How Rebranding Helps Your Business Grow?


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The Question of the Day: Is it time to rebrand your business?

It’s hard to believe, but I just launched the brand that I have been building since 2010. 

BIG Brand System was discontinued. 

In the middle of all the dust and debris, there is only one person. He/she is fearful and wary.

It’s me.

I have a new brand name, “PamelaWilson.com”.

After so many years as a business brand, why would I want to change to a personal brand?

When is it time to make a brand shift?

Let’s look at 3 red flags you need to be aware of when branding your business.

1. Your company attracts the wrong people

Businesses change over time.

Your audience might change, your offers may change, and so should your brand. 

TIP – It’s time for a shift if your brand doesn’t communicate what it is doing right now.

This is why I changed the name of my business. It was named BIG Brand System, and I used the tagline: Your business may be small but your brand can be big.

I now help people to build profitable online businesses.

Branding is just one part of the many things we do together.

Since the beginning of my business, three books have been published, a dozen courses created, and I’ve been a keynote speaker. Online, I have taught thousands of entrepreneurs.

What’s the common thread? My business. I decided to rebrand it under my name.

If your brand doesn’t express what YOUR business does, start fresh. 

2. Your brand is out of date      

Brands do not have an expiration date

It may have been a while since you last looked at the brand.

Maybe you don’t need a complete redesign. Perhaps your company needs a new tagline that reflects the current offerings it has. After you’ve learned about digital products, this could be possible.

TIP – If you haven’t looked at your brand for a while ask your friends or colleagues to look at it and tell you their thoughts.

You should say exactly what you want.

A brand that communicates completely different messages is a red flag.

3. You have grown your business beyond the original brand

Are you unable to host guests when your home is messy?

This is true for messy brands as well. It doesn’t reflect well upon you or your work, so it’s best not to share it.

Be bold in your brand and business blogging. Share it with others.

TIP – Do a quick gut check. Feel good about sharing your brand.

How to rebrand your company.

Enhance your brand personality to attract the perfect customer

Does your brand personality change?

Let’s find out! Discover your brand personality in just five seconds.

Now that you have an idea of how you want your brand to look, it’s time to identify your ideal customer.

Did you ever start out serving one kind of customer and then become interested in another type?

Your ideal customer might be more financially savvy or have more interesting problems.

It doesn’t matter why they are different. It is worth taking the time to understand them.

I will guide you step-by-step through how to identify your ideal client using my Ideal Customers Profile.

It’s now possible to create a new visual and verbal brand

My website was originally all about branding. You have so many great links!

They are all organized under the Create an Online Brand section on my website.

I have a tip: The most important thing is your verbal brand. Give priority to the words and not the visuals.

After you’ve identified your goals, you can choose the colors, fonts, and imagery that best communicate them.

How do you update brand mentions on your website?

Google Search became a fast friend to my team and me:

site: yourcurrentdomain.com “Your Current Brand”

This search returns all pages and posts that currently mention your brand name.

This is where the hardest part of rebranding your business lies.

You or someone from your company must review this content. Every time it is changed, you need to submit a page to Google Search Console.

Once this phase is complete, it’s time to inform your email subscribers.

How to introduce your company to your email list without compromising deliverability

I was scared to change my ConvertKit domain. I am happy with my deliverability numbers and don’t want them to go away.

I consulted the support team and followed their action plans in the letter.

I was suggested to send 2-3 emails to my subscribers informing them that they will be receiving emails from another domain.

Next, send only the 2/3rd or 3rd emails from the new domain. This is for subscribers who have opened previous 2/3 emails.

Please ask your subscribers:

  • Move my message to their Inbox folder if they use Gmail
  • Add my email address to their contact list
  • Leave a message for me to respond and let me know.

I was overwhelmed by the response from my subscribers. Within days, hundreds of emails were sent to me. My deliverability has been excellent.

Rebranding your business is difficult.

Sometimes it can be hard to let go of a brand you don’t like. 

It was possible to step back from my online presence and evaluate what was working well and what could be improved.

I hope your rebranding will have the same effect on you!

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