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It can be overwhelming to buy a domain. We understand. Over the years, we have purchased hundreds of domains. Some experiences were more difficult than others. You need to know where to look for the perfect online real estate. Hostinger was the best choice for most people because you can both secure a domain name and get reliable web hosting in one go. You’ll also get a great URL free of charge for the first year!

The Best Domain Registrar 


Best for the Most

Are you interested in a free domain? You are, of course! Hostinger offers the best shared hosting service and a free domain. You’ll save between $10-15 on domain registration and get four years of web hosting at $3.49 per month

Hostinger offers the best web hosting for your blog, website, or web store. Why? We tested them and ranked them as the best in each category. It offers a simple-to-use platform with great performance for an incredible price.

Even better? Hostinger’s Premium shared hosting plan includes a free domain for the first year. Hostinger’s Premium Shared Hosting plan offers a unique bonus that includes a WordPress installation service. All the reasons are explained in this post. Hostinger is the best way to save money and stress.

It makes sense to invest in domain names

A domain name is required to create a website.

Don’t wait too long and that name you love, the one that gives your success feeling, may be gone. It’s best to grab it as soon as you can.

You have two options: either you can choose another business name, or you can accept that the domain name does not match your business. Both of these options are not ideal.

To create a website, you will need a domain name. There is no other way. It’s never too late to purchase one, but it can be too late if your name is already taken or held hostage by domain squatters looking to make a profit.

We recommend that you grab the name as soon as you can.

#1 – Host — The Best Domain Register for Most


Best for the Most

Are you interested in a free domain? You are, of course! Hostinger offers the best shared hosting service and a free domain. You’ll save between $10-15 on domain registration and get four years of web hosting at $3.49/month

Hostinger ranks at the top in our ranking of the best web hosting providers. They provide all types of web hosting that your site may require, and excel at providing top-quality shared WordPress, cloud and VPS hosting.

You’ll get a domain name free with many of their plans.

Hostinger makes this easy for you.

Sign up now for hosting by going to their website and clicking Start Now.

There are many options for shared hosting. The Premium Shared Hosting plan is the best option, and it includes a year of domain name registration for free.

Remember that the $3.49 per-month rate includes a 4-year upfront commitment. You will need to pay $167.52 at check-out for your hosting plan. However, it is good for 48 months.

You have the option to opt for shorter terms, such as one- or two-year terms or month-to-month pricing. Be aware that you will likely pay more each month and you will have to face a higher renewal fee sooner.

Once you have signed up, it is easy to set up your site. Hostinger offers a great guide to help you get your website up and running.

The setup wizard adapts to your level of comfort with site building. It will install a platform like WordPress for you in just one click.

Just before you are done, you can grab your free domain name. Select the left-hand option to open a search field for domains.

After you have found one that matches your brand keywords and URL, you can simply select it to secure it without spending a dime!

For WHOIS privacy, we recommend that you pay an extra $10 per year. This prevents your name, address, or other identifying information from being publicly searchable in domain records.

Your total spend will increase by $40 to just above $200. This is still a great deal for four years worth of hosting. It’s well worth the extra expense to prevent scammers and other bad actors from using your personal information for their own purposes.

Together, you get web hosting and domains in an exceptional deal. The setup process is also one of the easiest.

Start with Hostinger’s web hosting and grab your domain now.

#2 – Domain.com — The Best Option for Affordable Renewals


Best Renewal Rates

Registering your domain name takes less than 60 seconds. Domain.com allows you to renew your domain name for only $13.99 each year. 

Domain.com has exceptional pricing for domain registrations. However, it stands out by setting low, predictable renewal fees–even for premium extensions such as a.com.

It’s common to have many questions when your domain expires. Are there better rates, or should I wait to renew?

No matter how long you renew, it can be frustrating, especially if there are multiple domains that you need to pay.

Domain.com also has a handy chart that shows the renewal and registration prices for all extensions so you don’t have to guess what price you will pay next year or the year after.

The image below shows you a few things. Domain.com has a lot of extensions that are unique.

The renewal price, which is the most important, is listed next to the original registration cost.

You can get a cherry.com domain name starting at $8.99 per year.

It’s also possible to renew your premium extension for only $13.99 This is definitely a lower renewal rate for a premium extension than other options.

Registration is easy and quick. Even if you have never done it before, it takes less than one minute to register.

Domain.com registration rates can change depending on how long you have been a Domain.com customer. A.com domain can be purchased for $8.99 per year, but five years will increase the annual cost to more than $10.

Although renewal rates are transparent and clear, prices may shift a dollar or two for initial registrations.

For $8.99 per annum, you can add WHOIS Privacy Protection.

This protects your physical address and name from the public records unless you register the domain under a business or personal name.

Domain.com’s entire domain registration process takes less than 60 seconds. It is simple and does not require any technical knowledge.

You also have access to 24/7 customer support which is great if you need help or are having any issues.

#3 – Porkbun – The Best Registrar of.com Alternatives


Best for.com Alternatives

Don’t waste your time searching for the last available domain or pay too much. Porkbun can not only help you to find the right extension for your URL, but they also offer some of the best pricing of all domain registrars regardless of what type of domain you buy.

It can be frustrating to find the perfect website name but not the one you want is available. It can be frustrating when you find the name you are looking for but the seller is asking for a ridiculous price.

A.com alternative is a cost-effective option to get a website name that you love. Porkbun could be your lifesaver.

Porkbun’s search function will reveal all kinds of alternative extensions such as.shop.studio.agency.com and.help. You can also get the best renewal price and short-term deal on them.

This is much better than trying to be cute with clever misspellings, or removing a vowel in your brand name just to secure a.com address.

Porkbun’s.com alternatives offer great value, and the best part is that they are very affordable. Most domains have a first year promotional price of less than $8. Site guarantees lowest registration rates for more than 200 extensions, including:

  • Services: $4.87 the first year
  • .space: $1.15 the first year
  • .help: $7.77 the first year
  • For the first year,.for sale is $10.87
  • .app: $13.49 the first year
  • .foundation: $6.87 the first year

A.com that suits your needs is $8.58 per year can be a bargain. Porkbun’s renewal pricing for domains is much more affordable than other domain registrars.

Let’s take the.shop extension for an example. It costs only $2.04 per year and renews for $26.85. This is between $3 and $10 less than the majority of major registrars.

This is the kind of savings that you can expect when renewing any type of domain name from Porkbun. This is true for large domains like.com and.net as well as other options discussed above.

Porkbun offers a free SSL certificate, WHOIS privacy and URL forwarding on every domain that is purchased.

Porkbun will not penalize you for locking your domain up right away. You can select a term from 1 to 10 years at checkout.

A ten-year term of.shop extensions costs $228.93, which is just $2.04 per year and $26.85 each subsequent. This is a savings of just $14 over the one-year-and renewal route. This way you are protected from price increases.

Don’t try to get a.com domain. Register through Pork Bun to get a creative domain name for a reasonable price.

#4 – Network Solutions – The Best Way to Register Your Domain For a Century

Network Solutions

The Best Way to Register Your Domain For a Century

Do you want a domain registrar with which you don’t have to worry about renewing? Network Solutions is the best domain registrar. Network Solutions can lock down your domain for up to 100 years and provide expiration protection starting at $10.

Grab Your Domain

The length of your initial domain registration is a major consideration when choosing domain registrars. Most domain registrars offer a five- to ten-year term, while some go as high as 20 years.

Network Solutions allows you to obtain the domain that you want and maintain it for 100+ years.

It’s true, it’s not a typo. You can purchase your domain name of choice and keep it for the next century.

We get it. Who knows if the internet, as we know, will still exist 100 years later? Not even your personal venture or business. This is a clear sign that Network Solutions will go above and beyond to ensure your online property remains secure for the long-term, regardless of its practicality.

So, maybe registering www.thanksillhaveanother.com for the next century is overkill. To be fair, the 100-year upfront cost is not pro-rated. There’s no refund after 60 years. Network Solutions domain search is excellent and the checkout process is the best in this category.

You can search for up to 20 domains simultaneously. You’ll also have special access to pre registration for new extensions. Network Solutions has a variety of terms for services that can be used to help you choose the right ones.

  • Monthly
  • One year
  • Two years
  • Three years
  • Five years
  • 10 years
  • 20 years
  • 100 years

Some domain extensions, such as.online, have a maximum of five years. However, the most popular domain extensions, such as.com,.us,.org and.net, can be registered for any length of term.

Are you looking for a short-term investment or are you unable to invest for a 20-year period? It’s possible. Domain expiration protection can be added for $9.99 per domain. This will protect your domain name for one additional year in the event that you are unable to renew. This allows them to buy smaller operations at a time and not worry about losing their web home.

Network Solutions offers useful services such as private domain registrations, domain transfers and domain forwarding. Forwarding costs $12.99 for each domain and transfers cost $9.99 Network Solutions offers a one-year extension for domains that are transferred to them.

Network Solutions doesn’t offer as many useful extras than other registrars. However, you can purchase a variety of SSLs separately. They offer a wide range of services at affordable prices. These include web hosting, email marketing, site builders, outsourced IT, and even outsourcing.

Network Solutions offers a complete set-it-and forget-it domain registration solution. Visit them today to search for your perfect domain. 

#5 – Nomecheap — Get the Best Value With Full Identity Protection


With Full ID Protection, the best value

Trusted by more than 2 million users and 10+ million domains. Other hosts may charge extra for privacy and protection. You will receive free email addresses and security features. You can register for as many years as you like. A.com domain is available for $8.88 per annum

Namecheap is one of the most trusted domain registrars. It has more than 2 million customers. It currently offers registration for over 10+ million domains.

Namecheap is known for offering affordable domain names. Namecheap also offers full identity protection for every domain.

Imagine putting a neon sign up on your house. The sign will display your full name, address, and email address. It can also include other personal information such as your date of birth and phone number.

Would you feel comfortable sharing that information with your entire community?

You didn’t believe so. You’re actually setting up a domain that doesn’t have WHOIS Privacy.

Namecheap will make sure that this does not happen and provides you with complete protection at no additional cost. Most providers will require you to pay a yearly subscription fee.

Namecheap is loved for its value.

Namecheap domain renewals start at $12.98 per monthly Remember that prices go up after your initial registration period. Make sure to do your research about long-term pricing plans and determine your promotional pricing options.

Namecheap’s easy dashboard and account panel will allow you to manage your domain registration.

Namecheap’s customer service team is friendly, knowledgeable, and available 24/7.

Namecheap offers a low-risk, excellent way to register a domain. You pay very little, but you get a lot. Plus, you are in complete control of your domain. The best part is that WHOIS protection is free.

Register your domain today with Namecheap!

#6 – NameSilo – The Best Domain Registrar to Lock Down Your Brand


Best for locking down your brand

We currently manage more than 3,000,000 domains. NameSilo domain registrations come with free privacy and protection, DNS administration, and email forwarding. You can also get bulk discounts if you purchase 50+ domain names simultaneously.

Every day you work hard to be different, to increase traffic and to create offers that customers will love. It’s not acceptable for a competitor to steal your work and succeed.

The digital world is a dynamic place where even the smallest change in visitor numbers can make a difference between ranking #1 on Google and eighth on the first page. A smaller number of visitors can mean a greater difference in clicks.

This could be happening to anyone, so don’t be surprised.

We are here to help. NameSilo gives you the power and control to secure your brand.

It is our top choice for buying common misspellings and iterative domains to redirect. You can also manage multiple brands under one brand. When it comes to setting up redirects or domain strategies, there is a lot of information. This is beyond the scope of the article. However, here’s a short article about the cornering market for your brand.

NameSilo is a great option for those looking to register a.com domain. The cost of registration starts at $8.99 per month. NameSilo’s bulk discounts make it stand out from the rest. It is extremely easy to get rid of as much ambiguity as possible with naming conventions.

NameSilo offers a price comparison tool that allows you to compare their prices with the competition. You simply need to select the domains that you wish to purchase and the length of the registration.

The tool will then display the prices automatically.

You pay less for your initial registration if you buy more. NameSilo rates are among the most competitive in the industry.

#7 – Gandi – The Most Crystal-Clear Domain-Transfer Guidelines


Best for clear transfer guidelines

With more than 2.5 millions domain names registered, 20+ years of experience in domain registration. You get privacy and protection at no cost, a no-nonsense philosophy, a user-friendly buying and management experience, and many other benefits. 

Register for.coms starting at $15.50 per annum

Gandi is a domain registration company that has been around for more than 20 years. They manage more than 2.5 million domains. They have a company culture and a philosophy of “no BS”, which is a unique pitch that will benefit you, the customer.

Gandi is different from other domain registrars due to its marketing creativity and decades-long experience.

They will provide links to other provider’s domain transfer policy pages.

What is the point?

Transferring your domain to a different provider can be a nightmare if your current provider makes it difficult.

You might not get the right information or you play chatbox tag with them. No matter the reason, your site can be lost or offline for a long time due to a poor domain transfer policy.

Gandi has a help center that can assist with domain transfers to their platform. They also have an outline resource to assist you in moving from Gandi to another registrar . They believe in fairness and are a straight-forward provider.

Gandi.net is a seamless domain registrar. Gandi.net is slightly more expensive than other domain registrars we have reviewed.

A.com registration costs $15.50 annually. However, paying an additional fee for your domain registration will keep prices from rising on renewal. Only one price. Period.

Gandi allows you to bundle multiple extensions. Register all three extensions today to get a discount on the.us,.org and.net domains. This offer is valid for the initial registration only. The regular price will apply to renewals.

Gandi domain registrations include two mailboxes, unlimited forwarding and unlimited aliases, as well as a free SSL certificate.

Gandi is a top domain registrar with a clear business culture. They are honest when it comes to making tough decisions and will walk you through the steps to resolve those issues.

Methodology to Choose the Best Domain Registrar 

How can you choose the right domain registrar for you when there are so many similar features?

When you are looking for the best domain registrar, there are certain things you should look out for. These elements will be explained in more detail below so that you can choose the best option for your needs.

This is how we find the best domain registrar.

Bundling vs. not Bundling Your Domain

This is an important decision at the beginning. Find out which option is best for your domain.

Bundling your domain with web hosting

Bundling is the easiest way to start with web domains or hosting. It’s the first thing on our list.

Bundling simply means that you will need to register a new domain name when searching for web hosting providers. Instead of having separate domain providers, you can register your domain with your webhost.

Multiple platforms can be exhausting to manage. One for your domain name. This includes ongoing maintenance such as security, accessibility, and renewals. You then have the web host platform. This will have a completely different effective date, payment cycles, and interface to learn.

Bundling is simple, and it’s always the best way to deal with software.

Bundling is also great for beginners, as it is easy to set up, your website works and you can skip the complicated DNS configuration.

A web host will often give you a domain free of charge for a year. This can help you save some money.

Important: If you only need a domain name, web hosting providers may not be the best option. Keep that in mind. Bundled plans are not the best option if you intend to buy domains in large quantities. Bundling is the best option if you are just starting your online business and only need a domain and web host.

You don’t need to bundle your domain.

Bundling is not always the best option. All depends on your needs.

This is a great option if you have a web hosting account and just need a domain. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get started.

You could also have a web developer create a site for your company and need a domain.

If you are looking to get domains at a discount to take control of your market, this is the last option. This strategy is used by many small and large business owners. This prevents your competitors from using domains that may be confusing for you. 

If you want to ensure your website is easily found and prevent competitors from registering on the same domains as you, you will buy names that are similar to your domain. You can also purchase other domain extensions such as.co,.net and.biz to match your website name. This will ensure that there is no confusion for anyone searching for you online.

Renewal Pricing vs. Period of Registration

It’s easy for people to get confused about the pricing of domain registrars. To avoid uncontrollable anger or tears upon renewal, it is important to understand how domain pricing works.

This can have serious consequences. We all lead busy lives, so it is difficult to remember to renew your domain each year or pay your domain bill monthly.

It can also lead to huge losses in terms of your time and effort, as well as your sanity.

Imagine you wake up excitedly anticipating your daily income. But instead, you get greeted by a message saying “This domain is expired.”

You feel panicked immediately. You are not only missing your revenue report but you are also losing money. Your domain has been bought by another person who is willing to pay $3,000 for it back.

This is a rare case, but it does happen.

Promotional registration pricing is a great benefit, and it is worth taking advantage of for as long as possible. You will be charged a higher monthly fee for renewal depending on the provider. This can range from $12.99 to $29.99 per calendar month.

Failure to renew your domain on time could result in the loss of all your hard work and traffic.

You should be able to understand and pay the renewal price.

When you first get started with your domain, the providers on our list will offer you a five- or ten year option. This is an incredible deal. This is a great deal. You get the lowest rate for up to ten years and you don’t need to worry about renewing or losing your domain each year.

WhoIS Privacy and Protection

You must provide accurate information about your identity and whereabouts when you purchase a domain name from a registrar. It can lead to serious consequences if you lie about it.

Now, you’re putting your personal data online–and that is dangerous.

If you don’t take the necessary steps to protect yourself, you will be a beacon to every hacker, fraudster, and identity thief who is looking for an easy way out.

This may sound like it could make your heart ache, but it is the truth.

WhoIS Privacy and Security is a service that protects your privacy, including your email address and phone number. Your personal information is protected from public records and predators who seek to exploit you online.

This is why it’s so important.

This service is offered by some domain registrars for a fee, while others offer it free of charge. It’s possible to save some money by not understanding what all this means. This can lead to a lot of damage in the long-term, as malicious cyber bullies will play hot potato with you identity.

It is a good idea to get domain registration services whenever you purchase a domain.

One exception is when you are registering a domain as a business entity. This includes a company email address and company address. It is public information, so you can attach a domain name.

NameSilo, Namecheap and Domain.com offer WhoIS privacy free of charge. Hostinger costs $10/year and Domain.com $8.99/year.

You should choose your registrar according to your business’s needs, not because Whois privacy is available. Consider the pros and cons of each registrar. Paid or free, it doesn’t matter if you spend a lot.

Policy for domain transfer that is reliable

This is a critical piece in selecting a domain registrar.

Domain transfer refers to the process of taking a domain that you already own and moving it to a different provider.

This is common when you have a bundled provider and now want more powerful features to streamline your web hosting experience.

Another example: You are not satisfied with your current service provider and want to change.

It is a nightmare when you choose a domain registrar blindly without understanding how they handle domain transfers. Some domain registrars will hold your domain hostage until you pay them. Some providers will suspend your connection but not release it.

You’re left playing phone tag for hours, or worse, you get stuck communicating with a bot trying to find a way to speak to a live person. Your website is indefinitely held without visitors, or being found online.

You can keep this going until you have specific proof or pay the old provider (depending on their policy).

To transfer a domain, you might need to coordinate discussions between the old and new providers.

This can prove to be very costly. This is a time-sensitive issue because traffic and rankings are likely to disappear, sales are falling away and your reputation for reliability is quickly fading. 

Another problem is that some domain transfer providers may accidentally lose data or content.

It is very important to choose a trusted domain registrar who is reliable and will not throw a temper tantrum if it is time for you to move on. This service is offered by both paid and free providers. It is important to understand how the entire process works.

We want to share a bonus tip with you: Back up your data and contents somewhere other than your web hosting provider. This will help you prevent losing web content if you move web hosts or accidentally delete files.


Best for the Most

Are you interested in a free domain? You are, of course! Hostinger offers the best shared hosting service and a free domain. You’ll save between $10-15 on domain registration and get four years of web hosting at $3.49/month


Registering a domain name will be much easier if you find the right domain registrar.

There are many great options available, but Hostinger was our favorite. It allows you to have both a domain name and web hosting at the same time. This makes things easy. You can also have your domain protected against cybercriminals by using the service.

Hostinger is a reliable domain registry, but it’s not the only choice. Our recommendations will help you find the best solution for your needs.

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