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You’ve probably spent time creating your search engine optimization website and possibly launching an advertising campaign (PPC). But did you know that in 2020, more than 50% of all time spent using a mobile device for social media is spent on it?” This means that almost 2 and 1/2 hours of the average consumer’s online time — Aka potential customers — are spent outside of the reach of most SEO and PPC efforts.

You can bridge this gap by looking into social marketing. It’s important to understand the social media funnel to understand how social media marketing should function. For a detailed overview of the funnel, read on and sign up for more digital marketing tips from a digital marketing agency in new york that has been helping clients for over 10+ years!

Social media marketing funnel

You may have come across the digital funnel while working on SEO and PPC. Similar to the social media sales funnel. This is essentially how your social media content will reach users and how you can convert them into leads.

Imagine a funnel. This is the same thing as when you pour liquid from a container in a small opening. Fill the funnel with water. It is made up of many tiny molecules. These molecules are your target users.

The funnel’s surface area is very large near the top, which means that there’s lots of water. The space becomes smaller as you move down the funnel until there is just a thin stream coming out of the bottom. The same applies to social media marketing companies in Phoenix.

You will have fewer customers if they are closer to purchasing from you. This means that each stage of the social media conversion funnel requires a different approach.


The awareness stage is at the top of social media’s funnel. This stage is where users are introduced to you and your industry for the first time. You must introduce your products and services to these users, as they are likely unfamiliar with you.

Your content should not be too salesy. The goal is to increase brand awareness. You’re merely letting people know you exist. So users have the incentive to click on your content, you should make sure it is informative and helpful.

Take into account

The consideration stage is next in the social media funnel. These users are more likely to buy from you than they were before, but they’re not yet ready. These users are researchers. 

They were interested in your industry when it was first introduced to them. Now they are scouring social media for as much information as possible. Your job is to convince them that your business is the best choice once they make a purchase decision. While you are not advertising in the traditional sense, your informational content should promote your business.


The decision-making stage is very close to the bottom of the social media conversion funnel. These are the most valuable users that you can target. These users have done extensive research and are ready to purchase.

The only thing left is convincing them to buy from you. You have now become outright advertising. These users want to believe that you are the best choice to buy from. Give them what they want.

Persuade them. Tell them why they are the best.

Take Action

The action stage is the last step in the social media marketing funnel. This is where users convert. These are your customers. You’ve probably convinced them to choose your company over the others.

You now need to get them to buy. Clear calls-to-action (CTAs) are all you need to market to them. Use phrasing to encourage them to buy.

How to create a social media channel

Let’s now get to the core of the funnel. Now let’s dive into the specific content. Different social media strategies work for each level of the funnel. This is how to make a social media marketing funnel.


Awareness-based content, as mentioned above, is meant to introduce you to people who don’t know you. This can come in many forms on social media:

  1. Blog posts shared: Blog postings and other textual content can be used as a bridge between SEO and social media. People can find your content by linking to it in social media posts.
  2. Retweets When your posts are retweeted and shared by other accounts it can help spread awareness about your business to new audiences. This is a great reason to make sure you post high-quality content so that people want to share it.
  3. Infographics People who use social media have short attention spans. It is a great way to grab their attention by putting information in an infographic. Make informational articles more interesting by condensing them.
  4. Videos In line with the previous point videos are great for catching people’s attention — in email marketing, they can increase click-through rates by 30%. You can also share YouTube videos and autoplay video ads.
  5. Paid adsPaid ads can be run through Facebook Ads and serve a purpose at every stage of the marketing funnel. A paid ad can be a great way to increase brand awareness among top-of-funnel customers.

Take into account

Once you have established who you are, it is time to draw them in deeper. Let them know that you are an expert in their industry and provide them with information that will help them find you the best. Here are some ideas to help you do this.

  1. Tutorials/guides: While basic articles are more appropriate for the general public, more detailed tutorials that focus on a particular product will be more appealing to middle-of-funnel customers. It is informational, it displays your expertise, and it promotes products.
  2. Paid ads We have again used paid ads but with a different purpose. These users can make use of retargeting ads Focus on visitors to your site. This is not a way to introduce yourself, but rather it serves as a reminder.


Once users are aware that they want to buy, it is time to convince them to purchase. There are a few ways to do this.

  1. Case Studies: These case studies are great as they give you detailed information about your industry and show how successful your business is at what it’s doing. These will be a great way to send positive messages to those users.
  2. Testimonials: A testimonial now and again, your business can benefit from it. It is important to recognize the importance of a regular business check-up. You may think you are great. But what about when? Customers If you say that you are great, people will notice and believe you.

Take Action

This is the place where you get serious. This is the place where you can get users to take that final step and become customers. Here are some ways you can do this.

  1. Demos If you have demos of your products or services that are free or for a fee, sharing them on social media is an excellent way to get people clicking. Once they have seen the demo, they will likely purchase the complete package.
  2. Social media shopping: A new trend in recent years has been social media shopping. Platforms such as Instagram Shopping or Facebook Marketplace let you sell your products directly to the platform so that you can get buyers.
  3. Paid ads This is the final appearance of paid advertisements. “Action” users are familiar with who you are and what you sell. These paid ads aren’t going to mince words.

    You should just encourage people to buy from your company. Some people will listen.

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