Guide To Create A Digital Marketing Campaign And Track ROI


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You need to organize your campaign to ensure that it generates more revenue and has an impact. You can increase your business’ success rate with digital marketing campaigns by setting goals, budgeting, and mapping out your workflow.

To achieve meaningful results, a digital marketing campaign must be well-planned. A well-designed marketing campaign can help businesses generate more revenue. What are the key factors to consider when running an ROI-focused marketing campaign?

This article will help you plan digital marketing in Las Vegas campaign to increase your company’s revenue.

Three Ways to Create a Digital Marketing Campaign with ROI

  1. Establish clear goals
  2. Set your budget
  3. Map out your marketing campaign workflow

1. Establish clear goals

A Los Angeles digital marketing agency campaign is built around goals. Clear goals will not only help you achieve your intended results but also increase productivity. You need to set SMART goals when you create an agenda to determine the primary purpose of your campaign.

The following must be a SMART goal: 

  • Specific – Define a goal to achieve a specific outcome.
  • Measurable – Set a goal that can be measured in numbers.
  • Attainable – Set realistic goals. Don’t expect instant results from a marketing campaign.
  • Relevant – Develop goals that are pertinent and in line with the company’s larger objectives.
  • Timely Identify a time limit. Having an end date encourages you to be strategic.

Here’s an example of a goal that SMART is: “As digital marketers, we want to achieve 20% customer retention in six months.” “

Your goal should be SMART. This will allow you to efficiently achieve metrics and increase your profits.

2. You can set your budget

Digital marketing in Phoenix’s campaign’s budget is the most important element. It is not easy to set up and fulfill the requirements within your budget.

Know how much you will need to spend on each project. If you’re using Google’s AdWords (pay-per-click) program, you can choose the amount you wish to spend. Be clear about how much money you spend on email marketing and social media.

These steps will help you to determine the budget for your campaign.

Recognize Your Sales Funnel

To develop an efficient marketing budget, you need to take a look at your sales funnel. This will allow you to track the results of every stage of the revenue cycle from prospect to customer. Find out the information about your lead generation, conversion rates, and the ratio of new leads to existing leads.

A complete understanding of the sales funnel will allow you to determine an appropriate budget.

Determine Operational costs

It is important to determine the cost of operations for your campaign. Analyze if your campaign has additional operational costs beyond the core effort.

This will allow you to budget for unexpected expenses while managing the campaign. It won’t let your budget slip during your campaign.

Align Business Goals

When setting a budget, don’t forget to align your business goals. Your marketing campaign should drive toward your primary business goals. Small businesses spend 10% on marketing.

You should also know your quarter’s business goals so you can run campaigns accordingly. Analyze past and future trends in the industry. It will be easier to generate revenue if you align your business goals and budget.

Crunch the Numbers

After you have set your goals and analyzed your campaigns to understand your sales funnel, it is time to break down your budget into different categories. You will need to determine a cost per element to market your campaign.

I recommend that you allocate 30% of your budget to email marketing. Google AdWords, content marketing, and email marketing should not exceed 20% of your budget each.

3. Plan Your Marketing Campaign Workflow

Once you have established the budget and goals, it is time to plan the workflow. You can streamline your entire digital marketing campaign by drawing it out.

You can see the following benefits:

  • Get detailed insights into the campaign
  • Redundancies: How to Catch It
  • Increased accountability
  • Improved communication
  • Quality of work improved

Diagrams and charts are often used to reflect workflows. You can use checklists to outline the steps required to complete a task. You can also use tools that help you map out your tasks and assign them to the right people in your team.

Use a platform for marketing project management

A project management platform can speed up the process and allow each member of the team to stay connected. A well-planned campaign will produce the desired results. To run a successful campaign, most marketers use some type of project management tool.

Take a look at these key benefits of a platform for marketing project management:

  • Collaboration with your team is easier
  • Improve your scheduling
  • Standardize your processes
  • Manage work remotely
  • Ensure accurate documentation

To choose the right platform, consider your campaign’s nature and business requirements. This will allow you to reach your goals more efficiently.

Achieve a successful ROI-Driven Marketing Campaign

If you want to create a Miami digital marketing campaign that generates revenue, you need to define SMART goals and budgets. Then map the workflow. A project management platform can also help you increase your productivity.

You should also consider other marketing channels if you are looking to increase revenue with a digital marketing campaign. Email marketing, online advertising, content, SEO, and many other media are available. You must ensure that the campaigns are aligned with your business goals.

You can make sure you run a successful, digital marketing campaign by following the steps.

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