Leveraging AI: Maximizing Revenue Growth Through AI Email Marketing


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Emails have long been used for marketing because of their direct approach and cost-effective nature. Did you notice how sometimes it can be hard to increase email open rates? Is it that difficult to achieve email marketing goals?

About four billion people have an inbox. There are numerous emails from various companies, marketing their products, piling up in those inboxes, or ending up in the trash without even being read or opened. To change the fate of your messages, you need effective strategies and the correct etiquette to ensure emails are read and not disposed of without a second look.

No matter how much people talk about moving away from email and into more real-time communication channels, email’s here to stay. With the incessant changes in the world and new cutting-edge technologies being introduced every hour, we need to recognize this.

It is estimated that about 35% of marketers choose to send three-to-five emails per week to their customers. Some send even more.

Artificial Intelligence is a necessary, advantageous, and profitable tool in the competitive email marketing field of 2022.

With the help of artificial intelligence, email marketing has become more powerful than ever. Personalization, automation, and data analysis have been introduced to generate benefits like higher conversions. AI has successfully been able to fill the gap between traditional and online shopping with the personalization of 1:1 interactions.

AI in email marketing has helped make the lives of marketers a lot easier. No wonder 61% of marketers claim that AI is the most necessary aspect regarding their data strategies. Artificial Intelligence is a tech that comes in handy, eliminating uncertainties and effectively promoting your business, especially in a world where customer behavior is the most effective thing for any business.

AI is crucial in upgrading your email marketing strategies to give your email strategy that extra push for more favorable results. It’s not a bad idea to use AI in email marketing software to personalize newsletters and therefore see an increase in brand awareness, website traffic, engagement, and open-and-click rates. People are already doing it. So hop on the train to reach your destination faster.

But first, let’s get familiar with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is progressing rapidly from SIRI to self-driving cars and even lending its intelligence to email marketing.

Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar, and every big company use AI recommendation engines to endorse other products of your liking or movies that you might want to watch depending on the type of things you’ve already seen. But, what exactly is AI?

Artificial intelligence is the capability of the computer to perform certain tasks that could previously only be performed with the guidance of human intelligence and discernment.

How to use AI in Email marketing

As a marketer, you must craft the right message to resonate with the right audiences and release the communication at the right times. With artificial intelligence, you can analyze all the gathered information through communication channels and websites for creating relevant messages. Therefore you end up not bombarding your subscribers with irrelevant email campaigns.

The reactions and actions, i.e. the behavior of subscribers, are checked by AI. It measures engagement, number of clicks, and open rates, and it is here to help companies increase their customers’ engagement and build trust.

Google recognizes your speech in a matter of seconds, YouTube recommends videos based on your preferences and likes, and Amazon suggests products that you might add to your shopping list, all with the intelligence of AI. It has been and will continue to increase the competitive advantage of a company and its standing among its competitors.

Here are seven ways AI has changed email marketing for the better:

1. Hyper-personalize your emails like never before

Email marketing has steered in a different direction from sending batch and blast emails. 74% of marketers believe that when you personalize your targets, it improves the engagement rates of customers.

Using AI in email marketing software lets you customize your emails better for your market base. People hate getting irrelevant, impersonal emails, and more so when they receive them in bulk quantities every week.

Individualize your emails to catch the eye of the customer. Make them feel less of a customer and more of a family. Let your customer base know how much you care for their unique needs and that each of them is an individual. Artificial Intelligence helps build audience groups showing expected behavior. This can help engage customers better and yield higher revenues for your campaigns.

And you must know there’s no personalization without segmentation. Segmented emails have been proven to get more opens, higher click-through rates, and better conversions, besides driving customer engagement.

Machine learning (a subset of AI) has made it easier to segment, with algorithms that can automatically identify the most prominent segments in your data that also hold the most promise. For example, if you are a designer shoe company selling to all age groups, machine learning might identify the age group that’s giving you the most conversion. Even a simple segmentation like this can help you boost your business overnight.

2. Refinement of the subject line

No amount of personalization can save your emails from ending up in the bin if the subject line is not appropriate. It’s safe to say most people judge a book by its cover while opening emails. So you need to make the cover shiny, bright, and dazzling. (Not literally, but yes, your subject line needs to be personal, eye-catching, and unique.)

Traditionally, a skilled copywriter goes through experiments to come up with the right subject line for each email. And it’s difficult to do at scale. But with AI, it has become a lot easier and faster to implement this strategy.

Using AI in email marketing can facilitate mass production or create subject lines that are most likely to resonate with the reader, nudging them to open the mail and not toss it out. This eliminates the unavoidable uncertainty of trial and error when crafting an engaging subject line.

3. Hey, did you forget something?

Emails with similar subject lines are very common for retargeting cart abandoners. Who, you ask? Abandoners are people who have added something to their shopping cart but have left without placing their order. How and when do you target them without appearing as annoying? This is where Artificial Intelligence’s ‘intelligence’ comes into the picture.

Some customers may respond to abandonment emails right after you send them, while others may like to procrastinate till the weekend or longer. AI helps to distinguish between such customers and aids in retargeting your customers at the right time. By targeting your customer base at the optimal time, the chances of abandonment are significantly reduced. Moreover, it lets you suggest a few other algorithmically chosen items in that same email.

4. Right place at the right time

How often do you mail your customers? More importantly, when do you send those emails? Don’t fret, it’s all science. Creating personalized, high-quality email content with a perfectly crafted subject line doesn’t guarantee 100% success. The time of pitching the content is also paramount, as it has a big impact on the email open and click rate.

AI gets your message sent to the right place at the right time. Unbelievable, right? With the powerful assistance of AI, companies can now achieve the Holy Trinity of email marketing – conveying the right message at the right time to the right person.

Another important thing to remember is that too many promotional emails can be very annoying. Artificial Intelligence assists you in gauging the send time by analyzing the subscriber’s activities which depict their time preference. Thus, you can significantly reduce throwing stones in the dark or distributing bulk emails, resulting in less effort and less time wasted.

In a nutshell, AI helps enhance points of contact with customers and leads, by calculating when they are more likely to convert.

5. Content Automation

Manually creating an email campaign takes about two weeks on average. It may take much longer if you have a larger group. In the same way as subject line automation, the content/body of the email can also be automated with the assistance of AI. With AI email subject lines, your emails are sure to stand out and drive higher engagement. Upgrade your email game today with the power of AI technology to improve open rates and email deliverability.

AI-powered software can use pre-written languages, graphics, promos, blog post excerpts, curated material, links, and even machine-generated content to create emails designed for a high engagement rate.

Not only can AI algorithms discover the best mix of different sorts of content, but they can also drastically reduce the time and resources required to keep your email campaigns operating. Fortunately, many modern automation tools integrate AI with email autoresponders, allowing marketers to develop individualized responses based on website behavior.

Furthermore, they can integrate material from many emails to ensure the success of an email marketing campaign. Machine learning can also create email sequences, guaranteeing a greater percentage of engagement. Thanks to our most helpful buddy AI, email marketing that makes life easier and money and resources go further, is easier to achieve.

6. Offering custom promotions

Presenting special deals to your email list is a terrific method to get more people to sign up with your list and boost revenue. You can increase sales even more by tweaking promotions for each consumer and deploying artificial intelligence to select the best offer for each. Personalized discounts equal personalized profits that are substantially higher.

For example, if you are offering a discount on your brand-new Christmas apparel collection, do it wisely. If one customer jumps at the chance of a mere 5% discount, you will be reducing your potential profit by unknowingly offering them a whopping 50% discount. However, if you know another customer that won’t open their wallet for anything less, you can offer them a higher discount for a better chance of making a sale.

You can also offer freebies for promotion, particularly for SaaS products. For example, if you deal with electronics, you can offer free preset bundles that contain standard and exclusive premium presets. You can also personalize the freebies by giving the preset types based on your target customer’s interest (photography style and genre).

You can also offer promotions on certain products, free shipping, freebies, discounts, coupons, vouchers, or incentives. Every little detail is personalized to each customer’s shopping behavior and interactions.

7. Automated testing

Without the capability of AI in email marketing, such individual promotion customization would be impossible. You can use AI to test several variables in different permutations and combinations. AI helps tremendously in taking care of all the minuscule details faster and suggests the best A/B Testing processes for quicker, more efficient results.

Using bandit sampling, you could dynamically determine the type of traffic your options will receive. If one variable appears to be the champ, bandit testing will strive to maximize the amount of traffic to that version to reach statistical significance faster. This benefits the earning of ever more revenue. You can progress with the variant if it is still the victor.

Pro Tip:

In the same way, you may use Artificial Intelligence to improve your email marketing campaigns, ISPs are also improving their AI firewall strategies to filter any unwanted emails from reaching the recipient’s inbox.

So, if you don’t want to get blocked by these ISPs, make sure to have a verified email domain and a valid email list. It’s best to use an email verifier to get rid of any invalid, inactive, and spammy email addresses before you send out your campaigns.

Let’s conclude by saying

We all know that the way marketing was done 20 years ago can no longer be relied upon in modern companies, and business strategies need to be revised every year. It’s safe to say that it is the right moment for companies to introduce AI into their business.

Artificial Intelligence technologies have given businesses the power to transmit a flawless experience to their customers with data-driven insights. It’s only a matter of time before AI tools and technologies become a standard in business.

By 2035, AI is expected to drive $14 trillion of additional revenue and a 35% rise in profitability. With the guidance of AI in email marketing, marketers can do so much more in the same duration of time while generating greater results. Artificial Intelligence is not here to replace humans, it’s here to just make our lives a little easier. So, marketers get your brand under the spotlight it deserves by putting AI technologies to use.

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