UX Design Tips That Increase Ecommerce Conversions


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When determining the conversion rate for e-commerce, you must take into account your customer journey.

Forrester’s research shows that every $1 invested in UX returns a return of $100 (ROI = 9,900%).

Using the correct UX optimization techniques can increase customer loyalty and repeat business. Understanding your customers’ needs can help you make them happy and increase conversions.

This article will discuss 22 tips to increase conversion rates by using benchmarks from 6 popular e-commerce websites

Let’s get started.

1. Create an effective website and category.

The homepage is where customers first see you. A compelling design will make it more likely that they stay on your website.

Both Adidas’ website and its category design are very popular. You can also get 80.5 performance points.

This website features a simple layout that includes all the necessary elements.

What are the essential elements of a great website?

Adidas presents new and well-known products without overloading the homepage. The drop-down menu allows you to navigate through different categories.

Customers will find the information they are looking for easier if there is a category section. This will improve your conversion rate.

Customers need you to help them find the right product. A simple search bar on your website will increase conversions, sales, and engagement.

Amazon benchmarks reveal an amazing on-site search performance of 97.9.

Amazon has an intuitive search box that allows customers the ability to choose the product they want from a dropdown list.

What are some best practices for site searching?

  • Enable autocorrect, autocomplete, and filters
  • Auto-suggest and recommendation 
  • Search box for typo-tolerant keywords 
  • Provide extensive filters and facets
  • Mobile-search compatibility

3. Improve Product Listing and Filtering Performance 

Optimize product listing and filtering performance to increase product-search effectiveness.

Customers love Adidas’ product list.

What elements Adidas should be included in a product listing? 

Adidas provides detailed specifications for filtering products such as:

  • Gender
  • Types of products
  • Product category
  • Color
  • Size
  • Material
  • Brand
  • Price range

4. Allow Product Comparison

Online shoppers love to shop for products. Baymard.com ranked Best Buy as the top e-commerce website. 

Best Buy allows customers to compare the features and prices of various products.

Understanding your customers’ deciding criteria is essential to optimize their conversion rate

5. Optimize your Product Page Layout

Unorganized product pages can lead to lower conversions. Optimization of conversion rates is key.

According to the most recent e-commerce benchmarks Apple does well with product page layouts

Apple presents product information, options, and comparisons in a simple and effective product page layout Customers can also use the community answers, ratings, and reviews to convince them to take the desired action based on social proof.

6. Effectively define your products

Shoppers must review product information before making an online purchase. 

Apple’s benchmarks reveal that they have an amazing image gallery UI.

High-quality images of products can increase conversion rates on product pages.

Home Depot has the best e-commerce website. It also features an outstanding product description performance.

A detailed product description makes it easier to convert

7. Clear CTAs

Clear calls-to-action improve the user experience and increase website usability.

Make your popups stand out with striking CTAs. You can also get popup designs that will increase conversion.

8. Include social proof

Social proof plays a key role in deciding whether a customer will purchase a product. 

  • Popups with social proof can be a great way for customers to trust you and convert more customers. 
  • Now you can easily copy and modify them however you wish. 

9. Guest Checkout and Account Selection

Some visitors may not be able to create accounts to buy your products. 

10. Eliminate Complex Password Creation

Optimize customer accounts to improve conversion rates and customer performance. Customers can use their accounts to manage their shopping experience, engage with brands, and set up their accounts.

Optimize your website for customer account performance like Amazon. Reduce the complexity of password creations that can cause customers to leave your website.

11. Shipping Options and Free Shipping

Everyone loves free shipping. Customers will love it. Make sure you offer sufficient shipping options to optimize UX.

Many products qualify for free shipping and free pick-up from the store. They also offer information about shipping options, estimated delivery times, and shipping costs.

12. Make it easier

Long input fields and complex input fields can slow down UX performance. Don’t ask for unnecessary information.

13. Allow Autocompletion

The autocomplete function is an important part of an efficient on-site search. Amazon is one of the most well-known e-commerce businesses that use it.

Why is autocompletion so important?

  • Alternatives to the product search
  • Confirms the product is in stock
  • Guides customers
  • This tool will assist you in eliminating misspellings

14. Validation and Enhancement of Data Persistence

Customers expect you to complete your orders quickly. No one wants to type the same information twice!

Customers will experience a better shopping experience when they shop online with Home Depot.

15. Drop-Down correctly

Drop-down menus are a way for customers to navigate your website until finding the products they want. You should also test my account dropdown category dropdown.

Home Depot’s drop-down usability has been highly praised by benchmarks.

16. Reviewed and edited Cart Items

Customers can review their orders before making a purchase. You can also allow customers to edit and review cart items.

17. Effective customer accounts

Customers have the option to create customer accounts. This allows them to build an interactive relationship with their customers. Register to let your customers:

  • Write product reviews
  • Join the brand community
  • Get product recommendations via email
  • Billing data for storage

You can increase your conversion rates by creating customer accounts that are easy to use, efficient, and optimized to convert.

18. Improved Order Tracking

Order tracking should be a top-of-the-line feature for any e-commerce site. Bad reviews and lost customers can result from poor order tracking.

What are some best practices for order tracking?

  • Linking number to tracking
  • Delivery time estimates
  • Website tracking
  • Login for tracking your order number and tracking it
  • Notifications regarding delivery status

19. Easy Returns for Orders 

Optimizing conversion rates is possible only when you have the right policy. Customers could abuse your return policy and cause you a lot of cash.

Policies that include scary language, such as “we aren’t responsible”, will make customers suspicious and may turn away from you. Customers love Amazon’s return policy.

What is Amazon’s general returns policy? It is acceptable. Most Amazon.com products can be returned within 30 days of delivery.

Online shoppers can return products with no hassle, which results in increased sales.

20. Full Mobile Compliance

Mobile Ecommerce will account for 54% of 2021. Mobile ecommerce can help you grow your business.

These will help to optimize mobile e-commerce performance and increase conversion rates.

  • Mobile homepage
  • Main navigation and Categories
  • Mobile on-site search
  • List of products
  • Mobile checkout
  • Mobile forms

Mobile compatibility is essential for better UX performance. Mobile Popups by Kobe Digital are ux-friendly. 

21. Check out Your Website

Better to be safe than sorry. Test your website to determine if any issues could affect your conversion rate. 

What testing options are available for ecommerce websites?

  • Usability
  • Functionality testing
  • A/B Test
  • Database testing
  • Security testing
  • Performance
  • Mobile app/responsiveness

22. A Attractive Design is a Key

It is now tested and works flawlessly. What now? Pay attention to the design of your e-commerce website.

Make your website stand out and reflect your brand. Optimize your website for maximum impact.

  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Coherence
  • Color schemes
  • Mobile-friendly site-wide design
  • Highlighted products


Conversion rate optimization is dependent on industry and business. These 22 tips along with benchmarks from 6 top e-commerce websites will help you increase conversion.

Keep testing until you find the right solution for your ecommerce website.

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