Correctly Making Your Brand Stand Out With Content Marketing


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Content marketing strategies can transform your business, no matter if you are a startup or an international corporation.

Customers can only compare two brands within the same industry by reading what they have to say about content marketing.

HubSpot Marketing Statistics show that only 22% of brands are satisfied with their content’s conversion rates. 61% claim that organic growth of their online presence is their top priority.

This shows that businesses often approach content marketing strategy development without having a plan for how to distinguish their brand.

Let’s look at some ways you can achieve this through well-planned content marketing. This will increase traffic, engagement, and conversion rates.

1. Define your industry niche

No matter how appealing your products and services may be, trying to please everyone involved will not work.

Your primary customer base or client base should be clearly defined in terms of age, gender, lifestyle, and professional development. You should be as specific as possible when defining your niche in the industry you work in.

McDonald’s, for example, is a global fast-food brand. They don’t offer all the fast food options on the planet. Instead, they create a niche.

Your company should be a specialist in a particular field. This will allow you to attract more stakeholders and open up the possibility of raising your prices through product exclusivity.

2. Define your brand goals

After you have established a product portfolio or service portfolio, it is time to define your company’s goals and vision. These seemingly abstract elements may not be immediately relevant. These abstract elements will help your clients and customers identify with you.

We’ve already mentioned that the only thing that sets three beverage companies apart in terms of marketing is their vision and the culture they cultivate.

Potential customers and clients should draw parallels between their products and your brand to distinguish it from others in the industry.

3. Set visual brand standards

Each brand is successful because it has a clearly defined visual style and company standards.

These can also be used to distinguish a brand in a competitive market, such as eCommerce, finance, legalities, or eCommerce.

Trust My Paper’s head of content spoke highly about the subject:

Your online presence and marketing efforts can be affected by your visual standards. Be sure to pay attention to the colors and graphics that you use for branding and advertising. These images will help clients identify your brand as much as your mission and vision.

Your visual standards should include a logo or logotype and a standard color palette. There should also be several design elements that will be used in your content marketing strategy.

This is a great way to get the attention of your stakeholders.

4. Create a social media presence

Social media platforms offer great communication channels in terms of accessibility and interactivity.

If you don’t have any, create pages with your brand name on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This will allow you to reach a wide audience that may or may not know about your business and services.

These pages allow you to share your content and interact with others who comment or engage with it. This is a great content marketing strategy.

Live sessions are a great way to increase your social media presence. You can answer questions from the community, show new products, or host giveaways. This will help you stand out from the rest.

Marketing 360 explains how social media management works in the video below.

5. Place employees front and center

Every company has office staff and departments that are filled with experts in their fields. Incorporate your employees in the content marketing strategy by introducing your customers and clients to them.

An example of this is an employee of the month who can give a brief review of their accomplishments and what motivated them to work so hard.

The second piece of content could be focused on team-building activities that were held in your office last week. These content pieces are personal and can be used as emotional triggers to potential customers and recurring customers.

6. Showcase your social proof for an effective B2B content marketing strategy

Once you have established communication channels with your audience through social media, your blog, and your website, it is time to collect social proof. You should start collecting social proof as soon as you can.

You can include reviews, videos, testimonials, comments, and even household demos.

Do not settle for cliché marketing phrases and stock photography. You can be different by looking beyond what your competitors are doing.

You can use social proof to show your professionalism and quality in future content marketing.

Social proof is the best way for potential stakeholders to make a purchase decision about your service portfolio.

7. Measure results and iterate

Finally, content marketing strategies should not be relied upon without performance monitoring and analysis.

Google Analytics is a platform that allows for detailed data collection about your content’s performance. This will enable you to quickly assess whether your content marketing strategy works and what you can improve.

Once you know which elements did not work, you can either remove them completely or build on the foundations.

Keep track of your content to see how the public reacts to your messages, products, and marketing strategies to stay connected with the market.

Differentiating your brand from other companies in your industry should be fairly straightforward provided you define your goals and mission statement. It’s useful to get help from content editing tools to do it.

Don’t duplicate content marketing elements of others, as both B2C- and B2B stakeholders can see through it. Your identity will be forged through unique content, ideas, and branding. The right audience will always find you.

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