How To Properly Promote Your Apps With Video Marketing


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You’ve probably tried to make a mobile application as part of your business or personal project.

A lot of industries have discovered that a mobile app works better than a website in terms of functionality, user preference, monetization, etc.

There are so many apps available in Google Play and App Store. You need to be different! Today, I’m going to be discussing the one that I find more effective: video content.

A solid video marketing strategy will be key to increasing visibility and ensuring more people try your app. Today we will discuss how video can be used to promote your app.

Why use video on your app’s profile?

You won’t be able to create a disruptive marketing strategy unless you make text, images, and video content. It has been extensively proven that video generates the most engagement online of all three elements.

Video clips that show products have been around for many years. Many of them have been advertising icons in their respective industries for decades.

These videos show how to use a product and the benefits it offers.

Videos can also be used to elicit emotional reactions in viewers. Videos can create an emotional connection between consumers and the product. This is the power and potential of audiovisual storytelling.

Mobile apps can be used in the same way as other products. You can show your mobile app to users directly and engagingly with video.

A good video will attract users who are comparing apps with similar functionality — it will be how you let them know why your application is better than the competition.

You can also show how the app works with videos. You have many options for how to make your video. But the truth is that it will help get you more downloads of your mobile app.

How does video marketing work on Google Play and the App Store?

There are some differences between videos for Google Play Store (Android) and those for App Store (iOS). Both videos are intended to increase app listing conversion and engage users more, but the formats and limitations of each operating system differ.

  • Search Results

Videos don’t show up in search results on the Google Play Store. They will display on the App Store. You can also turn the volume down while scrolling. This can be an asset if the video is interesting enough to get people to click on your product.

  • Horizontal or Vertical Video?

Your video’s orientation can also vary! Videos are device-specific on iOS. This means they have to be optimized for different resolutions. They are vertical because of this. This makes them more appealing to mobile users.

However, YouTube videos embedded in Google Play Store can be vertical or horizontal. This means people may experience poor user experiences if they have to rotate their phones to view a horizontal video.

  • Freedom in Themes & Styles

One of the biggest advantages of the Play Store is that the videos you choose to use for your app can have almost any style or theme.

The App Store requires that you show the product using Apple’s Guidelines. This means that you can only use footage of the app, not animations or videos of people using the device. You can still use titles, transitions, and other graphic elements to convey additional information.

The Best Videos to Promote Apps

Many types of videos can help you convey the virtues and benefits of your app to potential users. But today, let’s concentrate on three types of videos that can work for multiple apps: explainer videos (product videos), and customer testimonials.

  • Explainer Video

Explainers are a popular type of video content that is used for online marketing.

These videos use storytelling and high-quality animated visuals to demonstrate the value proposition of a product, regardless of whether it is a mobile application or not. ).

Explainer video companies use this type of video to present a problem, show how your app can solve it, and then end with a call for action (such as “Download it now !”).

As I said before, if you are making a video for the Play Store you will have more creative freedom and can create an animated explainer video exactly like this one.

You can create an explainer that is optimized for the AppStore. However, it won’t allow you to make animated videos. Instead, you can use the basic storytelling formula to explain how your app can solve users’ problems.

  • Product videos

Apps can be described as digital products. A product video is the best way to show off a product’s features. This type of video is for listing the benefits of your app. However, you must make it entertaining so that it doesn’t become boring.

You can change the angle of your story, speak directly to the user, and show them how your app will benefit them.

  • Customer Testimonials

What can have a big impact on your app’s number of downloads? A video featuring real users sharing their experiences using the product. Customers are more trustworthy than you might think.

You can show customers speaking in a Play Store video, but you will need to be creative for iOS if you want testimonials to engage your audience. You can add the audio of the testimonial to the screen recordings of your product.

This way everyone wins: the app store with its strict rules and you when your download numbers soar!

Wrapping up

You need to ensure that your app is noticed by potential users when there is so much competition. Video is an ideal tool to improve your app’s “sales cycles.” This not only makes it more attractive but also increases its chances of being adopted by potential new users.

Screencasting product videos, animated explainer videos, and customer testimonials will help you increase downloads and the overall success of your app.

These are not the best types of videos to promote apps. However, video marketing isn’t limited to these types.

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