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You must build trust with your customers if you want to create a strong identity for your eCommerce company. This is a fact.

Everyone is constantly being bombarded daily with new information on social media. People have become skeptical about many products and solutions, which is understandable.

Yours is only one option out of many… until you are.

With the right videos, you can make customers see you as trustworthy, competent, and compassionate. We already have enough video market trends to point out this little nugget. Video is the best way to establish a strong online presence for your platform.

The catch is that you need to do it correctly.

This article will show you how to trust the most popular video styles that skilled video companies use today. You’ll be able to better understand how to make your eCommerce company stand out from the crowd of digital content.

Product videos can be leveraged for their power

Customers don’t have direct contact with your products, which is one of the biggest challenges for your eCommerce business. Customers rely on detailed descriptions to find the information they are looking for. It can be difficult and even unappealing to understand how a product works from just written descriptions and photos.

With the right videos, you can easily overcome this challenge.

Product videos are a great way to show off what you have to offer and all of its features in an engaging and direct manner. These videos are especially useful for showing your audience how they use your solutions.

You need to create a product video that is both professional and appealing. If you do it correctly, customers will form a more realistic and compelling impression of your product.

Video Tutorials demonstrating the versatility and ease-of-use of eCommerce products

This product video is an example. It’s simple. The video shows how to set up a longer side table and uses it for various purposes. It’s the way they combined the description with an easy-to-follow way to set it up that is clever. This is something most customers will find useful and compelling when considering buying a longer side table.

Product videos can be repurposed to address various issues, as you can see.

  • For products with intricate details or fine craftsmanship, close-up videos are a great option. These videos give you a closer look at your product in good lighting from various angles. These are ideal for products that have a strong visual appeal, such as jewelry and art.
  • How-to videos use effective scripts that guide viewers through steps to help them achieve specific tasks with their product. This is ideal for products with many functions or complex implementations.
  • Install videos allow your customers to solve technical problems with your product, such as how to assemble it. Ideal for products that require user input, such as Ikea furniture.

Explore the Potential of a Great Story with Explainers

Explainer videos are a masterpiece of communication. You can combine visual animation, storytelling, music, and audio to create an engaging piece that addresses the needs and interests of your audience.

There are no set rules to create a compelling explainer clip. However, it is important that they do not feel shamelessly promoted.

Their subtle effectiveness is what makes explainers so powerful. This style allows you to have a direct conversation with your audience. Focus on the issues that are important to them and what you can do to help.

Explainer videos: Framing a Problem to Introduce a Solution

This character animation explanation video shows how it begins. It establishes a common situation for large groups of people: How to solve the problem with attendance and communication.

They do not introduce the product’s features until the middle of the article. Once they have done so, they then go into more detail. It is because they created a compelling narrative and a character that sets up the issue at hand that the message gets through.

These animated characters are particularly effective in establishing relationships with customers at both the top and midpoint of the conversion funnel. But they aren’t all that great!

  • Motion graphics simplify abstract information like numbers and statistics into simple movement and color design. For complex solutions, such as those found in financial services.
  • Whiteboard animation allows your audience to go through a complete process, drawing the visuals right in front of them. This is especially useful when your product has complex processes or abstract ideas, such as certain software platforms.

Use the wisdom of past customers with testimonials for eCommerce videos

Many people understand the problem they are facing and how your product can solve it. They don’t have reliable information to support your product or platform. This is why customers seek reviews from other customers as a way to learn from their opinions.

Testimonial videos are a great way to take your product’s credibility to the next level. They provide unbiased, impartial insight from third parties and offer a unique, balanced perspective. These videos feature customers who have already engaged with your brand and provide commentary (often in the form of interviews) about their experience and how it benefited them.

Particularly useful in boosting brand trust during the final stages of a sales funnel, testimonials are especially valuable. Customers can share their experiences and gain credibility for your brand. A well-written testimonial is authentic and spontaneous, which can make a big difference in today’s world.

Top-quality testimonials: Tips

You’ve probably been using testimonials for some time now so you should be familiar with the basics of making one. However, it is important to note that you should always use real customers and that cool inserts or edits are crucial to make them engaging.

These are just a few of the principles that you should follow when creating testimonial videos for eCommerce. :

  • It should be a conversation. It’s important to know the topics you will be discussing, but customers should have the opportunity to speak honestly and in length.
  • Avoid giving too many instructions. You will be more trustworthy if you make the conversation seem natural. It’s a good idea to not ask too many questions, but to focus on broad topics that can be discussed in a casual setting.
  • As much as possible, offer a variety of perspectives. It is your goal to show your prospects how many people with different interests can benefit from your solution.

In Summary

Because video content can be used to build trust with prospects, it’s a powerful tool in digital marketing services in Miami. Trusting your brand will only be possible if you pay close attention to the context of your audience and their need for accurate information about your product.

Product videos can help you clarify any ambiguities regarding how your product works. Explainer videos can help simplify concepts that are crucial (or even pressing) for your audience. Your prospects will benefit from testimonials that highlight the successes of past customers. is one of the most trusted eCommerce agencies. can help you if your team isn’t ready to create these types of videos.

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