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A tool is necessary to generate more leads without spending any money. Data Axle Genies offers a free tool for prospecting that generates high-quality leads. The platform is user-friendly and allows for the management of various aspects of marketing campaigns. Let’s take a look at the top features and the price of the data axle.

Data Axle Genies offers a free sales prospecting tool. This software-as-a-service solution allows you to test different pricing models and also measures the performance of your landing pages or ad campaigns. Let’s take a look at the data axle features and price.

Since 2013, the software has been fully functional and is continually updated with Miami’s digital marketing techniques. Data Axle Genie, a sales prospecting tool, helps you to connect with more leads and close more deals.

It features a modern design and provides insight into the software. Data Axle Genies can be used to prospect for sales.

This is a great tool for B2B marketing. You can also access a list of competitors, which you can then contact using a few mouse clicks. The Data Axle Genie can help you reach potential prospects, find leads, and organically grow your company without spending a lot of money.

Data Axle Genies allows users to quickly find, contact, and sell customers or prospects using a sales prospecting tool. Data Axle Genies has two pricing options available for this service: a $69/month paid plan and a free trial.

The trial period is 30 days. The paid plan allows unlimited email access and file uploads.

What are Data Axle Genies and

Data Axle Genies provides online access to consumer data that is tailored to your business needs. Data Axle Genies allows you to control what data you see, and when.

You can either create your prospect list or search for people with similar profiles to customers. Data Axle Genies allows you to find prospects who have recently purchased products from your competitors.

Data Axle Genies allows you to target all purchase data within the same country, state, or city. All you need is basic information about the product to get started.

Data Axle Genies allows users to create a contact list for their top prospects using an intuitive sales prospecting tool. Sign up now for a free trial to target the most qualified leads.

How do Data Axle Genies function?

Data Axle Genies offers small businesses a free tool to prospect for sales. It is available online, on mobile, and on tablets. It allows users to quickly find qualified prospects with just one click. You can create lists based on company size, industry, and type.

Data Axle Genies was created to give sales teams the chance to prospect free of charge. Users can submit information about their product/service and receive five leads daily.

Data Axle Genies, a free tool for prospecting sales leads, helps you to connect with potential buyers. It combines industry insight and human judgment to give you the best chance of closing a sale.

Businesses are more dependent on marketing budgets. It’s not surprising that increasing sales is a major goal. They’re responsible for meeting targets, remaining competitive, and driving profitability.

What is Sales Prospecting?

Sales prospecting is a competitive field. Competitors are constantly looking for new ways of gathering information and gaining insights into the market.

Sales prospecting is the gathering of information from prospects and customers to help your business be more competitive.

Data Axle Genies, a free tool for sales prospecting, uses a multilevel approach to help you maintain your competitive edge in this highly-competitive market.

Sales Prospecting, a free tool for business owners and salespeople, automatically syncs with your CRM (customer relationship manager) system. This allows you to connect your most important data with those who need it.

You can instantly create an account in Sales Prospecting to send targeted leads to prospects via personalized emails. Marketing is one of the most difficult and important tasks.

It’s the act of attracting customers to your company and convincing them to purchase your products or services.

Lead generation is also known as sales prospecting. Email marketing plays an important role in Lead Generation, but it presents its challenges.

What’s Data Axle Genie?

Data Axe Genies offers a free tool for prospecting. It is available to businesses in hospitality and retail, but can also be used by any company to find new leads and grow their business.

Data axle prices are not a major issue, as they offer great value.

You will gain the insight you need to improve your marketing by spending just 1–2 minutes each day. Data Axle Genie includes a wizard that will help you find the right place and give you all the information you need to launch your next lead-generation campaign.

This tool can be used to generate sales in many ways, including lead management and retargeting. Email marketing, social media, and email marketing are just a few of the options. Data Axle Genie offers a free prospecting tool. It is a free tool that allows you to contact people in your industry or get the information you need.

Data Axle Genie offers personalized email templates, which are already written and tailored to your contact information. You will also find extensive pop-ups designed to help your business reach more people.

Data Axle Genie, a free tool, makes it easy for you to find people interested in your products or services. It is an online prospecting platform that allows you to create an account for free and begin searching for potential customers within seconds.

Data Axle Genie pricing information

Data Axle Genie, an online tool that allows you to find out the average price range of your prospects, is free. Data Axle Genie can generate a printable chart showing the average price for each company from your contact list by uploading it anonymously.

Data Axle Genie allows you to view pricing information for your product. This data includes brand, size, color, and other information. It is derived from more than 20 million Amazon product listings.

Data Axle Genies helps sales reps find new customers. It draws on data from leading sites such as HubSpot and LinkedIn to help identify and reach people in certain industries.

Once you have gathered the data, it is possible to create a customized list of qualified leads and then send them automated emails. Data Axle Genies, a free tool, allows marketers to discover new prospects via social media in real time.

It allows you to use social media to find and engage prospects.

Data Axle Genie is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to create a personal list, set goals, and track your progress all from your computer or mobile device.

Pricing options

Data Axle Genies offers a cost-effective sales prospecting tool at a fraction of the price of its competitors. It can help you find people willing to purchase your product.

This tool searches public records, customer profiles, and social media to find out who has bought similar products and how much. Data Axle Genies software assists sales professionals in prospecting and lead generation.

It creates email templates based on search criteria. This simplifies the process of connecting to new leads. This tool is perfect for anyone who wants to expand their sales pipeline.

Data Axle Genies allows you to create your pricing options. You can use the four pricing options to generate unlimited leads and see which option prospects choose. Also, you can determine how much you make.

Data Axle Genies allows you to create prospect lists and follow up on leads with Salesforce.

The platform can be used to create creative ways to follow up on customers. It can be used to send specific emails, texts, and autoresponders to leads based on certain behaviors.

Data Axle Genie features

Data Axle Genie, a free tool for sales prospecting, helps you find your next client. This tool provides information on who is interested in your product/service, their location, and what they’re looking for.

This information will allow you to take your marketing to the next step by reaching more customers.

Data Axle Genie, a free tool for sales prospecting, helps you to identify leads. It uses keywords to find the right product pages for your leads. Data Axle Genie can help you increase your revenue.

The most valued features by users

Data Axle Genies is known for three key features. First, it can identify and verify lead opportunities through pre-qualification. It employs sophisticated AI analysis to determine prospecting routes most likely to yield success.

It also keeps track of your prospecting activities, so that you can monitor your progress. It also provides a breakdown of each step of the process.

You can enter contact information for your company and write a brief paragraph summarizing your offer. You can also track and share sales leads via email, which can be a great way to get in touch with other companies and start a conversation.

Data Axle Genie user’s reviews

Data Axle Genie can be used to prospect small businesses. You can download thousands of phone numbers and email addresses from unsolicited emails or business cards.

It also allows you to export your contact lists to Excel and Word so that you can use them for marketing, follow-up, and telemarketing. Data Axle Genies offers a free service when you sign up, but you will need to pay if you have more than 10 email addresses.

Data Axle Genies, a free tool that allows you to locate prospects and sales leads, is available for download. Enter keywords, and the software will locate the email addresses of prospects who match your criteria.

This tool will help you prioritize your activities by creating a view of all prospects in your market, and then showing their locations on a map.

Data Axle Genie FAQ & common question

Data Axle Genies is an easy-to-use tool that allows companies to create their Data axles. It allows marketers to track, analyze, and prospect leads from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

Q: What does Data Axle Genie do?

A: Data Axle Genie, a free tool for sales prospecting, provides information about the people in your social networks who are online. It gathers information from all of those contacts to create a list of potential customers for your product or service.

Data Axle Genies can help you generate leads from your data. This tool has many great advantages. It’s easy to use and free.


Data Axle Genies online software can help you generate compelling and targeted content for your business. It is designed to increase leads, engagement rates, and conversion rates.

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