8 Tips For Mastering Quora


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Quora can help you get tons of visitors and customers.

It’s now the most visited question-and-answer website.

Users must verify their identities and add bylines to identify their expertise, such as “Digital marketer and consultant” and “Web developer with eight years of experience.”

This means that the answers and traffic are of a much higher quality than previous Q&A sites.

Marketers should use Quora

Quora is used by who?

Quora is an excellent tool for marketers to discover the issues that are causing concern in your user base. This information can be used to help you decide the direction of your future content.

You can show your expertise by answering Quora questions about your industry and enhancing your company’s brand.

You can also influence others to think differently about the problem, one that includes your product niche.

You can explain the problem your product solves by stating clearly who you work for. Direct marketing is easy!

These 8 tips will help you get the most out of Quora.

1) Find out who is viewing you

Each answer includes stats about how many times it has been viewed and by whom. Click on “# Views” to see the path readers take to get to your answers. Is your content being found through their profile, through tagged subjects, or by random browsing?

You can view your personal views to get an overall assessment of the number of people who have seen your answers.

These stats will show you which avenues offer the best coverage.

Quora marketing is all about influence and exposure.

As you can see, Social Media Marketing companies in Phoenix appear to be a common reference point for me. I have two options: I can answer more questions on the topic of Social Media Marketing or tag the relevant answers with the topic.

2) Formatting and editing are critical

My biggest Quora pet peeve? Reading answers that are unclear, poorly written, or completely irrelevant.

Be sure to respond in the same way as you would for a blog or report.

You want to leave a good impression on your reader and earn their trust.

Quora’s text editor tools are great for formatting. For easy reading and scanning, break down long posts into bulleted or numbered points.

Highlight a particular section by bolding or initializing your text. Underlines can make it more difficult to read.

Do you want to learn how to add links to Quora?

Quora automatically updates links to reflect the title of the landing page when they are posted. Make sure your links are natural-sounding within your sentence. Take this example:

Default: Real-time bidding is expected to grow 72% this ye ( Real-time Bidding Soars, Expected to Reach $7 Billion Market by 2016

You can see the difference.

3) A picture is worth a thousand words… Find out how to add a picture on Quora

Many top Quorans believe in the power of images to communicate their message.

Well-chosen images can support your point visually. Some users go so far as to create unique images per post (check out Oliver Emberton’s answers) for great examples.

In a list view of answers, the first photo in each post will be displayed as a thumbnail next to the text preview.

Images are an appealing feature for readers. This will encourage them to click through to read your words.

4) How to increase your Quora upvotes

You should generally answer questions as soon as possible after they are posted. You will have more chances of the question being re-used in their minds, which will make them more likely to engage with you or upvote it.

You won’t be competing against other solutions if you get there first.

If answers to the same question receive the same amount of upvotes as the answers to it, older answers tend to stay near the top. This means more eyes, and therefore, more readers.

5) Get even more social

You can easily share your answers by linking your Quora account to your Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, Twitter, Tumblr, or WordPress accounts.

An automatic update will be sent to all your other platforms immediately after you have answered or posed questions.

This will allow you to attract more people to Quora, especially those who are already interested.

6) Don’t fall for the answer collapse trap!

Your answer might be hidden or “collapsed”. There are many reasons.

  • If your answer is extremely downvoted
  • If the moderator suggests answer improvements, they are not implemented in a timely fashion.
  • You have not submitted verification of your real name for your account

The first is subjective. However, the second and third are easy to address. For urgent matters, make sure to check your notifications.

You can also easily verify your account by connecting it to other social media platforms. This is a win-win situation! ).

Visibility is the key to solving these problems.

7) Support your Quora answers

The best answers provide statistics, sources, and references–concrete, specific details that support your argument. Personal stories can be great tools, but take a lot more time to create.

Each fact or figure should be linked to the source. To drive more traffic, link to any blog post or whitepaper that already contains this information.

8) Be genuine

Sometimes I see the most absurd questions on Quora social networking. Yahoo Answers-level questions like “Can you create a business plan for me?” Here’s my website. Or “How to do you market?” ?”

It is tempting to be as condescending and sarcastic as possible.

Remember that Quora is a platform where you represent your company. Your actions and responses can have a direct impact on the customer service level of your company. Moderators will also remove joke answers, so don’t waste your time.

However, well-written answers can boost your reputation and even generate leads. If a large number of people vote for your answer, it will be promoted to all their subscribers.

Conclusion: Use Quora!

We all know what Quora means, and how it can benefit your marketing strategy.

Facebook and Twitter are great ways to engage with your audience and spread the word about your company. But don’t forget Quora.

What are you waiting for? Be curious and start answering!

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