Tips To Creating UX Friendly Websites With WordPress


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It is easy to understand why people might believe that online shops have more customers than brick-and-mortar stores. Ecommerce sites are able to accommodate almost unlimited product lines and shoppers and don’t require staff members to interact with each customer.

Online shoppers can be very difficult to convert. The global sales conversion rate in 2018 was 2.86%, and has remained roughly the same for the past half-decade. Marketing optimization is more important for ecommerce websites that for any other business type.

This article will discuss some design elements that you can use to make your WordPress ecommerce site shine.

1. Capture Leads for Selling to Later

Some people don’t buy from a website the first time they see it, no matter how convincing or great your product. Some people are not ready to make a purchase, while others prefer to shop at several stores before making a final decision. People simply make it a habit to take the time to consider each purchase.

You don’t have to worry if a visitor shows even a slight interest in purchasing. It is your responsibility to ensure they remember you and return later if they make a purchase. There are many ways to do this online, but email marketing is still the most efficient and manageable.

This is why building your email list is so important. You can offer discounts to new subscribers and send them exclusive content. Also, offer discounts to new subscribers and provide valuable content in your email.

2. Use the Right Engine

WordPress is used by more than 30% of all websites, both content-based and ecommerce. Its content management system, development infrastructure and popularity make it the most widely used website creation tool. Therefore, it makes sense to use WordPress to create your new ecommerce website.

WordPress is a platform. All of its potentialities are only possible if you choose the right tools. WordPress ecommerce engines differ in their functionality and ease of integration. Don’t make this mistake.

A shopping cart and retail management plug-in that allows you to mix and match your content and commerce strategies is highly recommended. Make sure you do your research to find the right solution for creating complicated product catalogs, that is highly scalable, integrates seamlessly with WordPress, and that allows you to easily create complex products.

3. Offer Customer Support via Live Chat

In 2019, having your customer support department answer customers’ questions via email just doesn’t cut it. Visitors expect answers right away. Visitors don’t have the patience to wait. If you force them to wait, they will go to your competitors.

This problem can be solved best by live chat. It will make it easier for clients to get help right on your website. This will also increase the likelihood of them interacting with your store. If a visitor doesn’t have to call or email, he/she is more likely to ask questions and make a purchase.

Kobe Digital makes it easy to integrate WordPress. This not only allows you to use live chat functionality, but also allows you the ability to create automated interactions for each stage in your customer’s journey.

4. Write Original Product Descriptions

Even if your products are not exclusive and can be found in many other shops, it is important to make sure that their descriptions are unique and written in an easy-to-understand tone.

Don’t write anything that your visitors could find elsewhere on the Internet. Don’t use the same language or sell your products the same way as everyone else.

You can either write your own copy or hire an SEO copywriter to create content that makes your customers feel like they belong in your store.

5. Implement Abandoned Cart Retargeting

This is an effective yet simple technique you can apply to your ecommerce website. The average cart abandonment rate according to the Baymard Institute is 69.57%. This means that over two-thirds (or more) of your visitors will go to great lengths to add products to their carts, but then decide to abandon ship at the last minute.

Even a tiny fraction of these people can be reclaimed and will have a major impact on your business.

You can do this by sending cart abandonment emails via your ecommerce platform. Social media ads can also be used as a retargeting option.

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