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Every e-Commerce store should aim to convert. Cart abandonment is the number one killer of conversions that they want to avoid. It is important to consider both objective and subjective reasons customers abandon the items they added to their cart. This article will help you to optimize your Magento shopping cart.

Reasons for abandoning cart

Baymard’s 2019 statistics made the following points clear:

  • Additional costs up to 53%
  • Registering an account is required – 31%
  • Complex checkout process – 23%
  • Inability to see the total order cost up-front – 20%
  • Insecurity regarding payment information – 17%
  • Slow delivery – 16%
  • Website crashes and errors – 15%
  • Policy of unsatisfactory returns – 10%
  • Inadequate payment methods – 6%
  • Declined credit card — 4%

Magento Shopping Cart Rate Improvement Tips

We have explored the reasons that visitors don’t complete the checkout process. Now we will share some tips to help you decrease Magento shopping cart abandonment and increase your online store’s sales.

Costs display problems

It is normal to be frustrated when you see additional charges added at the checkout. Additional charges that are not visible to customers until they reach the final checkout step may cause order cancellation.

Tips. Make extra costs visible and reduce them.

Delivery policies often add additional costs. Customers’ purchasing tendencies are influenced by the “free” factor. Customers will be more satisfied if they receive free shipping. Stores can charge extra for the product, but they will still be able to increase conversion rates and maintain revenue.

Before customers make any purchase, they should see all charges (not just the additional ones). Customers won’t believe they are being scammed if everything is clear from the beginning. To avoid being taken off guard at the end, customers should be able see the estimated total price of each order on the product page.

Delivery delays

Every customer wants their orders to arrive quickly. Customers can become more annoyed if they wait longer.

Tips. Ensure quick delivery

Customers are willing to pay more for faster delivery. To increase customer satisfaction, stores can capitalize on this tendency by offering prompt delivery services on both the product and checkout pages.

The checkout process is lengthy and complex.

Because of its ease and convenience, online shopping has become a popular choice. Customers can get frustrated when the checkout process is too complicated. This is because it takes too much time and is unnecessary. Merchants shouldn’t force customers to register accounts or fill out excessive information.

Customers don’t need to create an account in order to make a purchase. To make it easier, let them check in as guests. Once they have finished shopping, add them to your email list and ask later for registration. Customers may be tempted to sign up for an account by offering rewards or coupons.

Make sure you have a clear check-out outline and include eye-catching buttons. If customers are unable to pay attention during checkout, they might delay or cancel their orders. To allow customers to checkout in one step , and enhance the customer experience, it is a good idea to display all necessary information on one page.

Website crashes and errors

If not addressed immediately, technical faults in the final checkout steps may cause an interruption to the entire checkout process.

Tips. Keep your website updated

Websites should be maintained regularly to eliminate any potential problems. To monitor the internet, store owners need to hire certified specialists who can fix errors and crashes.

Customers must also be able to contact the administrator immediately if there is a crash. Visitors will be more likely to buy if they receive prompt responses in similar situations.

Payment issues are rising

Errors in payment processing are the main reasons for cart abandonment. Customers often hesitate to checkout because of insecure payment information protection, declined credit cards or lack of payment options. These sensitive issues need to be dealt with with dignity and considered.

To start, trust the store’s verified contents. This includes contact information, address, detailed product information, and customer reviews. Customers will feel safer when authentic contents are displayed as approval of the store’s market position. Diversify payment options to attract more customers. To give customers greater access to different payment options and enjoy more advanced extension features, one suggestion is to integrate Magento payment gateway extensions. Customers who had their credit cards declined will be able to return to the store with a wider selection of payment options.

Policy of unsatisfactory returns

A product return can be made for many reasons. No matter the reason, customers will be less likely to purchase if they are forced to follow strict return policies.

Tips. Provide an easy return policy

Customers can see the credibility of retailers in every product by using an easy return policy. This reflects the concern retailers have for customers’ long-term value. This will encourage customers to buy more, which could increase the profits of retailers and build long-term trust.

Magento shopping cart tips

We have already discussed the reasons Magento abandoned carts are high, but we want to share additional tips for increasing conversion.

Thumbnail images for products

Simple products will have their pictures added to the shopping cart. Bundled products can be irritating for customers, as the shopping cart will always show the related product. Magento allows you to optimize your shopping cart by showing an image of the associated product.

Navigation from the shopping basket to the store

Online shoppers expect seamless switching between shopping carts and product selections. Customers will be less likely to check out if they are required to put in more effort. If the only way to go back to the store is to click Back, then store owners should consider changing navigation flow. Customers will enjoy a better shopping experience by clicking the Continue Shopping button.

Magento shopping cart price rules

In the age of e-commerce, buying incentives are an essential element. Businesses compete to attract the most customers to their stores by offering them incentives. Incentives are a way to reward customers for their use of your products and services. Shopping Cart Price Rules allows store owners to take advantage of common promotional tactics like secret coupon codes, free shipping, buy one, get one or a discount on minimum purchases.

Permanent shopping cart.

Customers can start shopping again from the same place they left it and a persistent shopping cart allows them to keep shopping in their cart for future visits.

Recommendations for products

If users want to find better chances of finding quality products, they can visit the product recommendation section that was recommended by their last browsing. Online product recommendations are in the same place as brick-and-mortar sales assistants to improve customers’ ecommerce experience.

This marketing tool has been used by many stores to promote cross-sell and upsell activities. Common extension types such as People who bought this also purchased, People who viewed this also saw, An automatic related product, or were the most successful-verified tools that use personalization to match suggested products with users’ preferences. This will encourage users to return to their stores with great satisfaction.

Call-to-action buttons

Converting visitors to buyers can be as simple as calling-to actions. Small details such as changing the color or position of Call-to-action buttons could make a big difference in conversion. Magento store owners need to conduct thorough research and test their buttons’ colors and positions in order to determine which color is best for their store. Log-out settings

Each Magento-based store once had an un-emptied cart status after customers left the store. The next time the user logs back in to the system, the new items are merged with the existing ones. There are no settings to clear the cart if customers leave Magento. One solution is to not customize the logout settings but to clear any items that were in the cart before the customer logs back in.

Last words

Although it may seem like a small issue, the shopping cart’s functions and display make a significant contribution to payment and checkout, which are the key factors in conversion growth. To maximize this feature, Magento stores should customize their shopping cart strategies to increase conversion.

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