Ecommerce Post Covid Expectations And Big Changes To Be Aware Of


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eCommerce has changed how we shop. It is no secret. Due to COVID restrictions, eCommerce sales saw a dramatic rise in 2020. This forced avid consumers to shop online rather than in-store.

The eCommerce industry is now more competitive than ever in 2021.

Brands are looking to build on the momentum that they achieved in 2020 and seek advice from an eCommerce agency to increase traffic, gain more traction, and ultimately increase sales. Here are the top emerging trends you should be paying attention to.

Alexa & Google: Personal Shoppers

Most people are familiar with smart assistants. These devices can control everything from the lights in your living room to the radio in your kitchen. People have become more dependent on their smart home assistants to manage most aspects of their daily lives, including their shopping habits.

Recent research showed that 20% of homes with smart speakers use it for shopping-related activities. This includes reordering favorite items, checking delivery times and reminding them to buy.

To stay ahead of your competitors, online stores must optimize keywords and content for voice searches. This includes long-tail keywords as well as considering what phrases people might use to search for products and services.

Personalization: The Power of Personalization

A personalized customer experience is a great way to build strong customer relationships and retain customers.

Personalization is an essential part of enhancing the customer experience. More than half of online shoppers agree ( Bazaarvoice 2018).

To help build a stronger connection between your target customers and your brand, you can use personalized emails, discount codes that are relevant to your recommendations, and video content to engage with them.

Thinking Green

Consumers today care deeply about buying from brands that care about sustainability.

Millennials demand higher standards from brands when it comes to carbon footprint management, whether that be vegan and cruelty-free skincare or free-range meat products.

To engage the eco-conscious customer, make sure your brand is aware of its impact on the environment. Your website and social media should promote your green business practices to demonstrate that you are meeting their expectations for what an eCommerce site should do in 2021 to protect the environment.

Shop Independently

Many small businesses were affected by the COVID lockdown. Some suffered irreparable losses and had to be shut down entirely. The modern consumer is driven to support independent brands and wants to buy from them.

Customers assume that shopping small or independently means they are supporting entrepreneurship and will purchase a unique product. Customers expect top-notch customer service when they shop directly with business owners.

This trend isn’t going away anytime soon. 37% of those who shop with independent businesses claim that they do it more often than before COVID-19.

AR Experience

Online shopping is becoming more convenient with the advancements in computer technology. Online shopping can be difficult for customers because they don’t have the ability to see the product in person. Augmented Reality technology allows brands to show customers a preview of the product and provide a richer shopping experience.

AR has been implemented by some brands, allowing customers to shop at their own pace. AR can help you stand out among your competitors and engage your customers.

Social Media Cannot Be Neglected

Social media is an important part of eCommerce. Platforms such as Shopify make it easier for brands to connect existing social media platforms, so customers can purchase directly from Facebook or Instagram.

Brands can reach their target audience through sites such as Instagram or Facebook. Customers check their social media and scroll through their feeds.

It’s crucial to optimize your social media strategy with the addition of Facebook shops and Instagram’s checkout feature.

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