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TikTok marketing is booming. The TikTok business is booming. This is the perfect time to get started using it. This application does so much more.

Vine is a popular mobile app that allows users to create 6-second looping videos from their phones. It’s almost the same format as Vine.

TikTok is different because Vine has died. TikTok isn’t.

TikTok allows users to express themselves creatively through video content. Brands can now use TikTok Marketing to market their products and services online.

TikTok may look similar to other social media platforms but it’s completely different from anything you’ve seen before. Are your business on TikTok?

This article will explain the benefits of TikTok Business, and how to use it to increase online visibility and get more customers. 

TikTok’s breakdown 

TikTok Business: What TikTok Business is Different from Other Social Media Marketing Platforms 

TikTok marketing: Why businesses should invest 

TikTok – How to Start a Business

Find out how TikTok Social can help you market and showcase a new side of your business.

TikTok can be used by nearly everyone today. TikTok has more than 800,000,000 active users worldwide and more than 1,000,000 videos are being viewed every day.

Despite TikTok’s rapid growth, some people still don’t know what TikTok means. 

The video-sharing app TikTok was launched in 2018. It allows users to share, discover and create user-generated videos. It’s well-known for its lip-sync videos and act-out memes. These sound clips can be reproduced endlessly among its users.

The app’s popularity is due to the many filters, songs, and templates that can be applied to videos. Users can respond to posts by other users and take part in trend discussions.

Besides sharing 15-60 second videos, TikTok allows people and groups to voice their opinions and raise awareness about issues such as gender equality, environmental protection, and women’s rights. 

TikTok has been recently launched to allow brands to communicate with a broad audience through actions, feelings, and sounds. 

What is TikTok’s Business Advantage Compared to Other Social Media Marketing Platforms

TikTok for Business, a social media platform for digital marketers, is unique. It provides a central hub for TikTok’s marketing solutions. These include case studies, TikTok advertising tips, and access to numerous TikTok ads designed to help marketers navigate the new platform.

TikTok for Business provides additional resources that can be used by users to improve their experience with participating brands.

* Branded Scan

TikTok users now can experience augmented reality together with participating businesses. 

* eLearning Hub

This platform provides TikTok advertisers with TikTok advertising guidelines. It includes product resources and creative best practices to launch TikTok ads campaigns.

* Creator Marketplace

It was released in a limited edition in 2019. It is currently in development and testing.

TikTok invests in new resources to help brands increase their online presence. TikTok marketing campaigns are increasingly popular with more companies.

TikTok: Should your business be on it?

TikTok’s popularity has grown steadily since its inception. TikTok Business allows companies to showcase their brand offerings to today’s generation, tap into social media trends, and increase brand interaction.

TikTok advertising may not be for everyone. Conduct audience analysis and talk to a TikTok agency. These will help you make the right decision.

Now is the time to start planning how you will build your TikTok company.

UPDATE (Sept. 18, 2019):

WeChat was banned in the United States on Sept. 20. TikTok usage in the United States is also prohibited by November 12.

These apps are owned by Tencent in China and ByteDance, in China. President Donald Trump ordered the removal of these apps from the iOS App Store.

Wilbur Ros, Commerce Secretary, said that the ban was a sign of President Trump’s commitment towards national security and protecting American citizens against the threats posed Chinese Communist Party.

Trump has attempted to subvert China’s influence since the beginning of his presidency. China-backed hackers were also responsible for major data breaches in U.S. federal database systems as well as the Equifax breach. Similar restrictions were placed by the Chinese government on U.S.-based technology companies.

The Trump Administration has not provided any evidence to back its claims of a national security threat to China or data breaches by China. Some reports have suggested that Tencent and ByteDance could be forced to turn over the information. 

TikTok Advertising and Brand Promotion: The Significance

TikTok has been rapidly surpassing Facebook and Instagram and other social media methods, especially if you target a younger audience. 

TikTok currently ranks sixth in the social networks worldwide, surpassing Twitter and Reddit, and Snapchat. AppAnnie stated that TikTok was also the most downloaded app for 2020. 

TikTok has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity as a social media platform. Are marketers still skeptical that TikTok Business is the next big thing?

These are just some of the reasons you should invest in TikTok ads right away:

* TikTok is available in more than 150 countries, including the United States of America and India. 

This allows you to position your brand in front of participative customer segments. 

It is used daily by more than 400,000,000 active users in China. 

There are four TikTok advertising options available, depending on the purpose of your brand. 

* TikTok users want an immersive experience. 

* This allows you to grab the attention from your audience.

TikTok advertising presents many opportunities to increase brand recognition and encourage deeper brand interaction. 

TikTok Advertising: How to build a business

These steps will help you create a TikTok company and beat the competition.

1. Find out more about the Platform

TikTok is a platform that you should understand. Learn how to naturally interact with your followers.

TikTok is most popular among people between 16-24 years old. TikTok is primarily used by people aged 16-24. Therefore, it is important to ensure your TikTok ads strategy targets that segment.

2. Make a well-thought-out TikTok Marketing Strategy

Tear believes that brands need to invest in their TikTok marketing strategies if they want to succeed. 

* What niche or theme should I choose? 

* Where can I find someone to represent me? 

* Would you like to create a profile and grow a following? Do you prefer to work only with influencers and focus on TikTok ads or do you prefer to work exclusively with them?

These questions can help you plan your TikTok advertisement strategy.

3. Video Marketing Campaigns: Level up

Share engaging content on TikTok to increase your followers. Focus on creating viral content and posting during peak hours.     

Here are some tips:

* Identify your target audience 

* Create original content 

* Join the TikTok trend train 

* Challenge or create a new trend 

* Use the right hashtags 

Repost user-generated content (UGC), from followers 

* Create a clever call to action

TikTok should be used to encourage audience engagement and explore new video formats.

4. Use TikTok Content to leverage cross-promotion

TikTok videos can easily be promoted across social networks to increase brand awareness. 

5. Partner with Influencers

This is an excellent way to get people to interact with your brand. Influencers from other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram have also transferred their huge followings to TikTok.

Working with influencers will position your brand in front of a targeted audience who is already interested in the content.

6. Run Paid Promotions

TikTok ads have much to do. TikTok ads let you target specific demographics and geographic locations. This allows you to convert more impressions into customers.

These TikTok ads can be viewed here:

Brand Takeover — Full-screen image, video, or GIF displayed whenever the TikTok App is opened 

* Hashtag Challenge – Sponsored hashtags to encourage audience participation 

* Infeed video — Vertical 9-15 second ads that appear on the “For You” page 

* Branded Lenses – 2D and 3-D lenses that users can try

7. Make engaging, fun content

Understanding your audience is the key to creating successful TikTok ads. View TikTok inspirations videos on the “Discover” page.

Here are some additional tips to launch TikTok ads

* Hold giveaways 

* Create an #Hashtag Challenge 

Showcase the fun and creative side of your brand 

Use relevant music 

* Create a vertical video 

Respond to brand challenges 

Do not sell your product.

8. Get to know other users

TikTok marketing relies on user participation. You can reply to your followers using the comments section. Let them know you value their interaction. TikTok content should encourage audience participation.

9. Monitor your Ad Placements and Budget

You should be careful where your ads are placed and which targeting you choose. TikTok allows you to customize your ad details such as display name, display title, and relevant URL. You can upload images and categories.

You can target your audience based on their location and interests. 

10. Hiring an innovative TikTok Marketing Agency

TikTok advertising is overwhelming. It’s easy to get lost in the complexities of social media marketing. 

Trustworthy social media companies can launch a successful TikTok Campaign. The best TikTok Marketing Agency will be able to help you monitor the progress of your campaign and understand the nuances of TikTok for Businesses.

Are You Ready to Take Your TikTok Advertising Campaign to the Next Level?

Kobe Digital will help you create a solid TikTok Marketing Plan. 

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