Five Popular Ad Campaigns Show the Power of Advertising


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When it comes to advertising and marketing strategies, businesses need to recognize the power of advertising. Check out these examples of advertising campaigns that have helped many well-known companies to achieve recognition. Learn how you can copy some of these strategies and tactics for your business. 

Sensitivity. Transmitting new information. Enhance credibility

These are just some of the many ways that a great advertisement campaign could impact your business.

A well-designed advertising campaign can help companies promote their products and services.

Advertising campaigns offer the advantage that your company can promote the same message or idea across multiple channels, while remaining relevant and current.

Advertising has been a powerful tool that continues to grow with the evolution of marketing and advertising channels.

Advertising History

Advertising can be found everywhere. Advertising dates back to colonial times in the U.S. However, it became more common in the 1900s when newspapers started circulating and new product offerings such as department stores were introduced.

Businesses started using basic advertising techniques in their promotions and then invested in other avenues to stay ahead of the competition.

GMU states that American advertising has increased eightyfold since the 1920s. Current advertising spendings are eighty-fold higher than they were in the previous decade. The new media-radio, television, and the Internet deliver commercial messages in ways that were unimaginable 80 years ago.

Although marketing has seen a lot of changes over the years it has remained the main goal: to reach prospects and convert them into paying customers.

Five Types of Advertising

Advertising can come in many forms. Here are the five most popular advertising mediums:

  • Digital advertising
  • Advertising in print
  • Broadcast advertising
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Direct mail advertising

Which form of advertising is most effective?

Client referrals are the best form of advertising for businesses. Companies of all sizes find it a huge benefit.

Duct Tape Marketing claims that people referred to businesses tend to spend more. This is based on research that has shown this to be true. Referring others who are qualified, not just price-shoppers or tire kickers can lead to higher spending.

Highly creditable campaigns and organizations also demonstrate the power of advertising.

These five advertising campaigns are a great way to help businesses improve their advertising strategies.

  •  Nike: Do It
  •  Coke: Share a Coke
  •  Procter & Gamble: Mom, Thank You!
  •  Always: #LikeaGirl
  •  Chipotle: Return to the Start

1. Nike: Do it!

All over the globe, consumers are well aware of the high-end products and the Nike brand. Although the history of the slogan ” Just do It” is not pleasant, it was perfect timing.

Nike was experiencing their worst slump in 1987 and their team soon realized that they were losing potential customers.

Nike was primarily focused on elite athletes, focusing in particular on males.

Nike was able to use advertising’s power to awaken a whole generation. The rise of obesity in America was a major concern for the Nike team.

Nike’s marketing strategy was to appeal to average Americans, which allowed them to increase sales and appeal. In recent years, Nike has been more involved in social issues that affect everyday Americans.

Nike’s simple message has enabled them to inspire customers while creating an advertising campaign that spans generations.

2. Coke: Share a Coke

How can you appeal to people? You can put their name on a glass.

The Share A Coke campaign was launched in Australia in 2011. Coca-Cola started personalizing every bottle with the most well-known names in Australia. Soon after, the U.S. followed.

Coke could feel a sense of belonging and ownership with a simple gesture.

Coke customers can now request personalized products. The campaign encourages you “share a coke” with someone who has a personal bottle or can.

Coke leveraged the power of advertising to personalize a product that has been around for a long time.

3. Procter & Gamble: Mom, thank you!

P&G, a household and cleaning product company, was able to create a feeling of nostalgia through its 2016 ad campaign. They connected the ad to the memory of your mother waking you from school.

P&G’s “Thank You Mom” commercial highlights the importance of supporting moms in enabling their children to be successful as Olympic athletes. They likely used P&G products for washing uniforms and power tools as they drove their children to practice and watched them compete.

P&G’s ad for the Olympic Games was timely, but P&G found a story and message that resonates with people regardless of when they see it.

P&G makes use of everyday situations to tell a universal story.       

4. Always: #LikeaGirl

Always, a brand of feminine products ran an ad during the 2015 Super Bowl that touched close to home and played against a stigma.

The director used women and men in various stages of their lives to encourage actors to “act like a girl” in the advertisement.

The advertisement’s inspiring message was clear: girls are just as capable, especially during puberty. Young women often start using Always products at this stage.

It has been a huge success and is still an initiative.

Advertising is a powerful tool that allows people to recognize their personal challenges and reflect on the specific moment in our culture.

5. Chipotle: Chipotle is Back at the Start

Chipotle created an animated video to promote sustainability and its food production philosophy. It showed the journey of a farmer turning his farm into a large company in a polluted city environment.

A farmer realizes that he must “go back to the beginning” and live a sustainable farming life.

The ad was accompanied by a Willie Nelson cover version of “The Scientist” and aired during Grammy 54.

Chipotle leveraged the power of advertising to raise awareness of the negative effects of food production and to show their customers that they care about their well-being.

What can companies learn from the power of advertising?

Companies must understand the power and potential of advertising to achieve great success. Companies can learn from the campaigns featured in this article to find out how to use their resources to create ads that increase awareness, promote nostalgia or create an emotional appeal, reflect everyday life, and much more.

Companies of all sizes can make advertising work for them by linking their products and services to universal messages.

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