How To Use Linkedin To Grow Your Email List


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Do you want to learn more about LinkedIn and how it can grow your email list? 

Although LinkedIn is still used as a source for recruiting, it’s 15X better than job listings. 

LinkedIn is more business-oriented than any other social media platform. Professionals and beginners in your industry are always seeking ways to improve their industry knowledge.

These steps will guarantee that you can build an email list with LinkedIn.

Here’s how the LinkedIn lead-generation process appears:

  • Step #1: Grow your LinkedIn audience.
  • Step 2 – Share your articles with others on LinkedIn and your website.
  • Step 3: Create lead magnets. This includes the conversion of articles into ebooks.
  • Step 4 – Create a lead generation webpage to collect contact information.
  • Step #5 – Include links to the main webpage in your articles so users can sign up
  • Step 6 – Use an email marketing platform to manage all your email lists.

This allows readers to locate one of your articles through LinkedIn. The links in each article generate leads.

Let’s take a closer look at how LinkedIn can help you grow your email lists.

1. Increase Your LinkedIn Audience

Get in touch with your target market 100x per day

If you have LinkedIn Search Navigator, this tactic works. Note: Your account may be temporarily blocked or flagged if you use this method with a premium plan or free plan.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to work with larger volumes than other plans.

Use LinkedIn’s Lead Search to identify your target audience.

This feature lets you filter prospects in many different ways. You can also visit LinkedIn’s sales navigator guide.

LinkedIn Boolean Search Tool

This Boolean search lets you target more prospects. You can combine keywords with operators like OR, OR or OR while searching.

Let’s consider, for instance, digital marketers who are either senior managers or executives in SaaS.

This would be my Boolean Search Queue:

(“Senior”) OR (“Snr”) OR (“Senior”) OR (“Director”) OR (“Chief”) OR (“Manager”) AND (“Digital marketing”)

Promote LinkedIn on Your Site

A website’s organic traffic could be a great source for LinkedIn subscribers. Pop Ups on social media are a great way of grabbing your visitors’ attention and getting subs.

2. Publishing Valuable Articles

Content is the king. You know this. Keep your articles within your industry so that your subscribers know what to expect.

Once you’ve written your articles, you can choose to publish them on the web. 


WordPress lets you create a blog, and then publish content. SEO is important.

  • H1, H2, H3
  • Meta titles and meta descriptions 
  • Only use the keyword in your URL.
  • Use alt descriptions when possible for images.


It is possible to save time by publishing your article already on WordPress, your blog, or other media. Copy and paste the text to your Medium.

Go to Medium and create your own story. Once you’ve created it, copy the entire article.


Now you can create your LinkedIn Article. Copy the entire article from WordPress. Then, you can post it.

Side note – Add the following phrase to your document:

The original …] post was linked back to this article to indicate to search engines that it is the most authoritative.

3. Convert Your Articles Into Ebooks

Congratulations! Congratulations!

Convert your articles into downloadable ebooks. You can then convert them to downloadable ebooks. This will make them lead magnets, which can be used to draw people to your email list.

To do this, you can use a tool called Beacon. Once you are done formatting, you can create a PDF file.

Now you can move on to the next step.

4. For your Lead Magnet, create a landing page

If you have a website, you can create a landing page. 

You can:

  • Popups are used to request an e-book or return an email address.
  • Popups can be used for driving traffic to your lead magnet pages.

Subscribe popups must be integrated with your email marketing services

No matter what your preference, your main goal should be to gather contact information from your readers via your lead magnet page. Next, connect with your email marketing service

If you don’t have a landing page, you can create one.

There are many landing page builders, including free ones like LeadPages or Unbounce.

A pre-made template can be chosen:

Save time and money by using a premade landing template from LeadPages or any other landing page creator.

Optimize landing page design & copy:

The design of your lead magnet page should be concise and clear. You should include one CTA in your lead magnet page design.

Now, you’re almost done. To promote your lead magnet, create a landing page. You can automate the process by linking it with your email service.

Add links to your landing pages to your articles.

Get involved

Your call to action should be clear, compelling, and encouraging. “

The CTA can be used multiple times in the text.

Remember that not everyone can read the whole text. Remind them of your offer multiple times, and not just at the beginning.

Medium and LinkedIn:

An image button can be used as a CTA and linked to your landing pages.

6. Find the email addresses for your prospects

This last bonus tip will help you increase your LinkedIn email lists. LinkedIn is full of professionals from all industries.

Here’s the secret formula…

There are LinkedIn email searching tools which can be used for extracting email addresses from your prospects’ LinkedIn profiles . 

The bottom line


  • It is important to have a professional LinkedIn business page.
  • Find your target audience.
  • Create consistent quality content.
  • Articles can be published on LinkedIn, Medium, and/or your website.
  • Create lead magnets such as ebooks.
  • Make a landing page to promote a lead magnet.
  • CTAs are a way to get your readers to sign up to your email list.

You’re done!

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