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Facebook boasts over 2.3 million monthly active Facebook users. It is a great place to engage prospects interested in your products or services. Facebook Stories is an excellent feature you can use.

This page will answer all your questions about Facebook Stories.

  • What is Facebook Stories?
  • How do I upload content to Facebook Stories
  • Facebook Stories: Why use them?
  • How can I make Facebook Stories quickly?

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What is Facebook Stories?

Facebook Stories allows users to upload video or image content. These stories disappear after 24 hours. As a business, you can upload Facebook Stories on your Facebook Page.

Facebook Stories appear at the top of the News Feed, so users can interact with and see your content.

You can also share your Instagram Stories if your business is on Instagram to increase your reach.

How to upload content to Facebook Stories

Now that we have answered the question, “What is Facebook Stories?” let’s see how to create Facebook Stories. This is how you can add content to your Facebook Story using the app.

  1. Log in to the Facebook App
  2. Tap the profile photo of your business
  3. Tap “Create Story”
  4. Add your content
  5. Tell us your story

It’s easy!

Why should I use Facebook Stories

Now that you know what Facebook Stories are and how to use them, you might be asking yourself why you should use Facebook Stories. Why should you use FB Stories

These are the top three benefits of Facebook Stories

1. Fear of missing out (FOMO)

The best part about FB Stories (FOMO) is the fear of missing your opportunity. Your company will not let anyone miss any sales announcements, particularly if they are special.

These Stories are only accessible for 24 hours. People feel the need to interact to ensure they do not miss any important information. Because they don’t want any of the important information you share, this means more people will interact with your brand.

2. You engage mobile users

Facebook Stories is the best way to engage mobile users. Stories allows users the ability to view all your content by clicking on it.

Your content will be more interesting to users as they are less likely be distracted by other content on the platform. Higher engagement rates lead to increased brand awareness, leads and revenue for your business.

3. We’d love to see inside your brand

Facebook Stories allows you to give your followers a peek behind the scenes at your brand. This feature allows you to show your followers the behind-the-scenes of your business.

You have plenty of room to express yourself and personalize posts to help customers get to know your brand better. Stickers and incorporating your brand colors can help you create memorable content experiences for your customers.

These are four ways to nail your Facebook stories

Are you ready for the FB Stories feature on Facebook? These are the top 4 ways to use Facebook Stories.

1. For all your posts, set a goal

To create Facebook Stories that drive results, you must first set a goal for what your content should look like. It is not enough to simply post content. Your content should help you achieve your business milestones. You can set multiple goals for your Facebook Stories.

These are the main goals.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Sales rise

Think about the impact it has on your ability to reach your goals when you add content into your FB Story.

2. Host flash sales

Facebook Stories allows you to make flash sales. You can only upload content for 24 hours. Flash sales are possible for 24 hours. The sale will not be posted to your story.

This is a great way to increase sales. If they can see the sale in the story, people will be more motivated to purchase.

Great sales won’t go unnoticed so make sure to share your sales on Facebook.

You should include a link to the flash sale page if you plan to post about it on social media.

It will facilitate seamless shopping, which will encourage more people to purchase.

3. Highlight special events

To make your Facebook Story stand out, you can highlight important events. Your Stories feature can be used to highlight important events for you and your company. Your Stories feature can help you create buzz for your semi-annual sales.

Then, you can post content to your Story each day, even if the deal is still under construction, to remind people about your sale.

To promote an event, you can post content on Facebook about special events such as a movie evening or fall festival.

Your Facebook Story can be used to promote holidays in your area.

4. You can share a product/service you have just created

Post a new product to your FB Stories. To get your followers excited about new releases, you can share this content on your story.

You can highlight key features of your product or service using the Facebook Stories feature. This is a great way for your audience to learn about your latest additions.

You can share information on Facebook through your Story. People feel compelled to check out your story to learn more about the product.

Are you looking for help with Facebook Stories

Businesses can use Facebook Stories to promote their businesses to all those who follow them. This will allow you to keep your brand top of mind, which can help increase engagement, lead generation and revenue growth.

Kobe Digital is a great resource if you don’t know how to use the FB Stories feature.

Since more than ten year, our social media success has been a hallmark for our company. We can help maximize your Facebook Stories and other social media platforms.

Our team can also deliver results for you company.

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