Uncommon Web Design Facts The Average Person Doesn’t Know


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It is clear that appearances matter. But, just because you look good doesn’t mean that you will get far. This is especially true for web design.

Although we all love a beautiful website, if you don’t understand the essential web design facts your site will not achieve the desired results.

It is common to think that web design can be as simple as dragging and dropping elements, changing colors, adding content and then moving on. This is a common practice, and it can result in a beautiful website.

You need more to make your website stand out and deliver the best results for your business. You need a web designer who can work behind the scenes to ensure your site is at the top.

These are the key factors that will ensure your website performs well. We will also consider other factors that are important if your site is aiming at a particular market like China.

Templates Are Not Magical

Start with an element that is directly related to your website’s design. It is easy to create a website using templates. If you are familiar with the basics, you can make a website in a matter of hours.

Unfortunately, not everything that glitters is always gold. Although templates are useful, there are some drawbacks and limitations to them. With so many customization options, it is easy to create pages that are too cluttered and detract from your user experience.

The code behind the template might not be as clean or organized as you would like. This is a major problem if your website wants to perform well. You may also end up with unorganized code and undesigned design if you attempt to implement functions not included in the template.

Your performance on search engines will suffer, UX will not be pleasant, and this will reflect badly on your brand.

Good Coding Is the Engine

Your website may look great and all functions work well, but this is not always the case.

Coding isn’t something you can see with your eyes. But its impact on the performance of your website is crucial.

Badly written code can cause problems for Google and other search engines. Your web-site may not be displayed correctly in search results. Your organic traffic may suffer, with obvious negative effects for your business.

Search engines may penalize sites whose code is too messy, bloated, or broken. Your site might not show up in search results.

Cater to Different Browsers

This is a direct link to the previous point about coding. Every browser interprets your website code in a different way. Your website may look great in Chrome, but not on Safari, FireFox or any other browsers.

Some of these designs may seem broken or not functional at all.

Because they are experts in HTML, CSS and other browser issues, this is a problem only web developers and designers can solve. It is essential to test and fix your website on different browsers in order to avoid losing valuable traffic.

Design Still Matters

Good design is more important than the technical details we have discussed. Your visitors still feel the visual impact of your design.

A web professional can design your website’s look and layout. Good web design agency in Miami is goal-oriented.

This means that the web agency must understand your goals so that each element of your page can be designed with those goals in mind.

Professional web designers understand how users interact online. They also know which parts of a website are most effective in driving them to take action. Your page will not be just designed with visual elements in your mind, but also takes into account the psychology of your visitors.

Speed Is a Must

These statistics will help you understand what we mean. 47% of web users expect pages to load in less than 2 seconds. 39% will abandon your site if this doesn’t happen.

Speed is crucial for any website. A combination of several factors can make websites load quickly. Clean code is essential. Pages should not contain non-essential elements. Images must be optimized and hosting settings must be properly set.

It is possible to be amazed at the impact that a single second can have on your website’s speed, both positive and negative. A professional web designer can optimize the speed of your website without having to crash it.

Make the Design Responsive

Many devices can be used to access the Internet. It is assumed that we can surf our favorite websites from either our mobile phones or computers. It is difficult to ensure that a website can be viewed on any size screen. This is what responsiveness is.

To ensure a consistent user experience for all your visitors, your website must be responsive 100%

Imagine the disappointment that could result if a visitor tries to access your website using a mobile device. He cannot see the menu, pictures or is too small or distorted.

Only the most skilled web agencies can guarantee that your website will be able to deliver the same quality across multiple devices, without discouraging visitors from returning.

Images and Videos that Rock

Images and videos are crucial for any website. This has been repeated many times. A well-chosen video or image can entertain and inform your audience or persuade users to take the desired action.

The quality of an image or video is only one thing that should be considered. Every media element must be optimized for the web.

You must ensure that images are correctly formatted and in the correct size to display properly and load quickly enough to not annoy your audience.

Furthermore, images should be optimized for retina screens since they were developed.

How Western and Chinese Web Design Differ

Even though China’s Internet environment is still quite new, it is rapidly growing. Web developers need to be aware of the differences between Chinese and western users.

These differences can be attributed to cultural differences. To address these issues correctly, it is always a good idea to hire a great digital agency in China.

Content Structure

Chinese people prefer pages that have shorter content, but are focused on one topic. However, Chinese users prefer pages with more specific content.

Mobile is Primary

The majority of Chinese internet users use a smartphone or tablet to access the Internet. China has a higher percentage of mobile users than the west. Your website must be mobile-ready or it will be ignored completely in China

Local Host Is Preferable

You should consider hosting your Chinese website in China if you are looking to reach the Chinese market.

Local websites are more likely to rank high and have been approved by China’s government. They load quicker since they don’t have to go through censorship.

There are certain legal requirements that must be met in order to host your website here. This can prove to be a problem for international investors. You can get all the documents you need from a reliable digital agency in China.

Optimize for Local Search Engines

Google doesn’t exist in China. Baidu is the most popular search engine. Your web solution should be optimized for Baidu.

This is why you will need a Chinese web designer who can deal with the search engine. Your coding and pages should be structured according to precise guidelines.

SEO campaigns should be designed to consider both Baidu’s success and local customer needs.

What Is Your Next Step?

Web design can be more complex than people realize. If you don’t have the technical knowledge required to build a high-quality website, there is a lot going on behind closed doors. Some web design tools can be helpful.

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