Why Scan Magneto Security Store For Malware?


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Magento has been a major in the eCommerce industry thanks to its intuitive design, robustness and use of cutting-edge technology. Magento has been used by more than 743.000 businesses.

This figure shows that Magento is an excellent eCommerce solution for building online stores. It’s easy to see why Magento is a popular choice for hackers, thanks to the open-source code and increased online transactions.

Magento employs security patches and a unique tool called Security Scan in order to address potential vulnerabilities. This allows customers’ websites to be protected from cyber attacks.

This is also what we will be discussing in this post: Magento Security Scan. How to run it on Magento.

What is Magento Security Scan?

What is Magento Security Scan?

Magento is too familiar for webmasters and developers. This open-source platform’s reputation comes from its ability to meet merchants’ ambitious goals, and its incredible scalability. 

When it comes to online shopping, security is always a top priority for customers and merchants. Magento created a free security scanner tool that can be used to scan any Magento-based website for security threats.

Magento Security Scan is able to detect and prevent malware from being uploaded to websites. It will alert you if there are security issues, malware, or unauthorized access to store admins.

Magento Security Scan Tool Features

Magento Security Scan Tool offers:

  • Get real-time insight into the security status of your Magento store
  • Here are some best practices and suggestions to fix vulnerabilities in Magento sites
  • You can run over 17.000 security tests to detect potential malware on your site’s security systems, such as missing Magento patches and configuration problems.
  • You can provide historical security reports for your sites to help you keep track of your progress over time.
  • These scan reports detail both successful and unsuccessful checks. Additional actions may be required.   
  • You can schedule the security scan to run on-demand, daily, or weekly.

The best part is that Magento Scan is constantly updated. Your site security will be protected. Magento website security can be made more proactive and secure for customers’ banking and personal information.

The price of the Magento Security Scan tool

You might be wondering about the cost of this extra service from Magento. The Magento Security Scan tool can be used with two primary versions of Magento.

  • Magento Community/ Magento Open Source
  • Magento Enterprise/ Magento Commerce

Only Magento users have access to this Security Scan tool. It is unique for each site. To request a security scan using a token, Magento users will need to log in to their Magento account.

This tool is not just for business owners. The service can be accessed by Magento developers who are authorized to do so. 

How do you run a security scan of your Magento store?

Magento makes it easy to use its Security Scan Tool. Magento’s scanner tool requires no programming knowledge and can be used directly by merchants in their Magento account.

There are four main steps that you must take to run security scans on your Magento store:

  • Step 1: Install Magento Security Scan Tool
  • Step 2: Log into your Magento account. Next, accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Step 3: Add your site(s), to the Monitored Websites section. Verify the ownership of your site domain using a confirmation code
  • Step 4: Schedule your security scanner to occur on the basis weekday and day
  • Step 5: Register your email address for security updates and notifications about scan results

Step 1: Install Magento Security Scan Tool

You must first set up three IP addresses below in order to create a allowlist for your network firewall rules.


These public IP addresses are used by the Magento security scanner tool. This is the first step to allow Magento to scan your site.

Step 2: Accept Magento’s Terms & Conditions

Log in to Magento Marketplace

  • After the IP addresses have been successfully added, log in to Magento to continue:
  • Locate and open the Security Scan section located on the left panel.
  • Please read the Terms and Conditions.
  • After you are done, click Agree and continue.

Your Magento account has a Security Scan section.

Step 3: Confirm your ownership of the additional website(s).

This will take you to the Monitored Websites section. Click on the +Add site button in the upper-right corner.

The Monitored Sites page

Note: If you have multiple websites with different domains you will need to configure each one separately.

After a site has been added to the Magento Scan Tool, you will need to verify ownership before setting up the scan. Magento will not allow anyone to scan your site or create false identities without authorization.

Once you have tapped on the +Add site button, the verification step will be completed.

Verify your ownership of the site domain by obtaining the confirmation code

  • Enter your site URL, and then click the Generate Confirmation code button at the bottom of the page.
  • Copy the code to the clipboard
  • In another tab, open your admin panel. You will be able to access it as an Administrator user.
  • Select Content > Design > Configuration in the left sidebar
  • Find your site in the site directory. Next, click on the Edit button
  • Scroll down to expand the HTML Head section. The Scripts and StyleSheets fields will appear.

Copy the confirmation code to the Style Sheets and Scripts

  • Paste the confirmation code in the Scripts or StyleSheets box at the end of any code that is already in the text box
  • After you’re done, click Save Configuration

To complete the verification process, return to Security Scan in Magento. Click Verity Confirmation code.

Click Verify Confirmation Code to complete the verification process

If you are unable to verify ownership of the requested domain, please contact your System Integrator/Hosting Provider for assistance.

After your site has been verified successfully, you can proceed to the settings options for the Magento Security Scan Tool.

Step 4: Select Automatic Security Scan Options

Magento Security Scan Tool offers store owners 2 scan options.

  • Scan Weekly (highly recommended Magento)
  • Scan Daily

Magento users can access the Scan Weekly selection by:

  • Choose the Week Day, Time Zone and Time that the Magento Scan tool will run each week automatically
  • The system will scan your site every week by default at midnight on Saturdays, UTC. It will continue scanning until early Sundays.

Merchants can access the Scan Daily selection by:

  • You can set the scan tool to run at a specific Time and Time Zone each day
  • The scan will run every day by default at midnight UTC.

You can also run security scans on Magento automatically by clicking the Security Scan tab, and then selecting Run Scan.

Step 5: Confirm email to continue receiving updates and scan reports

Don’t forget your email address so you can receive scan reports and security updates.

To complete the settings for Magento Security Scan Tool on Magento account, click on the Submit button.

Security tips beyond the basics: How to increase your store’s security

The Magento Security Scan tool, regardless of its name, is one way to protect your website against hackers, vulnerabilities, and malware.

Other than the Magento Security Scan Tool, there are many security tips that will help you create a safe shopping environment.

Get a strong Magento 2 Security Extension

Many Magento 2 security extensions are available on the market that will enhance your site’s defense against cyber criminals.

Kobe Digital’s security extension for Magento 2 was created to meet the needs of Magento merchants. It is an all-in-one solution that addresses almost any security issue a Magento-based website might face. With Kobe Digital’s Security extension for Magento 2, you can improve your security.

  • The security checklist includes warnings about security risks associated with Magento version, admin username, or database prefix.
  • You can set a limit on the number of unsuccessful login attempts
  • Login log records login information including ID, time, Ip and browser agent. URLs are also recorded.
  • Additional advanced features include file change monitoring and action log.

Manage and assign user roles in Magento 2

A Magento 2 Administrator Permissions extension is essential if you are looking to be a specialist in managing your Magento site’s backend. This is especially important for multi-vendor shops.

This means that you, the store owner can control access permissions for admins to certain data areas in your backend system.

You can use this method to not only maximize the backend performance, but also protect your data from possible risks.

Use Magento 2 Google reCaptcha

The Magento 2 ReCAPTCHA is a great way to protect your website from hackers. It blocks robot software from sending fake or malicious online requests.

Because of the negative effects of bots and spammers on web quality, we recommend that our customers use reCaptcha. ReCaptcha is one way to stop bots and automated scripts spamming your site.

Here are some more tips to help you keep your Magento store safe

  • Prioritize reliable hosting providers and solution integrators
  • Use a VPN to ensure a secure connection.
  • You can run your site via encrypted HTTPS channel
  • Use the most recent version of Magento, either Magento Commerce Edition or Magento Community Edition.
  • Keep security patches current
  • Regularly backup your website
  • Strong passwords and two-factor authentication are recommended
  • Use a tool such as the Magento Security Scan Tool to monitor your system for potential threats.

Bottom line

The Magento Security Scan tool makes it easy to keep your Magento store safe. It’s easy to enable and use this powerful tool from within your Magento account.

Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform. It’s not without its problems, but it is important to protect your data.

Thank you for reading!

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