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WordPress agency owners often struggle to find the best hosting for their clients. You, as an agency owner, need to make sure you offer viable hosting packages for your clients.

This is not an easy task. Phoenix marketing agencies face a dilemma: Should they spend more on managed WordPress hosting, or opt for shared hosting?

It can be confusing, especially considering the differences in pricing. Managed hosting is more beneficial in the long term.

This article will discuss why managed WordPress hosting is a better option and why shared hosting should be avoided.

Why should agencies avoid selecting shared hosting for clients

Let’s first talk about shared hosting before we begin.

Shared hosting allows multiple websites to be hosted at the same time. This is the simplest explanation. Although shared hosting is affordable (which makes it attractive), there are many downsides to it.

This “low-cost” solution is often unreliable. This is a problem that marketing agencies in NYC have to deal with, as they rely heavily on reliability for their goodwill.

If your clients get faster problem resolutions and longer uptimes, they won’t mind paying more. This is not possible with shared hosting.

Uptime is generally very low. There is also a significant security risk because the server is shared. Your website could be affected by the performance of other websites.

If another website on the same server experiences an unexpected influx of visitors, this could impact the speed of your website.

A virus could also be spread to your website by a weak security system on another website.

You might also need to host some applications or projects online during your projects. Hosting support agencies need to allocate more resources and often act as a mediator between the client, the provider, and the client. Even though shared hosting may seem cheaper, it ultimately costs more.

These are some things that could deter agency owners from choosing shared hosting for clients.

  • Poor security
  • Block site access
  • Data loss is very possible
  • The downtime is much higher

As word starts to spread, this can slow down the growth of your agency. It doesn’t take long for disgruntled customers to leave reviews and let potential clients know that you don’t provide a satisfactory service. You should instead opt for managed WordPress hosting.

Why managed WordPress hosting is the best choice for agencies

Agency owners are respectful of time. They prefer to avoid obstacles and deal with simple problems as much as possible. They don’t like contacting hosting providers repeatedly to resolve problems or to ask when the website will come back up.

Managed WordPress hosting is a better option for agencies. This hosting option offers WordPress-specific hosting and a variety of useful features that will improve speed, increase security, and make it easy to manage.

Managed hosting, on the other hand, is where you are in control. You will be responsible for managing and maintaining the server and site. They will notify you immediately if anything goes wrong.

These are just a few of the reasons you should choose this option.

Server and Application performance

Because all data is stored in virtual environments, cloud servers provide agencies with security and stability. Cloud servers are extremely tolerant of faults, as many resources act together.

Many of your clients will need multiple web apps running in the background on their websites. The last thing you want is for everything to crash down. Managed hosting for WordPress websites solves this problem.

Managed Updates and Backups

Managed hosting provides you with regular backups and updates. Even if your website information and data are lost, managed hosting allows you to easily restore it. You don’t need to schedule backups and updates anymore; managed hosting platforms will do it for you.

Extended Technical Assistance

This is a fact: you get more when you pay more. Managed hosting offers extended technical support. Live chat is available in most cases.

Many companies offer dedicated support options that allow you to reach out to their support staff almost immediately.

This is a great option for larger marketing agencies in Miami. Clients who want to know why their website is down can’t be afforded it. So the faster you can fix it, the better. While you might need to charge a premium for more advanced support, clients have the option to pay more.

Pay As You Go Pricing

Cloudways offers managed WordPress hosting on a pay-as-you-go basis. This means that you only pay for what you use. The server specifications can be customized at the start and you can always adjust them to meet your changing requirements. This allows you to save quite a lot of money on resources that you are not using.


Some managed WordPress hosting providers offer collaboration features. Anybody with access can easily log in to team-approved areas and check the management of applications. They can also access the billing section and update account information.

Bonus: Passive income by reselling

Agents can sell website hosting to clients to generate additional revenue. Your agency’s reputation and goodwill are not at risk because managed hosting offers reliability and high performance. Many agencies can make a lot of money by selling hosting to clients.


It’s clear why managed WordPress hosting is so popular.

If you want your agency to grow and your clients to remain happy, this is an excellent option available to you. It gives you the freedom and peace of mind to focus on growth strategies, without having to constantly deal with petty hosting-related issues!

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