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Email subject lines are a crucial part of real estate professionals’ work. It is the first place buyers and sellers interact with your message. Therefore, it is important to establish the right tone. These are some tips to help you write more effective real estate email subject lines. This will increase your conversion rates.

These are the Best Real Estate Email Subject Lines For Marketing

Email marketing can be a powerful way to communicate your real estate message to potential clients. Problem is, most real estate marketers need to be more skilled in creating effective email subject lines for real estate. This post will take a closer look into the best subject lines for Real Estate emails and show you how to improve your marketing through good copywriting.

What is a good subject line for an email about real estate?

Tips to Write Better Real Estate Email Subject Lines are essential because they allow users to filter emails according to their interests. Subject lines also allow people to know what to expect from an email. This is particularly important for people who are busy and don’t have a lot of time, or those who travel or go out of town frequently.

When writing an email marketing campaign, it is important to make sure your subject line is as precise as possible. This will allow you to send your message on a variety of platforms including email, social media, and telephone. Writing good copy can increase sales. Effective email subject lines can increase your chances of making at least 50% more money.

Best email practices for Real Estate Email subject lines

These are some tips that will help you create better email subject lines to sell real estate.

1. Use a relevant subject line

The majority of people won’t read beyond the first sentence of any message. It is therefore vital that your content is relevant to grab their attention and make them want more.

2. Use only current information

Writing copy can become too complicated if you use outdated or incorrect information about your real estate market. You should always use current, accurate information to reach your target audience. Don’t be too promotional or off-putting.

3. Use emotion

Subject lines for real estate emails are more clickable if the recipient feels a sense both of urgency or need and curiosity about the contents.

4. Be a bit self-promotional and not too salesy

Although it is acceptable to include a short promo in your Subject Line you should not overuse the words “sale” and “buy”. Kenshoo research shows that 74% of consumers will click on emails whose subject lines are about products or services, rather than trying to sell them something. This tactic is known as the “sales market”. It is a good rule to avoid using words more commonly used in TV commercials than those that are used in product and service descriptions.

5. A Specific Format is the best way to maximize your effectiveness

When writing your email subject, follow the Subject Line format: Enter Your Email Address

6. In the subject line, include a link to your website

A URL for the property/service can be added to your subject line to draw attention. This will allow people to find directions to your website when they visit it. After reading your email’s subject, click on one of the links to see more information.

7. Highlight the benefits and features of your property

To let people know what to expect when they read your email, include a call-out in the subject line. If you are writing an email offering tips for how to create a popular blog post, this would be an example.

8. Don’t Use Emojis excessively

Although emojis can be fun to use, they are primarily used for texting. People will read your subject line and might also see it in the body of the email. If they do that, they will be annoyed that they have to go through so many emojis to tell you what a great blog post is or what product or service you are trying to sell.

How to beat spam filters

My inbox still contains a lot of spam. It’s difficult for me to believe we have reached a point where people don’t understand what “filter” is and use those terms interchangeably with their favorite terms: spam, filters, or just thinking that someone is trying to sell them something.

How can you make sure your email doesn’t get blocked by spam filters?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Be sure the subject line is relevant and specific

2. Avoid using excessive abbreviations

3. Avoid Using All-Uppercase text

4. Make sure your email address is not spammed

5. Your Emails Should Be Free From Advertisements

6. Include a call-out at the end of your subject line

What words should you avoid in real estate email messages?

Make sure you include your name at the top of every subject line. This will make it easy for people to identify the sender.

Also, don’t use keywords too often in your body copy. Email filters will flag too many words in your body copy if they appear more than once per row. You might try something other than “dear seller”, such as “Hello Mr. XYZ”? Or something similar. You might also consider avoiding these common spam keywords:

* Homes for Sale * Houses Sold * Houses SOLD * Property Services / Service

You can use this keyword instead: Homes for Sale in the Fortitude Valley.

Third, Avoid using all-caps text as your subject line. It could be easily flagged by spam filters as spam. This is especially true when you use abbreviations commonly used in the real estate industry, such as “APN” to denote acreage or property. Better yet, ensure that you do not add any abbreviations to your email.

Fourth, ensure that your email does not contain any advertising for you or others. Example: “Seller is licensed real estate broker/salesperson.” If you’re trying to sell something, this will apply even if it is directly linked to an email subject. You shouldn’t share your success in real estate sales with another person. For example, you might say, “We sold two houses in the last 12 months!”

Fifth, you should avoid using bold or all-caps text in your email body copy. Filters will easily flag all-caps text and many people don’t read it, so you could be missing important information. A bolded message can appear spammy due to its closeness to spam messages.

Sixth, keep your email brief so it is easier for readers to filter out spam. Other good tips include using active voice instead of passive; being precise with your language; using English spellings rather than slang; not capitalizing words such as “I” and “the”; and avoiding excessive keyword use.

The Top 5 Things Real Estate Marketers Should Avoid in Subject Lines

You’ve sent me an email. You are excited to send me an email. I will review the subject line and delete any unprofessional messages.

These are the top five things real estate agents should not include in their subject lines.

Too many words can lead to spam. This is especially true when you include common misspellings of your name or a nickname that others may not be familiar with.

Inclusion of too many numbers – We’ve seen an increase in reports generated by emails that contain excessive numbers. They might report emails that contain more than 6 digits, but less than 9, for example. This also includes email subject lines with long numbers.

Emails that are not yours should be included – Don’t open emails from anyone offering anything of value. We saw that many scammers used email to send thousands of scam emails to people. Most people didn’t realize they were being scammed until it was too late. Don’t open the email if you are listed on it.

You can include an obvious misspelling in your name. This is something you should never do, but we have seen some creative ones (e.g. “Slamming Swoosh”, “Golf Bums” and even “REAL ESTATE SWEET TIPS”). These are bad ideas from many angles. Real estate marketers don’t have any business sending emails to anyone. So why would you use a misspelling for your real name?

Use any common words – There have been some very creative email subject lines (e.g. “Ebony’s Eyes”, or “Spend Real Money”), but we don’t recommend them as they could be tagged as spam. This is especially true for brands that share a common name.

You can include anything that sounds spammy – We don’t want to discourage creativity, but some topics should be kept to yourself. There are a lot of spammers out there who will send spam about these topics as soon as they find out about a new promotion. People won’t think twice before opening emails.

Real estate email subject lines can be tricky. Follow the guidelines and don’t forget to follow the tips we have provided.

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