15 Tools That Will Make Creating Online Courses Easier Than Ever


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With the right tools for eLearning authoring, you can create engaging, effective courses and maximize knowledge retention.

However, it can be overwhelming to choose the right online learning marketplace. This is why we have narrowed the list to make it easier for you to make an informed decision.

iSpring Suite: The ultimate toolkit to create eLearning content

iSpring Suite allows you to create online courses quickly and easily. You can create courses using the familiar PowerPoint interface. This makes it easy to get started without any IT or design skills.

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One software allows you to create online quizzes, training videos, and role-playing simulations. You can create courses faster using pre-made eLearning assets or slide templates. No need to learn. To learn more, visit the iSpring website

What is an eLearning tool?

During the pandemic, the eLearning industry experienced huge growth. An eLearning tool is simply a collection of tools that allow learning to be done remotely. These tools are mostly used by universities, schools, and students who live far away. The eLearning tool allows you to create engaging learning content.

Not just eLearning tools are used to teach a learning method in the education sector. It is not surprising that many industries use online tools to enhance their business strategies. Businesses are now more efficient in training new employees thanks to eLearning tools. These tools can also be used to improve the performance of existing teams.

You need to be aware of all the features offered by an eLearning platform to get the best out of it. You should also ensure that the features you are interested in are appropriate for your situation. Here are the top eLearning tools to meet your ever-changing needs.

The Best eLearning Tools to Create Courses

These are the 15 best eLearning software options for creating exceptional courses in 2022.


You can market, create and sell your expertise using one platform with the comprehensive and user-friendly Thinkific eLearning tool. Thinkific can create any type of content for your online courses, no matter the expectations of your audience. You don’t need any technical knowledge to create course content. Thinkific is code-free!

Start creating your online courses by selecting the template that best suits your needs from the library. You can customize your templates as all templates can be edited. You can also manage your course content with the drag-and-drop editor.

Thinkific is a tool that allows you to create online courses. It also offers live lessons, randomized quizzes, and certificates. The online course platform automates sales and marketing tasks, including analytics. This gives you insight into student data and allows you to plan for future content strategies.


iSpring suite is an all-in-one solution for quick and easy content creation.

The eLearning tool offers a professional video studio and a quiz maker. It also includes interaction templates, a role-play builder, a collection of 69000+ eLearning resources, and an online space to facilitate team collaboration.

iSpring Suite supports all modern eLearning standards, so content created with it is mobile-ready and accessible across multiple platforms.

ProProfs Training Maker

ProProfs Training Creator allows you to use existing content or create new material in minutes.

To make your course engaging, you can add videos, documents, quizzes, and surveys.

The eLearning software can also be used as an LMS to manage learners and activities. You can also access real-time analytics and reports to measure the engagement and performance of your courses.

It allows knowledge sharing, seamless integrations with third-party providers, customization, branding, as well as course monetization.


Docebo uses AI to personalize courses and automate time-consuming administrative tasks.

You can use it to access a 700-course library of courses to create content, centralize and manage learning activities and promote social learning within the workflow.

It also includes an AI Virtual Coach to improve learning and powerful reports to track real-time performance.


Whatfix provides an online employee training platform that allows you to create interactive courses for the digital adoption of enterprise applications. The eLearning tool allows your employees to quickly adopt any software product or app you use.

They are empowered with customized learning paths and contextual support. You can create learning modules or use employee roles to organize content.

It can be integrated seamlessly with other tools and LMS software.


LearnWorlds is gaining popularity as an eLearning platform that sells video courses online. They consider themselves a premium choice, offering high interaction and social learning capabilities in addition to the standard course material.

The company places a lot of emphasis on the tools it uses to create sales sites for courses. These look great! You can even try them out with LearnWorlds’ simulator, even if you don’t want to sign-up. LearnWorlds’ website builder functionality makes it easier than any other platform to sell online video lessons.

LearnWorlds provides unique learning experiences that your customers will enjoy. It is possible to increase usage, satisfaction, and retention for professional and Compliance training, continuing education, and employee/customer Onboarding. You can start monetizing your expertise, your experience, and your audience.

Are you not yet a LearnWorlds member? Register for a free 30-day trial to join a community of educators and course creators. Get started today!


aNewSpring allows training providers to deliver blended, adaptive, and social learning courses. It helps professional trainers to learn and teach better.

Moreover, aNewSpring allows you to create tests, surveys, and demos, assign content and roles, generate reports, and integrate with other eLearning authoring software, as well as sell, resell, and white-label your courses.

Raptivity 2020

Raptivity2020 is an eLearning solution that allows you to create visually stimulating learning interactions. You can customize over 190 pre-built responsive interactions.

Software simulations, diagrams, and brainteasers can be created.

It supports microlearning via integrations with eLearning authoring software and includes media search powered by AI.


Cornerstone is an LMS software suite that encourages learning and development at work. It is a comprehensive learning solution that focuses primarily on self-learning.

This course comes with expert content, but you can also use existing course content, such as quizzes and surveys, videos, or interactive assignments.

It is an integrated ecosystem that allows data-driven decisions to be made with real-time reporting and predictive workflow analytics.


Grovo is the LMS platform that focuses on microlearning. You can access all Grovo courses through the Cornerstone library since Grovo joined Cornerstone.

There are over 2,500. They can be customized or made from scratch.

The eLearning tool is easy to use and includes a video library. It’s mobile-ready so you can access it anytime. This eLearning tool is ideal for quicker onboarding, higher knowledge retention, and better employee retention.


AdaptiveU can be used to onboard employees, teach students in the cloud and educate customers.

You can use any online content, including videos, websites, documents, videos, documents, and articles. You can create interactive courses.

It allows you to track your learning progress and generate reports. It supports gamification and exciting gifts.


Hoopla is an app-enabled platform that motivates and engages employees through metric-based motivation. It allows you to engage learners via gamification and friendly competition, as well as keep track of their progress in real-time.

To keep your employees engaged and achieve your training goals, you can create multiple Hoopla Channels.

This tool can be used to create engaging courses. You can also integrate it with other eLearning authoring software to elevate your courses.


Panopto provides an online video platform that is suitable for both universities and businesses. It allows you to record, edit, manage, and live-stream videos.

It includes a central CMS to store and organize videos. This portal is searchable and aims at seamless collaboration and knowledge retention.

It includes webcasting capabilities and social learning features. It can be integrated with LMS software, as well as other tools.


Axonify, another micro-learning eLearning platform for creating and delivering small chunks of information to employees, is also available. It is designed to improve the performance of frontline employees.

They are kept engaged by being reminded to train for at least 3-5 minutes each shift. This allows them to immediately put their knowledge into practice.

It also uses AI to personalize training and create adaptive learning experiences.


QStream is another microlearning platform that can be used to quickly train and onboard employees. It allows knowledge sharing and uses gamification.

The Hub includes a Coaching Hub to help managers and supervisors engage. They can instantly see who might need additional help, when, and where.

It provides real-time heatmaps, activity reports, team comparisons, and many other useful features – perfect for sales leaders.


Zunos is similar to Hoopla but focuses primarily on Gamification. However, it’s a completely different eLearning solution.

You can create and curate interactive content and then add communication, gamification, and personalization to make it more engaging.

You can also create instructor-led courses, on-demand content, and microlearning sessions.

This tool can be used for L&D, product and service training, onboarding, HR, marketing, sales, training on multiple responsibilities, and other operations.

Wrap up

No matter which eLearning authoring tool you choose, you can easily boost your courses to increase engagement and knowledge retention. To make the process easier, you should seek out the best learning Management Systems (LMS). You should also be aware of the top Miami digital marketing tools if you wish to promote your online courses.

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