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SEO campaigns still require link building. This simply refers to obtaining backlinks from other websites that link to your content. White hat link building refers to the use of strategies that search engines approve. This post will show you how to implement white hat link-building techniques that you can immediately use.

These statements have been repeated many times.

“Link building is dead!”

“SEO is dead!”

Many people predicted the end of SEO and link-building years ago when Google, a huge search engine, introduced its Penguin and Panda algorithms.

These concepts still work, but are they effective?

If you want your website to rank higher on search engine results pages, digital marketers in Los Angeles should be able to understand what works and what doesn’t. This will help you get more traffic, leads, and better conversion rates.

SEO is stronger than ever for those who are skilled in it. Link building, on the other hand, will remain one of the most important ranking factors.

So SEO and link building are not dead. The old ways that companies used to manipulate the ranking system are no longer viable.

Research has shown that spammy links such as comments, directories, web 2.0, and Wiki pages can negatively impact your website’s ranking. Search engines will not be impressed if you place an order for thousands of links in a matter of weeks. They will also notice if your site has five pages that are just fluff and filled with affiliate links.

All these arguments are pointing to the same thing: white-hat link-building is essential to rank higher. If you’re new to link building, you may be wondering which techniques work best. To create and implement a successful link-building strategy, it is advisable to consult the top local SEO companies. This article will help you to find free tools to aid in linking.

Rand Fishkin, Moz, shares his top 3 link-building strategies to get their 50 first links in this video.

Nearly everything has changed in the last few years, and it is a positive change. SEO experts claim that high-authority websites have a higher weight when it comes down to assessing the quality of links.

A few years ago, to rank a particular web page, one had to create a strong link profile. The current weighting of domain trust and authority is higher than any other element. It appears that things will get even stronger in this direction in the future.

What should digital marketers do now?

It’s simple: Make a website that is high-quality and authoritative. This can be achieved by building a strong backlink profile using white-hat techniques. It is time to stop sending spam links to your website and instead focus on building high-quality, relevant backlinks.

Link building remains one of the most important SEO skills and a key ranking factor. These are the top two most efficient link-building methods that you can use today.

Unlinked mentions can be merely citations of your company, brand, or any other information directly related to your business. They don’t link back to your website. These citations will help you get a link.

First, mentions of your brand by an author are a sign that they may be familiar with it. This is an excellent excuse to contact the webmaster to ask them for a link back to your site.

This technique can be difficult because you will need to search for brand mentions that aren’t linked to your website. These are some tips to help.

Use content explorer:

Ahrefs offers a small search engine similar to this. The platform’s over one billion pages database powers it. This tool will help you locate brand mentions online. Content Explorer will identify brand mentions. To find the ones not linked to your site, you can use tools such as Buzzstream, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, and Scrapebox’s Free Link Checker tool.

Search Google for

Another way to find mentions of your brand is via this method. It is a bit more difficult and likely less user-friendly than content explorer. You simply need to type your brand name, without any extensions (.com or.org). The platforms that mentioned your brand will be visible to you.

Reverse engineering your Twitter profile 

People and brands may link to your Twitter account rather than your websites. All backlinks will be available if you copy and paste the Twitter profile link from Ahrefs. Reach out to these brands to request a direct domain link.

It is a continuous process to convert unlinked mentions and citations into links. New opportunities will keep popping up every time. This holds for well-known brands.

2. Guest posting

Guest posting is still important.

Guest posting is a must if you want to attract targeted traffic and powerful backlinks. Although Google warns against guest posting that is low quality or mass-produced, this technique will certainly continue to be a ranking foundation for many years.

It is a good idea to first search for websites that allow guest posts before you begin creating one. Although you may be able to schmooze yourself to great guest posting opportunities it is best to start with platforms that allow guest posts.

How to choose the right blog

You should always analyze the site’s traffic and other metrics to ensure that you get a high-quality link.

Once you’ve found a blog that is open to accepting your guest post and meets your requirements, it’s time to contact them to tell them about your guest posting opportunity. Be sure to write high-quality, share-worthy, and relevant guest posts.

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