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What’s the process for SEO copywriting?

Most likely, you’re a business owner or expert in marketing looking for the best strategies. Perhaps you’re a blogger who wants to improve your content. SEO copywriting

We are the best-ranked SEO agency for small businesses on Google. This guide is written by professionals in the field and will help you get started with SEO copywriting.

What are SEO Copywriting Services?

SEO Copywriting Services combine professional writing and search engine optimization. These pieces rank higher in search results if the content is high-quality and uses SEO strategies.

Many businesses use SEO copywriting services to produce high-ranking content for Google. This will help generate organic traffic and leads for your business.

Industries that use SEO Copywriting Services

Which industries use SEO copywriting? Find out more about the industries that have had success with SEO copywriting. 


Many companies in the industry use SEO copywriting to create product pages and blog posts. Increased profits can be achieved by using SEO content.


Another customer base for SEO copywriting is the education industry. Schools can benefit from SEO copywriting to increase enrollment and visibility.

Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies use SEO copywriting services to increase brand awareness and attract potential clients. By using keywords that are relevant to their business, they can lower their PPC advertising costs. 

You can view our Industries page to see all the other industries we have done SEO copywriting services for.

Now you’re familiar with SEO copywriting services. Let’s get into creating SEO copy.

Keyword Research

Keyword research. The first step to SEO copywriting is a keyword search. Here you will learn how to conduct keyword research.

What’s Keyword Research?

SEO stands to search engine optimization. Google will rank you higher in search engine results because you are more trustworthy and valuable.

Search keywords that are related to your site. What’s the best way to identify keywords that rank highly?


Google Search Console is one way to search relevant keywords.

The list doesn’t stop there. Are people using this keyword frequently in search engines like Google? 

Search for Keywords That Produce Results

You can do this by entering a keyword group into Google Search Console. Ahrefs will then generate a list of keywords that are related to yours. You will see how many clicks each keyword gets and how much volume.

You can now identify keywords relevant to your business and which keywords will be most useful to you.

Convert Keywords to Content

Now that you have a list of keywords, you can figure out what topics you will write about.

Start by looking at the content of competitors.

As an SEO copywriter, it is important to find a unique angle on the topic.

Keep your content interesting and catchy. Include your keyword in the title.

Research Content

Once you have an idea of the topic, you can begin writing.

Research the topic thoroughly and get to know the company you are writing for. Can they be casual and conversational? You should ensure that all articles are consistent in tone.


Now it’s time to start copywriting. Headings and subheadings are good ways to break down the text.

This is the way a copywriter should organize an article.

  • All titles must be H1. The title of your page is the only heading that will be H1.
  • Add an introduction.
  • H2 and H3 subheadings. Subtopics can be covered by H3 subheadings. Add H4 subheadings if necessary. These headings make it easier for readers to understand the content.
  • Include a call to action.
  • Your keyword should be included in 500-word articles.

Know Your Audience

You must know your audience before you write any content. This will help you decide how difficult the language is and what voice you want to use.

Your target audience is professionals.

Voice and Tone

You will learn a voice and tone over time that suits your clients and brand. Customers feel more confident when they know exactly what to expect from a brand.

Let’s get beyond words and talk about images! Read on to find out how images can be used in SEO copywriting services.


Have you ever clicked on an article that didn’t have images? Are you interested in reading more?

Most likely not.

It is likely to dull and wordy. 

Images make articles more readable and visually appealing.

It is essential to optimize images for the Web. This will prevent slow page loading and a high bounce rate.

Optimization and Publishing

After you have written a piece, review it multiple times to ensure it is correct. If possible, send the article to an editor.

Now you can publish it to your website!

We recommend WordPress with Ahrefs Extension. This extension allows you to see how your article could be improved for SEO.

Upload your article to WordPress. After uploading the article, check it for errors.

These are some tips for when you upload an article.

  • Add a Meta description. It shouldn’t exceed 130 characters and should not exceed 155 characters. 
  • A URL should not exceed. You can include the keyword at the end of your URL 

Next, preview your article before publishing it. This will allow you to verify that everything is correct before hitting the publish button.

Rinse and Repeat

Remember when we mentioned that you should keep a long list of keywords handy? Because the more you use SEO services, the higher your chances of being ranked. The following tools will help you with your content writing.

You can repeat these steps for your next article. It may take some time but you will eventually see the results.

Good luck!

SEO Copywriting Services FAQs

How long should my blog posts be?

There’s no right answer. There’s a lot to consider when deciding how long blog posts should be. The length of blog post for SEO is

How often should I use a key phrase in a piece of writing?

A keyword density ratio of 0.5% to 4% is recommended. More information about keyword density and keyword stuffing.

What SEO copywriting services can I outsource the most?

Yes! No! Many businesses make smart decisions when outsourcing SEO. This allows them to focus on their core business areas.

Outsourcing SEO copywriting services can ensure that your website’s SEO is always improving and increasing brand awareness.

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