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Email marketing is the third-most important source for both B2B marketing and B2C marketing. Social media and PPC campaigns are not enough to help you grow your brand and reach your goals.

It’s the most used form of communication for business marketing. 86% of professionals use it more than any other platform, according to HubSpot’s survey.

It’s impossible to be an expert on everything by simply looking at your competitors. Blogs are an efficient and free way to learn about email marketing trends.

Some blogs are logically versatile and can be used for any brand. Let’s take a look at the top 10 email marketing blogs to follow in 2022, so you can solve your email marketing issues and expand your knowledge.

The Top 10 Email Marketing Blogs That You Must Follow in 2022

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is the market leader for email marketing. MailChimp’s team has helped many brands around the globe to find the best and cheapest forms of marketing.

They also have a blog. They believe that marketing success is directly linked to providing marketers with the right tools and the right information.

You can learn a lot from them by reading their posts regularly. Their specialty is providing tips and advice in the area of automating emails and using tools.

2. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor, a popular blog about email marketing, is also a software developer brand. They specialize in selling email marketing solutions and strategies to brand managers and marketers. They also have a blog. Because of its wealth of information, it should be on your list.

Campaign Monitor is a specialist in writing tips and tricks. Your marketing plans will be greatly improved by the knowledge you gain from their blog as well as quality writing from online services such as Superior papers and Essay assistant. 

The marketing campaign is the foundation of your overall marketing strategy. Expert writers are needed to write research papers, product descriptions, emails, etc.

3. VerticalResponse

Ask many brand managers from around the globe for their advice on email marketing and they will gladly recommend VerticalResponse. They have been a valuable adviser in the field of email marketing, and they continue to do so.

They have a blog to share their ideas, goals, and programs. You can find many case studies and surveys about email marketing on this blog, which is one of the most popular.

Some many strategies and practices can be applied to different levels of experience, such as novice, intermedia, and professional.

4. GetResponse

Email marketing isn’t a strategy that only big companies and highly-successful corporations use. Many small businesses have experienced success because of well-executed emails.

This sector is a popular target for marketers, who invest their time and money to optimize it.

Another excellent blog is GetResponse, which has many great articles about how to grow your small company using email marketing. Each piece of advice can be tailored to suit your budget and unique circumstances.

This blog is distinguished by its high-quality whitepapers, ebooks, and guides. To complete similar writing tasks, you can use services such as Essay Writing Lab and MyAssignmentWriting.

5. MailBakery

It takes creativity and patience to create the perfect email campaign. The MailBakery blog has a wealth of information about how to combine these two qualities.

They offer unique solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses around the globe, specializing in various types of email content creation.

They have taken every word and detail down to a science, unlike many blogs.

6. Marketo

Marketo is a well-respected blog on email marketing. Their writers focus on modern technologies like AI and ML as well as psychology as a part of your strategy. This is why they are so beloved by marketers all over the globe.

They also offer automation services, with detailed tutorials. Their website has 30 categories that are a treasure trove of information about email marketing. You can improve your email marketing skills by writing down the tips and applying them.

7. Email on Acid

It is just as important to reach the right customers, but so is creating the best email to use. Many blogs only focus on the tactical aspects of email marketing and not on content creation or design. Email on Acid is a blog that covers these topics daily.

Their blog is a great addition to your targeted strategies. Email on Acid can help with content testing. This blog will help you choose the best content for your email marketing campaigns.

8. MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs is a company that teaches marketers at all levels. This blog offers everything, from beginner’s guides to detailed reviews of various tools. MarketingProfs is a great place to start if you are just starting in email marketing.

This blog posts more than just articles. You can also find tutorials and webinars as well as statistical data that you can use to support your campaigns.

You can always find something to reinforce your strategies.

9. Marketing Land

Email marketing blogs offer valuable insight into the industry, which is an underrated benefit.

Marketing Land’s blog is dedicated to providing you with the best information and insights about email marketing. They provide useful explanations and guides that make even the most complicated strategies easy to understand.

They often have renowned marketing professionals write guest blogs or write their marketing guides and handbooks.

Subscribe to their mailing list if you’d like to receive them every day. You won’t miss any email marketing news, trends, or other information.

10. MailJet

A more efficient way to market email is to educate people about other successful examples.

MailJet’s email marketing blog is an excellent example. They don’t just show you how to succeed but also provide negative examples that will encourage you to not make critical mistakes.

It’s important to understand strategies and make the right decisions in email marketing. They publish special blog posts at the end of each quarter about industry trends and revelations.

This is all you need about email marketing. This is the best way to maintain a consistent presence in B2B marketing for both beginners and professionals.

Even though email marketing is about your ideas, it is paramount that you always acquire new knowledge.

These email marketing blogs can help you improve your B2B marketing. Be ambitious and dynamic in your approach.

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