Should You Focus On The Digital Wellness Movement?


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Our home and work life have been transformed in the past twelve months. This has changed how digital agencies interact with each brand.

The health and wellness industry has seen some of the most significant changes. The industry is seeing a lot of changes, from online fitness classes that we can take part in our homes to brand pivots to D2C eCommerce.

Health and wellness products have been a major area of growth, allowing them to focus their efforts on growing their D2C strategies. Although we had seen a trend toward the expansion of D2C offerings in this market segment, the impact of Covid-19 has increased this trend. We are seeing new brands enter the market that focuses on their D2C proposition right from the beginning. Established brands, which previously relied heavily upon brick and mortar, have also changed their strategy to offset the negative impact of closing retail stores.

Brands in these two segments have a key focus: driving digital engagement with customers. This can include how they can duplicate the experience customers had in-store or education about product usage and repeat purchases. As businesses and clients have faced additional challenges over the past 12 months, our experience has shown that brands can integrate digital storytelling with third-party Apps with Shopify to enhance customer experiences, education, and engagement.

Inspirational Case Studies with Brands from the Wellness Industry by Propeller Agency

We worked with MWELL in partnership with Kellogg’s to create an educational website for their microbiome powder. It is a simple, plant-powered, and engaging blend that feeds your gut. A custom quiz, powered by Typeform and digital storytelling, allows consumers to discover their ideal product match and be inspired to integrate the product into everyday life.

To ensure a successful D2C strategy for the launch of the new product, the digital infrastructure was required to recreate the customer experience when they shop in-store. It needed to provide information about the benefits, help them choose the right product, and build a lasting relationship with the brand and product.

While subscription-based models enjoyed a period before the pandemic, customers are now restricted to online shopping. This has made them even more convenient. Subscription to brands has obvious appeal. It establishes CLV and steady revenue streams. However, the benefits to consumers of D2C subscription models have been increased by supply chain restrictions and retail restrictions. This gives them peace of mind about easy access to products over the past year. This is likely to continue in the post-pandemic context as consumers are familiar with these models.

Pure For Men is one of the brands we worked with for their subscription-based model. To help their LGBTQ+ audience, we launched a new shop for PureFor Men on Shopify Plus. We loved the chance to expand their storytelling skills, as they are leaders in the discussion around sexual wellness. It was also important to communicate the brand’s central message of self-care that does not exclude anyone, which is always crucial. Period.

Brands can create a product education experience through the duration of a content hierarchy. Fullscreen’s digital storytelling goal was the key to its Shopify website launch. The blog and recipe sections were created to educate potential customers about the shelf-stable products they offer and how they make plant-based eating simple – from the cauliflower rice that made it all possible, to the first-ever plant-based breakfast. Through the digital campaign, it was imperative to highlight the brand’s goal of making plant-based food easy and ensuring that consumers get daily nutrients to nourish their bodies.


A successful D2C strategy in the health and wellbeing space will be influenced by the breadth of changes in consumer behavior that have been accelerated due to the pandemic. When implementing strategies, brands must consider not only the entire life cycle of their customers but also the wider consumer base, which includes younger, more urban, and digitally-savvy consumers.

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