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Businesses looking to enhance their advertising strategy can use mobile video advertising. Here are four examples of mobile video advertising campaigns that have been successful for top-rated businesses. 

What time do you spend on your phone every day? How long does social media take up your time?

These answers may vary depending on who you are, but a study showed that most people spend almost two hours per day between top social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Businesses are beginning to use mobile video advertising to increase business and reach larger audiences at lower costs, as the amount of time spent on them continues to grow.

What is mobile advertising? It is online advertising which includes a video component. They include different aspects of video production in different channels, which goes beyond traditional online advertising.

Mobile video advertising has many benefits. It drives higher engagement, encourages sharing with other parties, and is easy to track.

Marketing and advertising teams should consider how mobile video advertising can be integrated into their overall strategy.

This article will discuss how large-named businesses use mobile video advertising via social media.

Mobile Advertising Examples

1. Grammarly allows users to travel the world on YouTube

2. HelloFresh makes users hungry on Instagram

3. Snapchat Hopper targets Travelers

4. Chipotle Combines Creativity and Promotion on TikTok

1. Grammarly allows users to travel the world on YouTube

YouTube, the iconic video platform, saw an increase in advertising content as we entered 2021.

YouTube has over 2,000,000 users. Businesses of all sizes can use YouTube to build a following and increase engagement through a cost-effective campaign.

Grammarly is a web extension that supports writers with grammar. It uses mobile video advertising to build its social strategy.

Their ad titled “Words to Travel the World”, features a Grammarly user, a recent college graduate, an avid traveler, a writer, and, of course, an aspiring author.

The YouTube video ad features the subject talking about Grammarly and how it helped her improve her writing skills.

Users can join her story, which goes beyond words and includes visual imagery from her travels as well as Grammarly pop-ups throughout the ad.

It encourages potential users to use the service to be successful writers.

2. HelloFresh makes users hungry on Instagram

You can create different types of mobile video advertising with Instagram. Instagram ads can be found in a user’s story menu or feed.

Mobile video advertising, which is a great way for businesses to promote their products and services creatively, is another way that Instagram is well-known for its stunning imagery and creative content.

HelloFresh, a meal kit delivery service, advertises videos. The brand advertises its products regularly, whether through ads offering free meals or cooking tutorials.

Below is an advertisement that shows the complete unboxing and preparation of hellofresh’s meal kit. The final product can be seen in 30 seconds.

These ads are a great way to inspire cooks and foodies who want to try new recipes quickly. Most HelloFresh recipes take less than 30 seconds but more than an hour.

People tend to watch ads they are interested in. Food and food preparation are high priorities for many internet users.

HelloFresh uses Instagram as a way to get food lovers to use its products and services. It does this by using stimulating visuals and interactive elements.

3. Snapchat Hopper targets Travelers

Snapchat has many opportunities for companies looking to reach younger generations. That platform reaches 75% of Gen Z and Millennials in America.

Snapchat has evolved beyond Snapchat Streaks, which allows you to send filters to your friends. Snapchat has evolved into a marketing channel that allows brands to promote their messages.

Hopper is an airline booking app that allows users to find the best time to book flights. It uses Snapchat ads to grow its business.

Their simple ads can reach Snapchatters in different locations with relevant offers using geo-tracking or radius targeting.

This creative promotion deals with hyper-local. It was targeted to promote the urgency of travel.

This mobile video advertising campaign was a success for Hopper. It resulted in 4x flight bookings and an increase in downloads.

Hopper quickly scaled his business by targeting a particular audience with a simple call to action.

4. Chipotle Combines Creativity and Promotion on TikTok

TikTok is the main social media platform for young people. Businesses are using TikTok’s short video highlights to take their services to the next level, making it the best platform for mobile video advertising.

Over a million people follow Chipotle on TikTok. They post a variety of content, including potential Chipotle-inspired Halloween costumes and new menu items.

Chipotle appeals to foodies and can take the staples of its menu and give them a creative twist to increase sales and consumer engagement.

Promoting your business with mobile video advertising

Mobile video advertising allows advertisers and brands to stay connected with their customers in an age where everything is always online.

Mobile video advertising offers more flexibility, creativity, and personalization in the advertising marketplace.

These examples can be used to inspire your mobile video advertising campaign via social media.

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