The Best Way To Relaunch Your Brand On Social Media


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To make their users’ experience better, brands often rethink their actions. They constantly make changes to be more distinctive and better connect with their customers.

We can help you create a brand relaunch plan that works, whether you are looking to launch a new product or target a new market. You can do anything, even a simple logo change. Let everyone participate in it by creating a massive campaign.

Rebranding is a smart strategy for staying relevant. But make sure your followers are comfortable with the transition. You shouldn’t take these drastic changes lightly.

Social media has been the main channel for relaunches by marketers for a long time. Social media is a great place to relaunch your brand because of its popularity. Let’s now look at some key details that will help you relaunch your brand via social media like an expert.

Take into account the timing

Avoid big events, news times, and holidays that are crowded. You won’t get attention from your followers. Do your research to find your ideal audience. Who do you know could be your next customers? This includes new customer research and getting to know them better. Do not assume you know who your customer is. There is always more to learn.

Pick Your Social Media Branding Strategy Goals

You can choose your goals based on the purpose of your relaunch. Are you looking for new followers? Are you looking for new customers? Increased sales These are the things you should write down. Then, think about an estimate that you would like to achieve after or during the relaunch.

You can review these goals once you have completed your relaunch.

Create a Content Calendar

You must plan out the content that will be published during the relaunch. You can also create a timeline. This step is crucial for your strategy. Consider all the factors you need to consider, and how you plan to release them.

  • Product Photos

Beautiful images are a great way to showcase the best features of your product. Use stunning visuals to showcase your brand and products.

Pro tip: Mockups can save you time when creating product images. The place even offers free mockups to help you get started.

  • Product Descriptions

This can be a great place to gain general SEO knowledge. To rank higher in search engines, you should know which keywords you are targeting for your relaunch.

  • Social Media Captions & Hashtags

Consider captions for all social media platforms and think about their rules, such as the length. Make it memorable and create a hashtag. These hashtags are great for tracking your brand’s success. You can see user-generated content and involve your followers. Keep an eye on comments and mentions, and be responsive to your social media.

  • Email Campaign

Email campaigns can be the best way to inform your customers or followers what’s coming. You can offer special discounts or explain why you are going through such a transformation. Be creative and not spammy in your campaign to promote your relaunch. We don’t want to see your followers stop reading you.

  • Call to Actions

Create appealing ads and videos to help you plan for a paid advertising campaign. Because they can each have a different reach, it’s always a good idea to use both organic contents and paid content.

  • Blog Posts

Share your knowledge if you have learned something. Your followers will love to read relatable content. Establish a relationship with them.

  • Design Shareable infographics

Create cute and useful designs that your followers will love to share on their feeds.

Again, you will need to have a timeline that outlines when each of these will be live. You want brand exposure, so make sure you do it right!

Social Media Buzz: Create a buzz to relaunch your brand

You can create a buzz with prelaunch teasers, coming soon postings, and countdown landings. But don’t reveal too much! Keep your followers informed about any changes. Your followers will love you for it!

Giveaways can drive engagement. However, it is important to be cautious with giveaways that are part of a collaboration with other brands. Perhaps a little influencer swap? Look at National Geographic’s contests. Stories can be used to keep your feed clear of temporary announcements.

Keep track of your analytics

For future launches, learn from your successes and failures. Keep track of your numbers. Now it’s time for you to take out the goals that we set and analyze how we are doing. This will help you to have a better formula for the next time.

Transition existing customers

Before the launch, send emails to your customers. Let them know why you are launching a relaunch. Give them clear examples and directions on how to transition. Offer them limited discounts to encourage them. To make it more visually appealing, use explainer videos.

It’s just like the best brands on social media

There are many options for relaunching your brand. These tips will help you get your brand back on track.

Always Keep an eye on your customers before you start prospecting for new customers. Make a schedule and map out the content you want to release as part of your relaunch strategy.

You should consider the best time to attract attention to your followers. Keep track of your analytics and discover the secrets to future events!

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