Effective Ways To Use Reels For Student Recruitment


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All businesses can benefit from social media. Social media is a valuable tool for all businesses.

Short-form content is getting a lot of attention lately. Young people are especially attentive to Reels on both TikTok and Instagram.

What are Reels?

Before we dive into the advice, it’s important to remember that Reels can be short, funny, and creative. Share your Reels with your friends

While Instagram offers short-form content, TikTok is a great social media platform that allows you to upload videos and music and share them with the world. 

Access your Instagram account via the Instagram camera. Play with the creative editing tools Instagram has for all users. 

Reels can be used for student recruitment

1. Behind-the-Scenes Clips

Open houses are a great way for potential students to view the college in a professional state. Students want to see everyday life at colleges and schools.

Prospective students should record short behind-the-scenes videos. This is a better option than a long, polished video.

Showcase the college’s unique characteristics, create engaging content for students, and perform a dramatic performance.

2. Talk to a Global Audience

Students can be recruited from all corners of the world by making your content accessible to everyone.

You may also be able to participate in global trends.

3. Utilize existing students

It will surprise you to see how many students are creative and innovative on campus. It allows them to make connections with current students, which is a benefit when they are still choosing between colleges. This is a reflection of where they might be if they make a good choice.

With the right students, you’ll have a lot of fun creating college content. Both students and college benefit. Potential students will also find inspiration in these individuals and can add value to their resumes.

Prospective students can get bored by being talked to and compared to other people while choosing colleges. Show them why you chose that campus.

4. Don’t tell, Show

Marketing is all about telling stories. Marketing is all about storytelling.

It is a common practice to create a viewbook that contains all of the information. This would include information about the history, courses available, facilities, and other relevant information. You could present the same information in short videos or series, drawing the attention of young people.

Reels help young people connect these two areas. 

5. Get started early

Students can now research colleges online before they even start their research. Reels will help you get their attention. They might be surprised at how well they remember you.

6. Display the location

College allows students to travel and explore the world. Showcase the new home where they will live. 

Many students will be able to appreciate the beauty and ambiance of the surrounding environment. Reels can be a great way to help students.

7. Humor can be a great way to use humor 

We don’t suggest that you lose professionalism, respect, or humor. You could show students doing TikTok-style or professors enjoying science experiments. 

Students are constantly being told how important they are. Show that you are a light-hearted college and encourage students to have fun.

8. Make engaging posts

Colleges are using engaging content to their advantage. Add another video to highlight one of the many advantages of choosing your university.

9. Post regularly

It is a waste of time to post every day. This strategy will not work, even if it was very productive. 

Regular posting shows that you are trustworthy and people will expect your content. Regular posting is the only way to achieve this.


These nine tips will show you how Reels can help with student recruitment in education.

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