How To Make an Impression with LinkedIn Videos


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Transcript: LinkedIn video is an excellent place to share your thoughts. It’s easy to get lots of brand awareness and engagement without spending anything.

Share different types of LinkedIn videos

LinkedIn is a great platform for growing your professional presence.

Talk about your vacations. While there is no one answer to how many videos you can upload on LinkedIn for your company, we have some ideas about using video.

Show your culture

Cultural videos are a great way for potential employees to be attracted and show that you care about them. Bring your camera and yes, phones! )

Showing your employees that you care is the best way for them to know that you are serious about them.

Establish your expertise

By posting educational videos on LinkedIn, you can establish yourself as an industry leader.

Provide company updates

LinkedIn is all about networking. There are many ways to share your company’s progress on LinkedIn. You can post a press release or blog post and hope people read it. A video lets you visually communicate your excitement about the project. For example, let’s say your company just released a new laptop. This news is important to spread.

It’s a great medium for emotional expression.

Description of your products and services

To get LinkedIn leads, you must demonstrate what you have to share with them. This will help you generate leads for your business.

How do you upload your videos on LinkedIn?

There are two options. You can either record a video using the LinkedIn app or upload one that you have created.

A professional camera and film crew are not required to create a LinkedIn video. 

You can purchase additional lenses by visiting the store.

These are the basic concepts of video that you need to remember when shooting.

  • Although you can record with a smartphone the microphone will follow your phone’s movements. Keep your phone near you.
  • The conversation will be lost outside your room. Be careful if sensitive information is being discussed.
  • It is important to ensure that the room has enough light. Place yourself so that the natural light shines before youThis will make it less necessary to add lighting.
  • If the natural light is too bright, adjust any curtains or blinds.
  • It is possible to produce distracting videos. 

You now know what the video is and how to post it.

These tips will help you post on LinkedIn.

Don’t make the video too long

LinkedIn is not the place to post a 20-minute video about a topic within your industry. LinkedIn videos must not exceed 10 minutes.

Use hashtags

LinkedIn users have the option to follow different hashtags that interest them. To share business insights videos, use #business insights. You can get your content in front of a wider audience to increase brand awareness.

Closed captions make the best 

Last but not least, most people don’t listen to the audio while watching videos on their smartphones.

I hope you are ready to upload videos to LinkedIn. Let us know if you have any questions. See you next time!

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