How Display Advertising Works: Master Guide


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Display advertising is a form of paid advertising that is the most popular type of online marketing. Display ads can be used to promote your brand visually. These ads can be found on apps, websites, and social media platforms.

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Display ads can come in many formats.

  • Banners
  • Images
  • Buttons
  • Videos
  • Rich media

In order to start using display marketing, you’ll need to use an advertising network to reach customers.

You can ask the display network to determine which demographics you want to target with your ads. Users who match your criteria click on your advertisement and visit your site. If they are interested in becoming a paying customer,

This completes the display advertising process.

Although the basic information can be useful, it is essential to fully understand how display advertising works. 

What’s display advertising?

View our video to learn more about display advertising.

Display media can be used to advertise online. This includes text, image, video, audio and motion ads. These ads can be displayed on websites or apps and reach users across the globe.

There’s 5 types of display ads

Display advertising can be described in a variety of ways.

  1. Static
  2. Animated
  3. Interactive
  4. Video
  5. Expanding

These display advertisements can be used for display advertising

Next we will discuss the major display advertising channels that are available to advertisers.

1. Google Display Network

The Google Display Network is most well-known. Google makes about 97.7% of its revenue from serving ads, so you can be sure that they have improved the display advertising process to make them more profitable.

This video shows you how to make the Google Display Network work for your company.

2. Facebook Audience Network 

Google is the largest competitor in display ads. Facebook Audience Network has many options and tools that can be used for creating the best display ads. 

3. Twitter Audience Platform

A second option is the Twitter Users Audience Platform. Twitter’s advertising platform is intended to promote your ads on the Internet, including mobile apps.

These networks are responsible for most online display advertising. You can have your ads displayed on any website or app that is opted into their network.

You have the potential to reach millions or hundreds of potential customers by using one or more of these networks.

Display advertising networks are built to deliver results.

These networks are used by millions of people to grow their businesses.

How to create must-click display ads for display advertising

If you’re ready, these steps will get you started.

1. Use best practices to create landing pages

The design of your display ads is as important as your landing page.

After clicking on your ad, users “land” at the landing page. It is the place where users “land” after clicking your ad.

These best practices will assist you in creating a landing page that’s top-notch for display ads.

  • Design a responsive page that’s mobile-friendly and responsive 
  • Aim for a simple, no-fuss design
  • Use for your company branding
  • You can add trust signals like company awards, certifications, and testimonials to your portfolio.
  • Make sure your CTA is noticed

These best practices can help you create landing pages that appeal to your target audience

2. Simple, but powerful ads should be designed

Display ads should look as engaging and simple as your landing pages.

It is not easy to create an unusual, unique ad. People may be confused about what you sell. A simple design, compelling offer or customized one can help you reach your audience.

Don’t overload people with too many details.

Too much information in display ads will make people leave. People will go back to the things they did before, like reading an article or using a mobile application.

3. Communicate clearly and make a compelling offer

Next you must create a clear message and attract your audience.

It is important that people can see the contents of display ads. A holiday sale might be advertised by an ecommerce store.

Display ads can be used to remarket. Display ads can be used to remarket.

Think of a range of messages and offers before you make a decision on the message and offer.

4. Programmatic advertising

Programmatic Advertising is a great strategy for displaying ads.

Programmatic advertising is an extremely valuable tool. It uses people’s personal information such as their demographics and interests to deliver relevant ads. 

Other factors like the weather can also affect whether your ad appears. Companies that depend on weather such as a ski slope or amusement park, for example,

Programmatic advertising is a great way for companies to maximize their advertising budget. People with a history of interest in your industry and products are given a greater share of your ad budget.

You can either programmatically advertise in-house or use programmatic advertising services.

How do you measure the performance display ads

Tracking the results of every marketing and advertising strategy you invest in is essential. 

There are three metrics you need to consider when evaluating the performance of your display ads:

1. Impressions

Impressions is a way to determine the number of people who saw your ad. You can use this metric to gauge your audience size and Click Through Rate (CTR). You might be able to expand your audience in certain cases to increase your impressions.

2. Click through rate

Marketers pay most attention to click through rates in display advertising.

3. Conversions

Conversions are another digital indicator you should monitor.

3 tips to help you get started with your display advertising campaign

These are the guidelines to follow before you launch your campaign 

1. Have a look at all the demographic data

You need to determine if your audience can be reached through a display network.

It is possible to not find the right audience for your niche products or services if you are very niche marketer

It’s important to verify the source of data for a specific display network. If it is based upon strategic offline gathering and tracking pixels, it’s likely to be reliable.

If you don’t find it, you might try searching elsewhere.

2. Use multiple marketing strategies

Although display marketing is effective, it is not as efficient as multi-channel marketing.

In order to achieve the best display marketing results, you should also maintain your search engine SEO (SEO), advertising and pay per click (PPC) accounts.

This will help increase your brand’s online presence and allow you to reach millions more customers than you could otherwise with only advertising.

3. Set a clear, quantifiable goal

It is crucial to set goals when you start a marketing campaign. This is especially important for display marketing.

Display advertising goes beyond just getting more conversions.

Instead, you can set a goal like “increasing product sales by 10%” or “increasing weekend revenue by 5 percent.” “

These are concrete goals that provide progressions to help you reach your goals.

They can also be quantifiable more than “increase conversions”. “

Eye-opening display advertising stats

Let’s begin by taking a look at the statistics behind display advertisements.

First, display ads worldwide have a 0.07 click-through rate. This means that only seven people will click your ad for every 10,000 viewers. 

These odds aren’t very high and can turn off many marketers.

Display advertising is very affordable. Display advertising is affordable.

It is second because it’s becoming more popular. Display advertising , which is used by companies in the United States to advertise their products and services, is an increasingly popular form of advertising.

Third, Ad Blocker Technology accounts for almost $20.3 billion in lost advertising revenues by U.S. companies.

Despite increasing popularity of ad blocking companies have seen an return on investment (ROI) up to 486% for a single display ad campaign.

These statistics show that display ads are not designed to bring millions of people to your website every day.

They’re focusing on qualified leads that can be converted to paying customers.

This small percentage of customers is what pays you back and will give you the extraordinary ROI you need in order to grow your business. Understanding the meaning of display advertising is crucial.

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