How Web 3.0 Has Changed Gaming Completely


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Since the inception of digital gaming, the internet has allowed for its growth. The advent of web 2.0 and web 1.0 has made gaming one of most lucrative businesses in the entertainment sector.

People are still fascinated by gaming and are eager to participate in any new developments. This is evident by the constant desire to buy the latest models of Xbox and PS. Online gaming has helped to accelerate the industry and established community-based online gaming.

Let’s first look at how audience psychology and technology have created the space for these games in the Web 3.0. This will help us understand the introduction of gaming into the Metaverse.

Gaming Today 

– Gaming in The Metaverse 

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Farmers World 


– Second Life

Gaming Today

We are now open to endless gaming possibilities, and can play friendly games with people all over the world.

Brands can now engage with their online communities through social media by creating interactive games via the apps. Many brands use Instagram filters to create games that their audience can participate in. This allows them to have a greater reach. Another example is PokemonGo, an AR [Augmented Reality]-based game that has become a big trend. Augmented Reality enabled mobile devices to create virtual pokemons. This created the experience of pokemon hunting in the real world.

Online gaming was booming during the pandemic. More people were visiting gaming websites and apps to keep in touch with loved ones. Gaming was a key component that brought close friends and family together.

Cadbury’s Easter Campaign was centered on a Virtual Egg Hunt in 2021. Users had to buy a Cadbury egg, and they could place it on the virtual map along with clues for their loved ones. These clues were used by the seeker to locate their egg. Cadbury delivered the egg to the hunter. It was a great way to connect people online and the enthusiasm of the audience for AR gaming was evident. Brands have now been able to explore AR in their campaigns after the success of this campaign.

Gaming in the Metaverse

What will the Metaverse look like for an industry that is always evolving with newer technologies? Gaming companies can create immersive gaming experiences using new and improved technologies through the Web 3.0.

Augmented Reality [AR], Virtual Reality[VR], Artificial Intelligence[AI], Blockchain, 5G and other technologies will allow gamers to experience a new type of digital gaming.

Users create their avatars in the Metaverse. These avatars represent them in the virtual worlds within the Metaverse. These avatars can also be used to experience gaming in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse Games

While the Metaverse is still in its infancy, there are many companies that have begun to develop immersive gaming experiences in this new digital world. Here are some examples:

1. Farmers World

This game allows you to experience the world as a farmer through virtual experiences. You can purchase land and use it to plant crops, raise livestock, or exchange harvest with other players. Even more fascinating is the fact that every commodity on your land is an NFT [Non Fungible Token].

Farmer’s World was released in 2021. It is a play-to-earn blockchain game that allows users to fully explore the life of a farmer as a virtual farmer.

2. Fortnite

Fortnite was developed by Epic Games. It is now one of the most popular virtual games.

The game allows players to team up to become the last survivor. This game is not new, but it’s exciting to see the digital transformation that the game will undergo to provide a rich gaming experience. Fortnite’s Metaverse has made it more than just a game. It also offers experiences for users through concerts hosted in virtual space. Fortnite has also seen the participation of celebrities like Marshmello and Travis Scott.

Fortnite was first released in 2017 and has since gained enormous popularity. Fortnite currently has more than 350 million players.

3. Second Life

Since its inception, this play to earn digital game offers users the chance to live in a Second World. You can create an avatar, interact with others, and live your life in the virtual world. As the Metaverse grows, this game has many potentials to draw more people. It focuses on living another life in the digitally-created world.

The Virtual Marketplace is a great feature that allows users to trade virtual items and real property with one another. These commodities can be bought with Linden Dollars.

Many people have used gaming for years as a way to relax and escape from their daily lives. We have always been drawn to new types of gaming, from board games to computer-based ones. We can only imagine the changes that the Metaverse will make to gaming in the age of Web 3.0.

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