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Marketing is all about telling a compelling story. It must be easy to understand and engaging. It includes all of the features that you will need to create your website: contact form, Google Analytics, blog, site search, and Google analytics.

Lead Simple

Lead Easy is an easy-to-use, low-risk lead generation platform.

Users can subscribe to earn credits based on the leads they generate.

Refer friends to the program and you will receive rewards

Lead Simple Pricing

BASIC – 65 $/month

A system for teams that want to streamline their sales process.

1 User Included ($20/Additional)

1 Pipeline Included ($20/Additional)

5C/ / Call minute (200 minutes included)

2 email accounts ($2 + an additional)

Includes –

Automated Lead Import

Unlimited Lead Sources

Basic Lead Notifications

Tracking of calls and emails

Stages and Workflows

Email templates

Reporting Suite

Access to the library

GROWTH – 99$/month

Companies who wish to increase their sales with more automation.

2 Users Included ($30/Addl)

1 Pipeline Included ($30/Addl)

$4 per month per number

5C/ / Call minute (250 minutes included)


Includes Basic PLUS

Instant Notifications

Email Automation

Sales Forecast

Text messaging

Inbound Call Tracking


Tracking Sites and Forms

Source Routing

Custom Fields

Saved Views/Dashboards

User roles

MailChimp Integration

Zapier Integration



Companies who wish to systematize their entire business: operations, sales.

Unlimited users

Unlimited Pipelines

Unlimitless Process Types

$4 per month per number

5C/ / Call minute (500 minutes included)


Includes Basic & Growth

Property Management Software Integration

Conditional Logic

Dynamic Due Dates

Important Steps

Contact Roles

Processes Dashboard

Email Inboxes for Shared Use

Steps to trigger the process

Bulk Trigger Processes


This lead is very basic. This is the first lead I created. It contains all the information necessary to sell a product online. If the leads you have on your website do not contain these important details, I recommend that you check out Lead Generation 101.

Many websites are designed to assist people in their business by giving them resources that will allow them to quickly generate passive income.

It seems that we are only beginning to see an increase in traffic from websites aimed at helping businesses expand their reach on the internet and generate more leads.

This is great news because it means that you can provide a valuable service and help spread the word about your company’s excellence over time. You can provide all of their work together in one place.

This will allow you to proofread your documents before uploading them to what can otherwise be a waste of time if they are not correct in grammar or spelling.

Organize your business. Customers will become fans.

All of this will come about if you do the right thing.

All of those leads and customers can be turned into sales and even profitable ones.

You’ll know where to look for your next business opportunities, who is likely to generate them, and how to identify them early in their development so you can stop wasting time on low-probability/high-cost customers.

Your lead generation systems have never been more efficient without losing focus or any ROI metrics ( ROA).

Customer relationship management is now more advanced than ever, especially when it comes to engaging prospects and making direct sales.

Social media platforms are flexible enough to allow for new ways of doing business, which may not exist yet, but will soon.

Follow up immediately with Lead Simple

You can’t give up on a lead once you have confirmed it.

Set goals: Bid, bid! This is something I will discuss in another post. But, make sure you get to the end of your funnel. They will need to present all options to their agent if they are interested in purchasing land or building a home.

Make sure that you provide information that will help them find the right buyer for this property.

Anyone who doesn’t use Open Loop Follow-up email software, including mass-mailing leads for leads that don’t fit your campaign, is outworked.

To filter out people not interested in buying land or a home, use the F.A.Q line. Then start to direct them in that direction until closing. Depending on your money management system, you can also try these settings if you’re selling conveyancing:

Follow up with your leads (which I’ll discuss in a separate post).

Before you go to land or your home, take a look at the following.


It’s a big question to decide if you should live simple or complex lives. I’d love your opinions.

Well! This is it! We’ll see you again with a new topic!

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