How To Properly Modernize Your Website


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Our clients often ask us the following question: “How can I create and maintain a great site?” We’ll be highlighting some of the most crucial things that you should do to accomplish this.

You can educate, build trust and sell to your customers with carefully planned journeys

Every interaction should be counted. A touchpoint is any interaction that a potential customer has on the journey to making a purchase decision. A touchpoint online could include anything from reading customer reviews to viewing a post on social media.

The customer’s decision about whether or not to buy is influenced by the quality of the relationship. Your responsibility is to make sure your website is perfect and that every touchpoint reflects your brand. Your relationship could be damaged if you have a single touchpoint that does not positively interact with customers.

Take it down a bit and make things simpler again

Forbes reports that the average person can judge the trustworthiness of another person in 7 seconds. This time is reduced to one-fiftieth of a second when a website is used.

This doesn’t leave you with much time to make an impression. Take a page from Apple and Google. Their websites are a testament to simplicity. Consider being the provider who has a simple website that isn’t too complicated and still ticks all the boxes in an age when anyone can create a website.

Cross-platform compatibility

You’ve worked hard to create a simple and engaging website and launched it immediately. You then launch your website that night. While you encourage everyone to visit your site, web analytics shows you have hit from both mobile and tablet devices. It works on all devices.

There are many ways to access the internet. Google Analytics is a great way to see which browsers and devices are being used by your visitors. Are most of your visitors coming from mobile devices? Maybe it’s time for us to make mobile-first. Find out about your audience to ensure your website works on the devices they use most.

Simple code

You need to be able to update quickly to stay ahead of the curve. If you make your code complex, it will be difficult to adapt to changing needs and demands of customers.


According to Werner Vogels (Amazon’s CTO), “encrypt all.” It is one thing to keep information encrypted so that only the intended recipient has it. But, an SSL certificate on your site will build trust with your customers. They want to be sure that their financial and personal information is safe when they shop on your website.


There are millions upon millions of websites online. How can you be sure that your website is being seen? Is it search engine optimized (SEO)? Search engines are not designed to be trusted. Customers will rarely search beyond the first page on Google for a solution.

Optimized search means your content will be found by customers searching for the solution to their problem. SEO can be a daunting task and should be handled by an experienced team. We can help you get your SEO on the right track if you are having trouble with it.

Take informed (data-based) decisions

Your website’s success depends on your ability to use data to make informed decisions. You can begin collecting valuable data about your customers using the right software. This includes information such as how they arrived at your site, what they did, where they went, and how long they stayed. This information will allow you to optimize your website content for customer growth and nurturing.

What is the speed of your website?

Visitors don’t have the patience to wait for pages, especially when they are on mobile devices that allow them to swipe and flick. You can easily compare the speed of your website to other websites using tools such as WebPageTest and Pingdom.

Your search ranking will increase if your site is fast. Search engines consider load time when evaluating brands to ensure they provide a great user experience. You will be penalized by robots and humans if your website takes longer than 2 seconds to load. Ping!

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