment to your email

Once you have created your MailChimp Account, click “Start a Campaign” in the left column.

Select “Add an Attachment” from the drop-down menu. Then click the “+” button under “Collapsible Section” to upload multiple files.

2. Upload PDF files via social media:

Facebook or Twitter: Searching for attachments using attachments shared/shared publicly will bring up images that can be attached to emails.

These embedded URLs can be found and downloaded easily. They are automatically added to the message’s page after it is shared.

3. Send every message as a PDF file:

You can embed an attachment document in your HTML body text but not as a hyperlink (this includes the #mailchimp tab).

It’s best to place the attachment after the subject line in every email you send. At least 50% of recipients will view it this way. If they have the MailChimp app, they can click on the file to display it from their browser.

4. You can use an app to sign up for Mailchimp:

MailMaps Dash, which integrates with hundreds of leading email marketing platforms like Aweber, GetResponse, and Campaign Monitor, is one of the best apps for this purpose.

It is also possible to integrate yours.

i.)  E-signature

ii.)  Install Receipts to Be Published

iii.)  Schedule Webinars, and other webinars that can be recorded.

5. Email subject line:

To get the user to open it, use a catchy and informative subject line.

This is why it’s so important. You can take steps different from those they’d take if they didn’t see the email preview. It will help them buy more stuff or create higher income streams. For example, you could tell them why they should attend a webinar or audio coaching call on the subject. If they’re close to their home, they might also be able to share information about where they live.


This blog post was mostly about adding attachments to your email campaign.

You can attach a product photo to your newsletter if you’re sending it as a marketing tool.

This is it for now. We’ll see you again with a new topic. Keep the conversation going by leaving a comment below.

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