Why You Need To Backup Your Woocommerce Store


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Backups of WooCommerce stores can help you save thousands of dollars, hours of labor, as well as a lot of grief.

Sometimes things go wrong and mistakes happen. A broken website can quickly lead to lost sales, reputation damage, and expensive development costs.

With the right solution, you can quickly restore your work and get back to business in just a few minutes.

You may need backup for common reasons

You lose sales every minute your store goes offline. The damage can be more than financial. You could lose your customers, hurt your brand, or send them to a competitor. Backups ensure that every word, image and transaction made to your website are saved in another location in case you need them later. Here are some reasons why you might need to restore a site from a backup.

1. Updates go sideways

A plugin update is one of the main reasons WordPress websites break . This is more common if your website uses custom code, has a lot of third-party plugins installed, or if your extensions or theme have not been updated in a while.

Your website could be taken offline completely or part of it may stop working. A backup lets you restore your site to its original state quickly and easily.

2. You try something new… but it doesn’t work.

A simple mistake in editing page design, adding functionality or changing code could cause serious headaches. You can confidently experiment by having a backup. You can always revert to the most recent version if something goes wrong.

3. Your site could be compromised by malware

Attacks are not limited to large corporations. The web is being scanned by automated bots that look for vulnerabilities. Small stores can also be at risk of malicious code or malware. A backup is the best way to make sure you can restore your site to its original state.

Jetpack Backup is the preferred tool

Jetpack backup creates and restores backups for your website at specific times. It can be used as a time machine to instantly change the history of an incident.

You can access and restore backups of website files that have been lost or compromised from your server. This will ensure you never lose any word, image or sale.

Jetpack Backup is not a generic solution. It was designed specifically for WordPress. It integrates seamlessly with your WordPress site, and is supported by a team of WordPress experts.

Backups in real-time

Jetpack Backup provides two options for timing: real-time backups and daily backups, which are automatically performed once per day.

eCommerce stores can make a big difference with real-time backups. Why? It is possible to make multiple sales, add new products, create coupons and gain new subscribers. You could lose the updates if backups are not performed every day. It all depends on when they happen.

You can use the Activity Log to determine when your site crashed, what happened before, who did it, and many other details. Next, restore your site back to the original version before the action occurred.

Storage off-site

Jetpack keeps backups of your website on servers outside your hosting provider. This ensures that your data remains safe, even if your server is damaged. Even if your website is down completely or your server has been compromised, you can still restore your site from a backup.


Jetpack stores backups in multiple locations: a US data center (which also hosts WooCommerce.com) as well as a separate server in a different location. You have a backup of the backup so that if something happens to one set, you can still restore it from the other.

Support in real time and real life

Jetpack’s support team (called Happiness Engineers), is always there to help you. This team includes top-notch security experts who are familiar with Jetpack’s other security features such as downtime monitoring, brute force protection and malware scanning. They can also help with backups and provide guidance for tightening security to avoid future problems.

Restores super-fast from any location

You can reduce the downtime of your shop by restoring it with a click. No development experience is required. You can be back up in minutes and not hours or even days. Access to your computer is not required. You can easily restore your site using the WordPress mobile application.

Jetpack Backup plans available

Two ways to enable Jetpack backup:

  1. Choose a Jetpack plan with backups. Premium plans include daily backups and professional plans offer real-time backups. This plan is recommended for WooCommerce shops. Other powerful features will also be available to improve security, design, and marketing.
  2. Purchase Jetpack Backup a la carte. Jetpack Backup can be purchased as a standalone product. You can choose between daily or real-time backups.

After you have chosen a plan, follow these steps to create backups and verify that they are working.

Protect your store

Your business has put in a lot of effort to grow it. This should not be compromised. Every store is vulnerable to being attacked or having technical issues. It’s important to ensure that you are protected from data loss, downtime, security threats, and other potential dangers. Jetpack Backup is a tailored solution for WooCommerce stores. It offers real-time backups and top-quality support from WordPress experts.

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