Do Newsletter Pop-ups Actually Work?


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Every day, we see thousands of websites asking for our email addresses. Here are some tips to help get your ads displayed in popups.

Popups should not be used by individuals, businesses, or brands.

I’ve always highlighted the advantages of popups in my articles. 

They are useful so long as they’re used effectively.

Picture you and your friend having fun on the weekend.

You will find a charming coffee shop as you stroll along the streets. Here you can enjoy the wonderful aromas of coffee and brandy.

You grab a cup of coffee for each friend and head into the shop. After you enter the coffee shop, the associate will be standing between you and your cakes.

What kinda experience would that be?

This is very similar to how you feel when faced with annoying popups.

Take a look at it. Are you taking care of your leads, subscribers, emails, sales conversions, and subscribers?

Continue reading if you answered yes.

Don’t bombard people with irritating messages.

Popups are a great way for you to grow your list.

Popups are very powerful as they trigger core elements in customer behavior. Popups should be used properly to motivate users.

How do you do it? It’s that simple.

Select the right time

Timing matters.

Timing is everything. It can save you time and help build trust. 

Give your customers time to get to understand your products and services

Avoid poorly executed pop-ups such as the one displayed when a visitor visits your homepage.

This is ridiculous when you consider they haven’t had the opportunity to try your products. It’s annoying and won’t improve your conversion rate.

This service can be used by selecting the correct methods.

Kobe Digital lets you create popups and set rules about how they should be displayed.

Popups may appear.

  • When visitors spend x times browsing a page of your website,
  • After scrolling through x% of landing pages or after x minutes of inactivity, 
  • Before leaving your website.

You should not display pop-ups to your visitors no matter what your rules may be.

Pay close attention to your language

Be careful with the language you use to create popups. People get tired of being told they must buy from you every time.

They don’t have to be told. You don’t need to force them to buy your product with annoying popups and sales language.

Do not interrupt them. Offer something in exchange for their email addresses.

Be Unique

I’m tired of seeing the same popup ads everywhere on the internet. Think outside the box.

You should brand your popups 

Popups which look like they belong on your website will be more attractive than being out of place.

Your popups can be customized to meet your digital campaign goals. Make sure to use the same typography and colors as your brand logo when designing your popups.

Kobe Digital offers advanced customization options. Create your first Popup free.

Encourage Creativity

This article is about you and your business. These tips will help increase conversion rates.

I don’t care about exact numbers,

I don’t care about returning visitors but rather engaging people and customers. That is why I highlighted the importance of customizing.

All Customized for Your Customers

It is important to solve a problem and give real value. Your boring popup displays won’t get much attention.

Books shouldn’t be judged by their covers. But, this is what we do today in the digital age. 

We’re in a hurry…

People don’t have time so your popup won’t disappear 

It’s …..

Pop-ups work

Kobe Digital users collected 10,215.431 email addresses within one year. 

Full-screen popups with exit intent are more effective than full-screen popups. 

Perhaps you are unsure of how to create exit intent popups that trigger. Check out our recipe to double your conversions using Exit Intent Popup. Also, check out these top exit intent popup examples from well-known brands.

It’s reasonable, isn’t it?

Statistics for popup service

These statistics come from our popup services.

Sefa Stone is one of the largest travertine and marble suppliers in the USA. It was established in Turkey in 1996 and moved to the USA in 2006. Sefa Stone customers struggled to understand how to measure and place the products.

Kobe Digital provided advanced Pop-Ups to help them increase their conversion rates.

We were able to increase their conversion rate by displaying popups on communication support lines. Within one month, we had a popup that displayed exit intent to 20,300 customers. We received 1,006 opt-in forms.

The company experienced a 4.5% increase in sales conversion. This translated into 382.28 sales per month. Learn how to increase your conversion rates.

In 2020 the average conversion rate for email subscription pop-ups was 3.75% with a low conversion rate of 0.88% and a high conversion rate of 10.01%.

It is easy to get results with the right popup services, especially when you are using them for newsletter popups.

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