Twitter For Business: Ultimate Master Guide


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Twitter is a popular social media platform that has over 330,000,000 active users per month around the globe.

Many businesses are still reluctant to sign up for Twitter for business purposes. It is poised for success.

Twitter is a worthwhile investment. Twitter users are worth $110 each. 52% of Twitter users have purchased a product through Twitter first. 81% claim that Twitter has more influence on their purchasing decisions than TV.

You can use Twitter even if you don’t have a Twitter account. Call and get started using Twitter in your business.

Continue reading to find out more about how Twitter can help you promote your company’s online marketing.

Advantage #1: Monitor your brand

Do you want to find out what other people think of your brand?   

Twitter makes intelligence easy to gather. Track when people mention your account or company name on Twitter via tweets.

If your hashtag is associated with your company, you can also track who uses it. 

We suggest utilizing Twitter’s Tweet Deck (https://tweetdeck.twitter.com)! This customizable dashboard allows marketers to schedule tweets, and track mentions, and hashtags.

Advantage #2: Drive web traffic

If you have a page that has followers, you can direct your followers to the content.

Perhaps you have a blog article you would like to share or a landing page that you designed for a marketing campaign.

Twitter is a great way to get new users to your site. All you need to do is send a message and link to

Every industry has its events and trends.

You can search Twitter for the most popular topics to find information and resources about your industry. Search keywords 

This is a great way to see what peers are talking about in your industry. This information can be used to generate content ideas.

Advantage #4 – Hire new and great employees

Looking to hire?

Share the word via Twitter to get your message out and see your followers’ reactions. It can be a great way to gauge interest and possibly lead to great hires.

Advantage #5 – Connect with customers

Twitter is the best way to communicate customer service issues. Twitter can even be used by companies to respond to customer support questions.

Remember that any information you share is public unless it’s sent via a private message. 

Your company can be perceived as transparent, open-minded, and down-to-earth if you use Twitter to support customers. 

Advantage #6 – Create a brand personality

Your brand is quirky? Emotional? Classic? Serious and thought-provoking?

Twitter is a great platform to create a brand personality. It all boils down to what you tweet.

To set the tone for your Twitter presence, you should make a plan. You should carefully follow it.

Do you let someone criticize you? Are you more professional and show that you value your customers’ opinions?

Both have their strengths, but it’s important to consider these ideas before you make any decisions.

Advantage #7 – Ask for feedback

Do you plan to launch a new product?

Twitter is a great place for sharing your thoughts and getting feedback. You should be prepared to accept harsh criticisms and even unwanted comments.

Not every tweet is useful.

Advantage #8 – Get connected to your community

Are you looking to build stronger relationships with your community? Get started by following local leaders and non-profits.

Participate in their activities and write about them

It is quick and easy to show your community involvement.

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