TikTok Marketing Guide for Video Marketers


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TikTok is a popular new tactic that video-obsessed marketers should try in 2020.

TikTok is a video-exclusive platform that allows you to market authentic, relatable videos regardless of your budget. It is best to be natural and spontaneous. Just rotate the video to ensure it is in the right place. TikTok content is almost always shot vertically. But, TikTok is just as successful as other channels because it encourages users to create their content.

TikTok – How to Create Engaging Content

People love to be noticed. User-generated content can bring people closer and can even encourage others to create similar content.

This video is very easy to make. 

UNICEF promoted #oneloveoneheart to raise awareness for COVID-19-affected kids. 


Sponsored challenges can be found in the TikTok advertising section. These videos can be very entertaining and viral, so it’s worth making their section. The hashtag is used to tag the user and they then share the content.

Guess is a well-known TikTok user. He features both influencers and user-generated content.

TikTok Marketing (paid), Brand Takeover vs. Native Ads

TikTok lets you promote your brand. However, it’s not as simple as Facebook or Twitter. This means that viewers will see your video before any other content. You can also use native ads, which are placed between videos related to the user.

Brand takeovers are exclusive. Only your brand’s ads will appear in the designated daily slot. They will also appear in full-screen right from the moment you open the app.

Brand takeovers can be expensive but they can help build your audience quickly. They appear natural in the user’s feed and are therefore less brand-branded.

You can use these options to track the success of your campaign.

These Videos Will Help You Grow Your Brand

TikTok marketing gives marketers a new perspective on growing an engaged audience: Gen Z. You can still build a loyal audience that is interested and engaged in your content. These fans will eventually turn into customers and join your customer club.

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