How To Easily Convince People to Buy Your Products


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Are you looking for a boost in marketing? You can convince people to purchase your products with our help.

“Marketers must build digital relationships before closing a sale. ” — Chris Brogan, President, Chris Brogan Media.

Customers won’t purchase products based on their appearance, but how knowledgeable and skilled you are in marketing your brand.

Marketing is more than just saying “This site is mine.” This is my product. Here are the features. It’s available for purchase.

Who is your customer? Why should they choose you over millions of digital marketers around the globe? (It has been estimated that there are 12-24 million ecommerce sites worldwide.

Many small-business owners leap into digital marketing, without knowing how to convince customers to buy their products.

Starting a business and selling products takes more than having a product to sell.

Prospects need to be able to convince others to buy your product.

  • Locate your website
  • A positive first impression is important for your site.
  • Find relevant content quickly
  • We can be trusted
  • People will buy your product if they feel it is valuable.

How do you convince customers to buy your products? What are the secrets to attracting customers?

This article will explain 7 ways to make customers buy your product online. Let’s begin with the marketing strategies that drive people to buy.

7 ways you can get people to purchase your products

While the steps that I describe at the beginning of this article are simple and easy to follow, each step is made up of sub-steps.

You must provide a seamless customer experience to help your prospects “discover the relevant content easily.”

Clear website navigation, quality content and internal links are essential to providing a great customer experience.

You should consider them to understand the sales funnel, sales pyramid, and increase your digital marketing sales.

How do you make a sales funnel?

You want to get potential customers to purchase from you again, and to continue doing business with you. 

1. Increase your website’s traffic

Getting traffic to your website is the first step towards putting your product/service before a targeted audience . Customer acquisition is the second step.

There are three ways you can get visitors to your website:

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the best source of consistent traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization revolves around the following two key factors: Keyword optimization and backlinks.

SEO will not give you immediate results. Once you have the results, you’ll be able convert as much traffic.

Content marketing is the best SEO strategy. This is how you promote content related to your niche and slowly gain customers.

Social Media Traffic

You can get likes, shares and engagement from social media traffic.

Use social media to promote your content and increase traffic to your website.

Higher SEO = More backlinks, engagement

Add share buttons on your web pages to allow people to share your content.

Paid traffic

Paid traffic differs from organic and social media traffic. A budget is essential.

Google ads and Facebook are not good for small businesses.

Paid traffic can help you reach your audience. There is always the possibility of larger businesses having greater advertising budgets than smaller ones.

You may believe that they are possible to work for you. However, you need to be familiar with Google Search Words and Facebook ads before you start creating your ad campaigns.

2. Make an excellent first impression and encourage others to explore more content.

Making strong emotional connections with customers is the second step to convincing them to buy your product.

You have successfully drove traffic to your site and attracted people’s attention. What next?

It doesn’t matter which website prospects visit, it’s important to keep them engaged and connected with your brand. 

Your blog should contain

  • It’s easy to understand and learn 
  • Well-formatted, no typos or misspellings
  • Your visitors will find the content of your website useful and relevant
  • Supported by in-text hyperlinks that allow them to view the related posts

Your homepage and about page should be

  • Clear navigation and structure
  • Add FAQ and social proof (case studies, testimonials, etc.). 
  • Use strong calls-to-action to convince prospects to take action ( CTA ).

3. Build trust between your brand’s customers

Driving visitors to your website is one thing. But building trust with customers and keeping them coming back is another.

Customers will trust you if they are open to helping them with their problems. This will build their loyalty and earn their trust. 

This can be achieved by offering excellent customer service.

This can be leveraged for potential customers who aren’t certain if they want your product.

Social proof

A strong tool to convert leads into customers is social proof. It features real buyers’ words and can help convince customers to buy your product. 


Testimonials are a great way to build customer trust. You can either place them all over the site, or make a page just for testimonials.

4. Products are more than features.

What can you do to convince customers to buy your product? Get in the shoes your customers.

When we decide whether to buy something, the first thing that comes to mind is

  • What does this product do?
  • Understanding why you need it is crucial.

Learn the difference between a benefit and a feature. 

1GB storage 1000 tracks are included in your wallet

It is important to highlight the benefits and not the features in order to encourage people to buy.

It’s easy to grasp: Benefits give your life meaning and make you feel connected.

5. Email marketing keeps customers engaged

Email marketing remains the most effective digital marketing strategy. 

Email marketing can be a great way for customers to stay interested in your business.

Add prospects to your email list and you can ensure that they remember you. Engage them until they purchase your product. 

These strategies are suitable for email marketing

  • Pique curiosity
  • Offer social proof
  • Tell customers about your product/service

How can you get customers to sign-up for your email list?

Subscription popups are a great way to convert website visitors into email leads.

Targeting your audience based on language, traffic source, and exit intent can be done.

You can also get a free plan.

6. Make your offer to persuade customers to purchase

Now you should have a list of people who are interested in purchasing your product. Your offer must be relevant to the audience.

How can you convince people to buy your product?

Give a pitch to sales:

  • Explains your unique value proposition
  • Highlight the advantages of using features more than what they are
  • Users are urged to take action and purchase
  • This is what leads will remember if they don’t buy your product

After you have an idea of what your sales pitch should be, present it on your landing pages or in your email newsletters

7. Customers can buy your products if you use urgency.

Sometimes customers just need a gentle push to purchase. 

It is not possible to always convince a customer to buy. It seems like it takes forever.

The urgency approach is one of the most effective sales strategies for difficult prospects.

There are many ways to push your business. 

It is important to increase urgency by creating a sense of scarcity. For example, you can emphasize limited stock or offer a discount for the first 5-20 people or 50 people.

Attract your prospects’ immediate needs for satisfaction. Use strong sales messages to show how your product can solve their problems immediately.

The Key Takeaways

Now you have all the information that you need to convince customers to buy your products. Take a look at these steps to get started with your digital marketing.

  • Increase your site’s traffic
  • Keep your traffic engaged
  • Promote your product to them
  • Keep customers engaged and offer support
  • Always put your customers first.

That’s all! I hope this post was useful.

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