Step-By-Step Instructions For Creating KPI Reports


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What’s a KPI report?

KPI reports are a business performance tool that monitors a company’s progress toward achieving specific goals.

These summary reports are usually created by marketers using Excel or automated reporting tools such as DashThis. The latter transforms key performance indicators into visually appealing charts and graphs.

Use this KPI Report Template to add your data 

This KPI report can be shared with stakeholders during a meeting to quickly assess the ROI of marketing efforts within a given timeframe and determine what improvements need to be made.

How to Select Your KPIs

It can be difficult to choose the right KPIs.

How do you choose which KPIs to target when there are so many marketing tasks on your to-do list? What KPIs are most effective in driving business results?

Effective KPI reporting begins with a thorough review of your pivot business objectives and defining your outcome.

Let’s suppose you want to retain customers in a B2B SaaS startup.

The SMART framework can be used to set business goals. This is the best way for marketers to track tangible indicators of progress.

Here’s what it might look like

To retain customers ( relevant), reduce annual churn to 7% ( particular) by Q4 2020 ( time-bound). The following metrics will be reviewed by the revenue marketing team in a KPI dashboard ( attainable). They are time-to-complete onboarding, time-to-first-time value, and free-to-pay conversion ( measurable).

Use the free templates provided by your KPI management software if you are still not sure which KPIs to concentrate on. This multi-channel performance report is from DashThis and includes built-in KPIs such as from Facebook Insights or Google Analytics.

These widgets are based on the most common metrics so that you can be sure you’re tracking the right KPIs to achieve your strategic goals.

Why are KPI Reports Important?

KPI reports, particularly those with interactive dashboards, can provide insight at a glance.

We bring all data together to give you a complete view of all campaigns. This is especially important for senior managers and busy business owners who care only about the big picture. 

This multi-channel KPI template combines the performance of all advertising channels, including Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

We can quickly see that LinkedIn ads perform worst. This information may lead us to stop promoting LinkedIn and instead allocate our ad budget for the next period to Google or Facebook.

KPI reports are designed to help you set goals and benchmarks. We don’t have any way to know what is working and what isn’t in our marketing efforts.

KPI Report Examples and Templates

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. If you are unsure of which metrics to track, here are three examples of KPI reports.

KPI report template

SEO is a skill that few businesses possess. It’s easy to see why. More than a billion websites are competing to be the number one spot on Google, and that makes it tougher than ever.

It’s even more reason to keep an eye on your keyword rankings while you publish online. It is not a good idea to continue creating posts and pursuing keywords that don’t work for you.

The above SEO and backlinks template shows all KPIs in one cohesive design. Top-performing page is a great metric that will tell you which pages are worth optimizing.

Digital Marketing Report Template

The PPC and SEO reports align both channels, eliminate silos and optimize your Miami digital marketing performance. This digital marketing in NYC template shows how each KPI is important in driving traffic and acquiring leads.

This template can be used to help you achieve your goals of applying PPC conversion insight to your SEO hub and spoke content strategy, avoiding keyword traps, better understanding your search queries, and boosting rankings for the most profitable keywords.

PPC Report Template

PPC is a costly marketing endeavor that only the wealthy can pursue. This PPC report template shows a Google Ads breakdown right down to the nitty-gritty (e.g. cost per conversion, click-through rate).

If you are looking to improve your PPC ads to increase sales, this dashboard is where to start. The metric, top keywords per ad clicks help you identify your “money keywords” and improve your ad campaigns quickly.

How to Make the Perfect KPI Report

KPI monitoring can be one of the first steps toward achieving your business goals.

You can use a reporting tool at this stage to automatically track your metrics. This will allow you to save time and improve productivity while focusing on the most important KPIs that lead to exponential growth.

Here are some ways you can create powerful KPI reports on DashThis.

  1. Choose from over 30+ templates to create a KPI Report
  2. Connect your favorite marketing tools
  3. Select your metrics from the Preset widgets. (note that all the most popular metrics have been pre-selected and selected by DashThis experts)

Drag and drop metrics as many times as you want. DashThis will automatically collect the data from selected channels and add them to your new KPI report.

To provide context, you can add notes to the KPI report. This is useful if you need to explain an erratic chart or if you are working with clients with no digital marketing in Las Vegas experience.

In view mode, your note will be displayed next to the widget in an orange tab. You can click on the orange tab to open your note and read it from anywhere within DashThis.

To recommend the next steps, you can add comments to the report at the beginning or end. You can also add screenshots or images to support your recommendations.

Once you are satisfied with your KPI report, please share it with all stakeholders. You can either download the KPI report as a PDF or grab a shareable URL link so they have real-time access. Or, schedule it to be sent as an email dispatch.

Select the dashboard frequency and period, then add a brief note, to sum up, the contents of the report. Once you click Send, an email will be sent to the recipient that looks something like this:

Every marketing campaign starts with an automated KPI report. It simplifies your workflow, provides a great experience for clients, and saves you hours.

DashThis is an automated reporting tool for marketing that gathers all of your marketing data into one dashboard. 

Get a free 15-day trial of DashThis today to automate your KPI reporting.

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