How Site Search Will Increase Woocommerce Sales


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It is important to treat your customers well and increase your profits. Repeat business can account for up to half an online shop’s order, and brand loyalty helps a store survive in slower times.

There are many ways to build trust and rapport with your clients. Giving your clients a great website search experience is one way to build trust. Shoppers are busy. Make it easy for them to find the products they want by letting them go directly to the product. Recurring customers will be able to navigate your site faster and more efficiently by being able skip categories and menus. This increases their likelihood of buying.

WordPress has a simple search box that is great for basic websites. If you are serious about eCommerce, however, you will need something more powerful. Something that can return lightning fast results, is customizable and filterable, and is relevant. Jetpack Search is the solution.

Customers want what they need fast

Jetpack Search works fast, regardless of the size or location of your shop. Jetpack Search is fast and accurate, even more important.

It indexes all your product libraries in real-time, so changes and new products are immediately picked up and included within search results. All indexing information is kept off-site so that your shop doesn’t have to store extra space or increase its processing power.

Jetpack Search learns from your entries and adapts to them, resulting in more relevant search results. Jetpack Search can automatically correct, synonym match, and other features allow you to understand what your clients mean so that you can deliver what you want.

Filters allow for fine tune results

Jetpack Search can be used to filter search results dynamically if it doesn’t work out the first time. Shoppers can narrow down search results by price, category, tag, product type, and/or price using links in the sidebar. Don’t be alarmed about screen clutter. Filters are only shown if there are multiple items that meet the criteria.

Tip: To elevate filtering, can create custom filters that pick products based upon meta information or taxonomies. You can easily add filters to your product structure or details with just a few lines of code. It’ll work fast, accurately, and be fully scalable, just like before.

Promote bestsellers

Combine search and analytics to increase sales. Automatically boost top-selling products at the top of relevant searches results to make them more popular. While your newest products are given top billing, you can add to your bestsellers to make them appear at the top of search results. This will allow clients to see the most popular items.

You can also set up custom ordering for search results. You can display categories at the top of search results or remove them completely from searchability. Your most profitable items will be highlighted at the top search results. To increase the number of products for these keywords, you can use data from Google search results.

How can you decide which categories and products to feature? WooCommerce 4.0 now has a WooCommerce admin panel. This panel includes reports and details on where sales are coming in, who is buying what and which products are most often bought as a set. You can also download the WooCommerce Google Analytics extension if you require more information.

Customize search design

You can maintain your branding by using search results that match your site’s design or changing the layout of individual search results to show custom information.

You can take it one step further by including additional elements to your search pages. You might consider adding a sidebar that features a featured product, a message to let them know about a sale or your most recent blog post. This will encourage your customers to spend more time on the site, and make them loyal shoppers.

Customers will be satisfied if they get exactly what they want

Jetpack Search has powerful features that can be customized. You can control almost every aspect of search with code snippets. If you are looking for serious performance, all you need is a few code snippets.

Jetpack search is a search engine that makes it easy for customers to quickly find what they are looking for.

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