How Google Image Ads Work


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Google ads offer many options. These include banner ads and paid searches. These formats can all be used to generate leads and drive conversions.

These ads are able to grab people’s attention in a way that other ads cannot. If used correctly, these ads can grab users’ attention in ways that other ads cannot.

  • What is Google image advertising and how do they look?                       
  • Google image ads can be useful for what?
  • How can I create Google image ads

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What is Google image advertising and how do they look?

Google Image Ads are ads that can be run through Google Ads with images.

There are many types of image ads

Google Ads comprises two networks: the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network. This network includes all ads appearing in Google search results. The Display Network includes ads that can be displayed on other websites, such as banner ads. Image ads are also available on both networks. However, they are more prominent in the Display Network.

There’s four types of Google display ads:

  • Responsive Display Advertisements: At the moment responsive display ads are the default type of ad on Display Network. Each can contain up to five headlines and descriptions as well as logos and logos. To maximize placement of the image, they are rotated.
  • Responsive display advertisements: These are precursors to responsive display advertising. Responsive display ads allow ads to adjust in size and shape to fit any format.
  • Uploaded display ads: These ads are created entirely from scratch and do not require Google Ads. They can be customized to your requirements and uploaded to Google Ads.
  • Lightbox ads – Lightbox ads come in the form cards you can click to expand. These ads are responsive and display images and videos prominently.

These display ads can be used to promote your business as image ads.

Formats to display image ads

Google image ads feature images. They can appear in any format, however.

  • Image ads are often used with banner ads. These banner ads are often found in the margins of third-party websites. However, they are typically boxes at the bottom or side of a page.
  • Google Shopping Ads: While text ads are most popular, some search engines display image ads Google Shopping Ads which display product prices and star ratings.
  • Google image search ads Some image searches display sponsored image ads along with the organic results. This is the same as regular searches.
  • Gmail ads Gmail advertising appears at the top tab in your Gmail inbox’s “Promotions” section. These advertisements are often in the form of image ads. However, the image will be displayed once you click the link to expand the email.

Google Ads lets you create image ads. These formats include banner ads and Google Image Search Ads.

Google image ads can be useful for what?

While it may not make a significant difference in an advertisement, it can still have important results. Images can be extremely useful in marketing.

Imagine looking at an advertisement for an Italian restaurant in your local area. It was text-based. But, imagine that this same advertisement has an image of the restaurant’s signature dish. The noodles are steamed and the sauce is creamy.

This will make it more efficient. Visual references will be more effective that plain text and help users engage with your product more quickly.

How can I create Google image ads

Now you understand what Google image ads do and why they are so useful, you can now ask how to make them. 

You can add text or an image to regular ads you already have created

  1. Navigate to Google Ads. Click on “Manage” and select the ads you want to modify. You should choose an ad format that supports images.
  2. To edit an ad click on it, then click the button to enter editing mode
  3. To add a picture, click on the “add icon” button to the right.
  4. You will see two options in the resulting window. There are two options: you can either choose from images in Google’s library, or click on “+Add” and upload your image.
  5. Select your image and click “Post”.

That’s it! How to convert text ads into images

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