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Three words are used to describe search engine optimization. They refer to a simple concept: getting to the top in Google’s rankings. SEO is more commonly known. It doesn’t happen overnight. SEO is more of a process. It involves optimizing content for search engines to show up in the top results pages when users use keywords that are related to the content. Most people don’t look past the first page when searching engines such as Google and Bing. That is why rankings like those in Google and Bing are so desirable.

To improve the SEO of your brand, you need to first understand that it works as a puzzle. To be successful, it takes many pieces to fit together in the right order. These tools will help you determine where each piece fits together. It’s almost like starting at the corners.

37 Top Hand-Picked and Tested Free SEO Tools to Enhance Your SEO and Digital Marketing Results in 2022

1. Google Analytics

Anyone looking to improve their digital presence should use the Google search engine. The majority of search traffic comes from Google. Google Analytics platform allows for seamless control over Google Search settings and other Google services such as the Search Console or Data Studio. Google Analytics makes it simple and intuitive to track your Google AdWords accounts and other marketing data across all your Google apps.

2. Google Search Console

Google is still the leader in search because of the free tools it offers digital marketers in Los Angeles. Although it can take some time to learn these tools and fully utilize their functions, you can still get incredible value out of the Google platform by learning the systems and tools available to you.

Google Search console allows you to monitor your website’s performance using the Google Search engine. It also lets you find additional resources that will help improve your Google SEO success. Google Search Console is a tool that webmasters can use to monitor the indexing status of websites. It also allows them to optimize visibility using a variety of configuration options and tools.

3. Bing Webmaster Tools

Although Google still controls the majority of search engine traffic, Bing continues to be a major player in the market. This is why you should not forget Bing when improving your SEO. Bing SEO Tools is one of the most effective free tools for increasing Bing SEO success. The application provides an intuitive dashboard and allows you to set up reports to track your SEO results over time. It also has diagnostic tools that can help identify weaknesses in SEO strategies. You can also configure a notification system to keep you informed about your Bing account.

4. Google Keyword Planner

The Keyword Planner is a tool that caters to SEO professionals who already purchase a lot of Google ads. You can use it standalone to plan your SEO keywords. This free tool integrates easily into the Google suite of apps and helps you to develop stronger keyword settings.

5. Google Disavow Tool

You must remove any link to your website from Google’s indexing if it is suspicious or harmful. This will ensure that your SEO score does not suffer.

Disavow tool is a Google free app that allows you quickly and accurately to disavow suspicious or dangerous links. This will help you avoid being penalized for SEO.

6. Google My Business

Local SEO is vital. You should use the Google My Business free tool if you are using the Google AdWords platform. This tool allows you to create your Google Search business listing and edit it in real time. You can even interact directly with Google users through Google. To perform other functions, you will need to claim your Google Business profile. You may also want to take advantage of the incredible utility offered by Google My Business.

7. Google Structured Data Testing Tool

The Structured data testing tool from Google can make it easier to configure on-page SEO. The tool allows you to edit the code to customize it to your specifications. This will help you to troubleshoot on-page issues and conduct competitive analysis.

8. PageSpeed Insights

Mobile browsing is becoming a preferred way to access the internet for most consumers.

PageSpeedInsights provides valuable information that will show you how your website performs across all devices. This toolkit is Google technology. It integrates seamlessly into other Google SEO tools that you use every day. You can use it to review your site’s performance on mobile and desktop platforms, as well as get suggestions to improve performance.

PageSpeed Insights gives you an easily-readable score for your website. It integrates with other PageSpeed tools like PageSpeed Service or PageSpeed Chrome DevTools.

9. Lighthouse

Are you looking for an easy way to improve the speed of your pages?

Lighthouse, an open-source program that allows you to evaluate the performance of your website, including its loading speed, is available. This tool is particularly useful when assessing mobile page loading times. This application is used by Google for internal testing purposes, so it can be trusted that it’s reliable.

10. Google Tag Manager

Google Search algorithms are constantly evolving, so your webpage tags have become more important than ever.

Google Tag Manager is a free and essential tool for any modern SEO professional. This tool lets you manage all your website’s tags, without having to edit code. This tool will analyze your website’s tags and identify potential issues. You can easily modify your tags or make other changes as necessary. You can easily deploy marketing tags, such as tracking pixels and code snippets, to your main website or mobile website.

Google Tag Manager is an excellent complement to the Google Analytics suite. It gives you more control over your site’s performance and doesn’t require any coding.

11. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog, a freemium program that allows you to crawl 500 URLs per hour, is an excellent tool. Although the developer offers a paid version that has more capabilities, Screaming Frog works well for smaller sites.

12. Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer

Are you ready to give the Screaming Frog URL-crawler a try? You can enhance your experience by downloading the Screaming Frog log file analyzer. This tool can be used as a standalone application, or in conjunction with the base Screaming Frog platform. The free version allows you to analyze up to 1,000 lines.

13. SEMRush

SEMRush, a freemium tool that allows you to track your SEO on a single site, is something you should not overlook. SEMRush lets you perform site audits, keyword reporting, domain reporting and more with the “project” service.

14. BuzzSumo

Research is an essential part of modern SEO. Research is essential for modern SEO. You must know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and learn how to beat them. BuzzSumo allows you to do this with an intuitive interface.

BuzzSumo’s free version doesn’t offer as many features as its paid counterpart, but it still allows you to perform competitive SEO analysis. It also provides estimates of social shares with high accuracy.

15. Ubersuggest

Competitive research is an important component of modern SEO.

Ubersuggest was created by Neil Patel. It is extremely useful if you want to conduct extensive keyword research and a detailed domain overview. You can also gain valuable insight into the SEO strategies of your competitors.

Ubersuggest offers a Top SEO Page report which shows you which pages of your competitors are ranking for the most searched keywords in your niche. This tool will also show you the social media search results for which content pages. Ubersuggest, a powerful SEO tool, offers keyword suggestions, competitive research and valuable insights.

16. Similarweb

Miami Digital marketing is not just about data collection. It also requires the ability to identify trends and extract valuable insights from that data.

Similarweb can help you make data-driven decisions. It presents relevant data in an easy to understand and intuitive manner.

Similarweb toolset will help you identify the marketing strategies of your competitors, assist you in evaluating companies and give you detailed insight into your customer base and target market. You can also use this tool to increase sales volume and track your performance over time. This tool is great for comparing your progress with others and benchmarking it over time.

Are you confident in the linking profile of your website? How can you tell if the websites you’ve linked to in your content stop working?

The Broken Link Checker lets you monitor the health of your website’s links and not wait for it to go down.

Broken Link Checker is an application that scans your blog and website for dead links. It validates both external and internal URLs and gives detailed reports on all errors and linking problems. You can quickly identify and fix dead links before they affect your search results rankings.

18. SEO Review Tools

You might be interested in adding more tools to your SEO arsenal. There are 42 tools in this one. SEO Review Tools is a collection of 42 SEO tools that you can use to improve your content, find new keywords, enhance your domain authority and more.

SEO Review Tool is a one-man operation. Jasja Ter Horst, a Dutch operator, maintains it meticulously and continues to refine his creations in order to provide SEO experts with reliable tools and bug-free code. Jasja is open to receiving feedback from SEO experts and offers regular updates on all tools he created.

19. GTmetrix

Modern SEO is all about speed.

GTmetrix is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to test your website’s loading speed.

Just copy the URL of your website into the search box on the homepage. Then, click the button to test it. The results will reveal everything, from the average page loading time to reasons it might be slower than you want.

GTmetrix can also provide tips and suggestions for improving page loading speed. This will help you to identify any weaknesses in your website’s back-end code that you can improve the pages you have already created.

20. The Wayback Machine

SEO is based heavily on research. This often means that you will need to look at old websites, as well as content from your site.

Wayback machine is an absolutely free tool that can be used to uncover historical website data. For more detailed analysis, you can pull up many robots.txt files from any website.

21. Canva

For very simple projects, you may not need to hire graphic designers. Especially if you already have an idea of what image or graphics you would like to create.

Canva allows you to create social media graphics, logos, presentations and other visual content. You can use Canva on the web and through your mobile device. The Canva server also integrates with many fonts, templates and images found across the internet. This tool allows you to create beautiful images quickly and easily.

22. Grammarly

Do you feel confident with your writing abilities? It doesn’t matter if you’re writing for published content, emails to customers or partners, it’s important to use the right tone. Your writing should reflect your brand professionally.

Grammarly provides a free tool to scan your writing for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, as well as a breakdown of your writing’s tone. When it comes to writing communication, there is a lot that gets lost in translation. It’s easy for people to misunderstand what they are saying and to send the wrong message. Grammarly can help you communicate the tone that you want in your writing.

23. Xenu

The Xenu App is a long-standing staple in the SEO community. This desktop crawler, which runs on Windows, allows you to quickly locate broken links and complete site auditing for absolutely free.

24. Wappalyzer

Are you interested in digging deeper into your competitor analysis and finding out what is happening under the hood on their websites?

Wappalyzer, a free tool, will reveal the structure of a website and the technology used to make it run. This tool is great for checking if your site has any technical advantages over others.

25. Validation of W3C Markup

SEO teams must ensure that web documents are valid in markup. This is what the W3C Markup validation tool does.

This tool allows you to easily validate web content written in HTML, SMIL or XHTML. This tool is provided by the World Wide Web Consortium to ensure technical quality for various types of web pages. It can be used free of charge to verify browser compatibility and assess overall usability of your site.

This tool will not directly improve your SEO but it can detect easily overlooked technical issues such as missing closing tags or other issues that could hinder your SEO results.

26. HTTP Status Code

HTTP requests play a major role in page speed and website usability.

HTTP status code checker can help you identify problems in your website’s redirect structure. You can view all redirect chains that originated from your website and check HTTP status codes. You can view up to 10 redirects in the Redirect chain check tool. The tool also allows you to filter by status codes and redirect types. Search for specific URLs. To make it easier to review the results, you can export them to an XLS or CSV sheet. You can also copy up to 100 URLs into a single batch and check their redirect status codes.

27. Domain name lookup

Do you want to create a new domain name? It is important to make sure the domain you are trying to build isn’t already in use.

The WhoIs domain name lookup tool allows you to quickly determine if your desired domain name has been taken or if it’s available for you to host. WhoIs also offers competitive domain hosting services for small businesses. While you might not use this service, it is extremely useful, as many other hosting sites will require you to pay to search for your desired domain name.

28. Web Page Testing

What response does your website give to requests for access from abroad and your country?

Webpage Test is a tool that allows you to quickly check the speed at which your website loads from different access points around the world. This tool works with real consumer browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, while still operating at real consumer connection speeds.

This tool allows you to gauge how users access your site. It also gives you a realistic presentation. You will receive a detailed diagnostic report after each test. It includes suggestions for improvement as well as readable optimization charts. This information can help you to see your site’s strengths or weaknesses.

29. Lightshot

SEO professionals must be responsive and flexible in order to gain insights and perform competitive research. It’s sometimes useful to capture a quick snapshot to save for later reference.

Lightshot lets you take photos quickly, customize and edit them, as well as share them using a simple but effective platform. Lightshot quickly uploads your screenshot to the server, and gives you a link. The screenshot tool is a great way to reduce the time required to communicate important information, identify marketing opportunities, and share them with your colleagues.

30. Detail

Are you looking for a simpler way to do link research and reverse engineer a better linking structure on your site?

The Detailed tool is a free tool that highlights the most popular web content and links that drive traffic to it. Detailed developer also provides a newsletter that informs SEO professionals about the latest trends in linking.

31. Mobile-First Index Checker

Are you optimizing your website, content, and SEO strategy to drive mobile web traffic?

Mobile First Index Looker can be used to verify that your mobile site is consistent with the content and linking structure on your desktop site. This ensures consistency across all platforms.

32. Mobile SERP Test

Optimizing your SEO to drive mobile traffic is important. Search engine result pages (SERPs), depending on the device type and where it is located, may look different.

Mobile Search Engine Test allows you to easily compare search results from mobile devices. This tool is particularly useful when comparing SERPs between Android and Apple devices.

33. Varvy

The Internet Marketing Ninjas are a group of developers who specialize in SEO. These developers provide a variety of tools and apps that make SEO simpler. Varvy is one such tool you can get for free. Varvy is a great option for anyone who needs an intuitive interface and a lot of functionality.

34. Hunter

Email is an integral part of any digital marketing in NYC campaign. It can be hard to sort through multiple inboxes to find the message you are looking for. Hunter makes this easy with its freemium app.

The service allows you to run up to 50 queries per month before you have to pay. Hunter will assist you in finding all messages that are related to particular senders or addresses.

35. Google Analytics Enhanced Notations

You are probably familiar with the Google AdWords platform if you advertise online. It offers a variety of tools that can be used to improve search engine rankings.

Enhanced Google Analytics Notations Tool is an add-on to your Google Chrome account. It allows you track site traffic in real time, overlays additional data, and offers a screenshotting tool to share analytics. This tool is great for seeing how events such as holidays and press releases affect your site traffic.

36. Keyword Hero

Are you looking for an easier way of configuring your keywords settings to improve your SEO?

Keyword Hero allows you to test keywords with a machine-learning-backed system. Keyword Hero is still in development, but you can complete up to 2,000 sessions per year completely free.

37. Redirect Path

SEO success is dependent on the quality of your linking structure. It is important to make sure your links are strong and that you can easily spot any suspicious or harmful links so you can prevent SEO from being negatively affected.

Redirect path from Ayima – This free tool shows you the redirect paths and header information for every URL that you visit. This tool will help you to identify bad website redirects and possibly improve your own.

Create Your Own Professional SEO Toolkit with Free Tools

SEO is a complex field that involves many moving parts every day. To monitor your website’s performance and audit your linking history, as well as perform competitive analysis, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars each year on software licensing fees. These 37 SEO tools are free and you can start searching for additional ones. You will soon have a robust SEO toolbox that can address many SEO issues quickly and with reliable results.

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