Importance Of Collecting The Correct Sales Tax


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Understanding the basics is key to understanding automation. Internet sales tax is a pass-through tax that is exchanged between the seller and the state. You are not responsible for any costs incurred. However, you are responsible for collecting the correct amount in the right place and timely remitting it.

The Evolution of Economic Nexus

Online sellers were exempted from sales tax in states other than their home state, where they had a significant presence through inventory, employees, or a home office. States in the U.S. realized the potential revenue loss and challenged the law in South Dakota vs. Wayfair.

In a June 2018 Supreme Court ruling, states were granted the power to define nexus and significant activity within their state. Economic nexus was thus born. must pay sales tax on remote sellers who have sales between $100,000 and $500,000, depending on their state.

Complexities of Sales Tax

It is determined at the state level, not as a federal law that applies to all sales. This can make it tricky. Online sellers must comply with:

What is the solution? Automatization is the solution.

How automation simplifies sales tax

A sales tax software that is right for you can give you peace of mind. Once TaxJar has integrated with Kobe Digital it will automatically.

  • Calculate the right sales tax rates at checkout to generate an accurate sales tax report for each state.
  • AutoFile allows you to file on time in all states.

Multi-channel users must calculate sales taxes across multiple platforms in different states. TaxJar quickly tracks where you sell, and which platforms you use and generates state-specific reports that can be filed.

Automation saves time and helps you focus on your business growth.

Sales tax does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. You can automate sales tax by learning the basics.

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