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Rocket Lawyer has over 25 million users and is one of today’s most trusted online legal services. It prides itself in connecting clients with all types of legal assistance, including business formation, registered agent services, and generator legal aid. You can also access real-world, highly skilled attorneys to provide accurate legal guidance. Rocket Lawyer is available for prompt and reliable legal assistance, whether you are looking to get married or purchase the property.

Rocket Lawyer offers individuals and businesses many ways to quickly create legal documents and receive legal advice. Rocket Lawyer gives you quick access to lawyers and their advice via phone, email, chat, or, if necessary, with an actual lawyer to discuss your matter.

Rocket Lawyer is ranked #1 in our rankings of the best online legal services. It offers both personal and corporate legal assistance, as well as a wide range of resources to each client. We believe it will be an excellent choice for most people.

Rocket Lawyer is not the only option. We compiled this list based on our experience with online legal marketing services in Miami as well as market research. 

Rocket Lawyer: The Good and The Bad

The Good

  • Rocket Lawyer is easy to use, even for people who don’t know much about the law. The system generates legal documents automatically by selecting the form you want to create and answering a series of questions. An attorney will then review your documents and make any necessary changes. Signing completed documents is easy and fast. You can download them as either a PDF or editable Word document. All online legal documents can be downloaded immediately. You can also edit and e-sign documents online without having to wait for them to arrive in the post.
  • Fast Online Legal Service. While many online legal services allow you to speak with a lawyer by phone, only a few such as Rocket Lawyer offer online Q&A. Rocket Lawyer on-call attorneys allow you to ask any legal question online. These lawyers offer reliable and accurate legal advice. They come from many specialties including contracts and intellectual property. These attorneys can provide prompt legal assistance to busy entrepreneurs and to business owners who don’t have the time or desire to speak with a lawyer.
  • Rocket Lawyer’s intuitive form maker makes it easy to create legal documents and contracts. The user must answer questions about their business. Once they have answered, pop-up boxes appear that explain the law in their state. This will ensure that your form is compliant with state law and can be used in court.
  • Document Defense: The Document Defense feature works with the intuitive form builder. Rocket Lawyer allows you to immediately get legal help if the other party isn’t following the contract terms. A lawyer will write a demand letter for you, informing the other party of the terms.
  • Rocket Lawyer offers a free trial for the first seven days. This gives you time to explore the features and decide if they are right for you. This time can be used to speak to several attorneys and to find the right fit for your company. Remember that seven days is not much when it comes to legal and business matters, so you need to act quickly.
  • Accessible Customer Support Hours: It can be difficult to get customer service if you are located in another time zone than Eastern. Rocket Lawyer’s customer service will make this easy. You can call them from 9 AM Eastern to 9 PM Pacific if you are located on the Pacific coast. The customer service representatives are efficient and will take the initiative to resolve any issues. You don’t need to worry about long hold times. You will only have to wait 10 minutes, which is significantly shorter than the 40-45 waiting times for other online legal services.
  • Rocket Lawyer App: While Rocket Lawyer’s website was optimized for mobile devices it is worth noting that the app is free for iPhone and Android users. It is quick and easy to download on your phone. You can create documents outside of the office, and ask for legal advice. The app allows clients to access their documents from anywhere they are.

The Bad

  • Rocket Lawyer offers cheaper services than its competitors. Rocket Lawyer’s monthly subscription of $39.99 is more than LegalZoom’s $31.25 despite offering similar services within their packages. Rocket Lawyer’s basic LLC file services are $99 which is considerably more than other online legal services such as LegalZoom or Incfile. Many people are happy with the higher price, especially considering the quality and speed of the service.
  • Rocket Lawyer requires credit card information during signup. Although Rocket Lawyer offers a free seven-day trial, you will need to provide your credit card details to access your documents. If you don’t cancel your trial, you will be charged $39.99. Rocket Lawyer can prove to be an expensive option for those who aren’t sure if they want to use their credit card.
  • Rocket Lawyer does not offer basic LLC packages, which is difficult to isolate. Although it does include LLC filing services (see below), the packages also include legal documents and other items that are not necessary or specific to LLC filing. RocketLawyer might be able to provide you with basic LLC filing.

Rocket Lawyer Pricing Options

Rocket Lawyer offers plans and services that are completely different from those offered by competitors. You have the option to either subscribe for a premium $39.99 monthly subscription, or you can pay separately for services.

Here are the benefits of becoming a premium member

  • Legal Documents (creating and signing, sharing, downloading, and distributing documents) — No Charge
  • Attorney Services

Document Defense(r), on documents from lawyers — Free

Ask a Lawyer your legal questions — Free

30-minute consultation for any new legal matter — free

  • For Businesses

Affordable incorporation filing — No cost for new members 25% discount thereafter (Excluding State fees).

Affordable Registered Agent Service — 25%

Let’s now look at the costs if you’re not a member:

  • Legal Documents: Create, Sign, Share, Download, and Download Documents — $39.99 Per Document
  • Services of an Attorney

Rocket Lawyer Document Defense (r) — $9.99 per document

Ask a Lawyer your legal questions — $49.99 per question

30-minute consultation on any new legal matter — $59.99 for consultation

  • For Businesses

Affordable incorporation filing — $99.99 (Excluding State fees)

Affordable Registered Agent Service — $149.99

Rocket Lawyer LLC Services

Rocket Lawyer is an affordable alternative to traditional lawyers that allows you to start your LLC without the need for an expensive lawyer.

Rocket Lawyer will handle all paperwork. Rocket Lawyer will file all documents for your company on your behalf. After the process is completed, you will receive hard copies by mail. Rocket Lawyer allows you to access the LLC documents from within your dashboard.

Rocket Lawyer’s LLC services also offer high levels of expertise.

Phone access is available to highly-skilled LLC specialists, who have worked with thousands of companies before. They can provide you with accurate and insightful legal advice that will solve your problems.

The LLC information service is $99.99 plus any state fees. Rocket Lawyer’s premium membership allows you to get the service for free. Rocket Lawyer can also be used to obtain your EIN, provided you pay $59.99.

Rocket Lawyer Incorporation Services

Rocket Lawyer’s incorporation services can be used in the same way as its LLC services. The service can be used to create an S Corp, C Corp, or non-profit company.

To get started, you only need to answer a few questions about your business. These questions may be slightly different than those for LLCs but they are still general information. Rocket lawyer also offers access to incorporation experts, which is useful if you have additional questions during the registration process.

Rocket Lawyer can help you organize the finances of your new corporation. Rocket Lawyer will assist you in incorporating the information.

Rocket Lawyer’s incorporation services cost $99 but you can get it free of charge if you sign-up for the premium membership. Rocket Lawyer can be used as a registered agent. We’ll talk more about this service later.

Rocket Lawyer can help you elect to be taxed in an S corporation if you wish. EIN services start at $59.99

Rocket Lawyer Registered Agent Services

Rocket Lawyer offers registered agent services in all 50 US states. This service is a great option if you already use them to create an LLC or Corporation.

The following services are included in the package:

  • Your personal information should be kept private
  • Contact person for legal and tax questions
  • Compliance
  • Acceptance and Notice for any Service of Process
  • Online access to legal notices
  • Notifications by email immediately

You will pay $149.99 annually, but you can get it for $111.99 with a Rocket Lawyer Premium Membership.

How Rocket Lawyer ranks

Rocket Lawyer is a trusted online legal service that we recommend highly. You can get reliable legal help by using Rocket Lawyer’s diverse business formation, document filing, and registered agent services. Although it is more expensive than other services such as LegalZoom or IncFile, the expertise it offers makes it worth the extra cost.

These are the top online legal services. We will go into more detail to help you choose the right fit for your company and budget.

  • Rocket Lawyer Best for Most
  • Incfile Best for Business Formation
  • LegalZoom is Best for flat fees, versatility
  • UpCounsel is the best for complex legal issues
  • Avvo is Best for legal advice
  • LegalMatch is the best way to find an attorney in your area


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This is a great option for those who require one-on-one expert legal advice or need legal documents written. Premium membership plans include a variety of services that can prove to be valuable for small and medium-sized businesses. Rocket Lawyer is distinguished by its outstanding customer service and a long list of features.

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